Weekly Tarot Guidance: 19.12.21 – 25.12.21


Stop looking at the past or recollecting old bad memories. If you look forward you will see that all the blockages have started getting clear. Now is the time when you need to be taking practical action for your better future. Now is the time when you should start executing each plan carefully. Stop comparing your life with others as you have your own unique journey.


You are ready to face any challenges if there are any. But now is the time to focus on your dreams and goals. Do not let any issue distract you from your goal. There might be some gossip around about you but remember the truth will come out one day. Trust the universe and move ahead with confidence.


It’s time to decide what exactly you want from life. What you need to release and where your focus or priority should be now. Someone close to you might deceive you most probably at the workplace. Make sure you do not take anything at face value without cross verifying the fact.


Never forget who was with you at your most difficult times. Once you start climbing the stairs of success you might forget the people who supported you. This might create your well-wishers into your enemies that could be more harmful. Now is the time to give back and show gratitude towards the universe and your supporters.


Many times, it happens that you forget to communicate about your actual feelings. It becomes difficult for you as you have the fear of people judging you wrongly. And because of this fear, you start cutting down the communication and then misunderstanding creates. Communication is the only key where you can make your connection stronger.  


Some of you might get a confirmation about the pregnancy. Those who are waiting for their health reports will get good news. The difficult situation is going to end soon, and you will emerge as a strong and wise person. Remember to return the universe some of its shares by doing some kind deeds which will raise your good karmas.


Something exciting is going to happen in your life soon. A marriage proposal is on its way from the one you loved. An engagement or marriage dates might get fixed this week. Make sure you do not blow any issue out of proportion without any firm reason. Success is close so do not give up at the last minute.


Ups and downs are part of life, no matter what we must go on. Take all the lessons that the past has taught you and release the worst part. Soon good news, a message, letter, or an important document is going to bring good news to you. Make sure you use this opportunity wisely. Time management is what is the need of the hour.


Time to shine and be the centre of the attraction. You will be appreciated for the work you have done in the past. You might have lost hope of anything happening well as there were too many blockages and nothing was going as planned. But now the blockages are getting cleared and you will get what you deserve.


You had gone through a very tough time which had made you a little rough and cold. But do not be too aggressive or harsh with your words as this might make things worse. Go with the flow you might start something of your own which will now start blooming and bring an abundance of happiness in your life. You will start expanding your own business or freelancing work.


You are going to recognize or realize who is your true well-wisher in this thick and thin situation. Many must have left you at your tough time but someone has stuck beside you to support and encourage you all the time. This relationship might later turn into a very special one.


A fated meeting with an instant connection is going to happen this week. On a professional or personal trip and you might accidentally meet someone special. Remember if something is not working that you need to review your plans instead of giving up. Put all your efforts and keep moving forward all your dreams will come true.

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