Weekly Tarot Guidance: 05.12.21 – 11.12.21


It’s time to take initiative and take your life into your own hands. Now is the time to make conscious decisions. If you want to give away some information or promote your work/business, then now is the right time. Be sure to choose the right source for marketing or else it might create a wrong impact. Be more social as this will help you to expand your contacts.


The answers you need are coming your way. Soon you will find that things have started to fall in place but at the right time. You might be signing some important documents which might be related to your business or family matters. You might buy or inherit an old family house which you always dreamt of having for your parents.


There might be a huge difficult path to cross and reach your destination. These blockages in your life might make you question yourself and your destiny. But this phase of your life is coming to an end. You also need to accept that you are good enough and nothing is wrong with you. Stop undervaluing yourself and quietly keep doing good work. You will soon get what you deserve.


You might have gambled with your job/business or investments without being sure about the outcome. But this is going to be a good one and will bring long-lasting growth. There are some things that you are holding on to which need to be released immediately. This could be a relationship or an addiction or a habit that is not serving you any good.


Luck is now on your side. You are feeling safe, protected, and secure. You have bought all this in your life with your own efforts. Now is the time for a successful and promising life ahead. Life is right now at a turning point, and you need to keep calm till the future reveals itself. Remember to live life in the present moment and leave the past behind.


A new beginning in love is coming your way. You might meet this person while traveling. This week you might get a chance to travel with your family or friends. This time is a time of peace, enjoyment, and happiness. Whether the time is good or bad, make sure you always meditate to keep yourself stable and balanced.


You might have gone through a rough patch in your life. But the cycle of this phase is about to end. The present time you are in is a healing time. Give yourself some time to heal emotionally as well as physically. Soon you will find a good time approaching your way.


Trust yourself and your intuitions. If you feel something is not right, then it is not. Let others praise the opportunity or options that are being presented to you. Listen to your inner self before making any decision. You might get an opportunity for a higher power government-related service. While working hard also remember to pay attention to the minute details which will bring success.


There is a big challenge in front of you and you need to be careful while solving it. You need to look very carefully into the details of the challenge in front of you. Do not miss anything and you will find the solution soon. Very soon everything will be resolved, and you will be healed from the past hurts.


The divine timing has started to work with regard to your healing. This time, the healing is not taking place on the surface. But deep healing from the root cause is going to take place. You will be guided to the right path and shown the right direction towards your new journey.


You need to dive deep within yourself to find out the reason that’s holding you back. There are a lot of unnecessary thoughts that are eating you and making you feel empty inside. Let go of the negative and unnecessary thoughts and look at your life with new hopes. Only then you can expect a positive and powerful change in your life.


One day you are hopeful about your future and life and the other day you are not sure about anything. You need a break maybe a solo trip which can bring a positive change in your thoughts. A beautiful change is coming your way but only when you are ready to accept that gracefully. There is ‘no looking back’ kind of change coming your way.

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