Weekly Tarot Guidance: 14.11.21 – 20.11.21


Whatever situation you are going through right now, you are not ready to give up on your dreams. You are still hopeful, and you know things are going to get better sooner or later. Yes, things are going to get better at the right time. Listen to your intuitions as they are guiding you in the right direction.


Right now, the situation may be unpredictable, so you need to deal with it carefully. Analyze the situation and then take one step at a time. If you have left some work, situation, or any relationship without giving it complete closure then it might return. Make sure you mend things at the right time.


Be careful while dealing with new people, situations, or job/project. Be very particular and check all the minute details. If required, do some research and do not buy anything at face value. If things seem too good to be true then you should always double-check before accepting them.


Connect to your higher self and you will find the answers that you are seeking. Check your email, messages, or letters regularly as you might get good news soon. This message is going to open a very beautiful new path for you. A path that is less traveled, but you are going to enjoy it.


Be careful with whom you share your personal details. This can even be about an ongoing issue in your life. You do not know who your real friend is. This person is not what he/she seems to be. Come out of the denial mode and speak the truth, speak about your true feelings with your loved ones. Honest feelings will be appreciated.


If you select a right direction, then no one can stop your dreams from coming true. But the condition is that you start respecting yourself and know your worth. Stop trying to fit in the wrong place just because you are comfortable with it. Start experimenting with new things and know where your true place is.


A major need to clean all that is not required anymore. May it be stuff at your home, emotional baggage, or any relationship. Cleansing will help you to open your new path and start a new journey. Some things are going to end now but only then new beginnings can take place. Universe is blessing you.


Now is a great time to shine and show off your talent. If you recognize the chance and grab the opportunity to show your talent, then no one can stop you. Let everyone know may it be your colleagues, boss, or your close ones who fail to notice your talent. Life has given you a chance to paint your life with beautiful colours.


A long-time pain may it be physical or emotional is going to end now. The scars might remain, but you will learn how to get over them. Life is going to bless you if you remain open for the new beginnings that life is going to offer you. Some of you might get a marriage proposal. Some of you might get engaged soon.


You might be going through a very tough time in your life right now. Things may seem too hard on you. But this harsh reality is forcing you to look deeper into the situation so that you find the right reason behind the situation and find a permanent solution. Abundance of knowledge and money is on its way.


Now is the time to focus on building a strong foundation and not on the outcome. If you keep focusing on the outcome instead of the process, you might get lost. Your goal should be long-term, not short-term. Remember if you feel stuck take the guidance/advice of your elders.


A new beginning in your love life is going to sweep you off your feet. This connection is going to be an instant one like love at first sight. This person is going to be very attractive. Those who have left any relationship or situation unfinished then give it closure before moving on to the new beginnings.

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