Weekly Tarot Guidance: 26.12.21 – 01.01.22


You have suffered a lot and experienced emotional pain. But now is the time to look deep and find the solution. This is the time of healing when you will be able to heal all that has been damaged. A new and fresh start is coming your way. This is the phase where recovering, healing, and wish fulfilment will start taking place at the same time.


The tough cycle is coming to an end and a good time is about to start. A colourful new beginning is on its way. Whatever comes towards you may it be a relationship or an opportunity, make sure you follow your instinct. Make sure you cross-check the details and then move ahead. If you make the right choices the luck is going to be on your side.


Do not give up at the last moment and do not overthink things. Nothing is yet set in stone and you are very close to achieving your goal. A beautiful life is waiting for you. You might be presented with unbelievable options where you will need to choose what’s best for you. A time for celebration is around the corner so be ready for it. Till then a little flexibility is needed.


A new beginning is around the corner – engagement, pregnancy news, higher commitment in a relationship, and much more. Before accepting or committing to any new offer or project make sure you cross-verify all the details. Also do not share any offer with anyone before it is finalised. Make sure you always have gratitude towards life.


You are going to meet the love of your life, this week. Maybe at a party or while traveling. Do not let your past hold you back when life is giving you another chance to start afresh. Release all the negativities, take all the good lessons and move ahead. If you do some charity work not only with money but in kindness, that too will help you clear your blockages.


Now is the time to act rather than just make plans on paper and constantly think about them. Be fierce and take the bold decisions that are much needed to achieve your dreams. This is the time when all your wishes will come true may it be manifesting love, success, or money. All the answers you are searching for will be coming to you.


The clouds are moving, and the sun is ready to shine brightly upon you. Be ready to explore yourself as well as your spiritual side. A lot of hidden treasure, gifts, the talent that is inside you, which needs to be explored now. Keep taking a break from your busy schedule and do some breathing exercises which will help you to keep your mind calm and active.


Your soul knows all the answers that you are looking for, avoiding it won’t help you to take a firm decision. If you do not listen to your inner voice, you will remain stuck and won’t be able to break the pattern. You will get a chance to go abroad for work. Whatever you are waiting for the answer to it is coming towards you.


You are moving in the right direction as you are guided by your spiritual guides. You might sign a contract or a document that will seal your important deal. Your commitment and dedication might be put to test. But you are very close to achieving your goal so do not stop putting in effort. Make sure that during this testing time, you do not blow any situation out of proportion.


A loyal and trusted friend or a colleague might bring a good offer to you. This offer could be of a business or job or a new project. This offer is going to bring a beautiful change into your life. Finally, things or situation that you were stuck in for a long time is going to be resolved soon. A new romantic life is going to begin very soon and will make your life colorful.


Work on your fears as they are literally not making your mind work. Release the past as it was not meant for you, so it had to finish. Take what is necessary and leave what is not. Only then you will see a beautiful life that is waiting for you. Sometimes we are the ones who ruin our life and blame the situation or people. Move ahead with confidence with a new, better, and wiser you.


A beautiful time is waiting for you. You might purchase your dream house now or start working towards it. Your angels are there to help, protect and guide you to achieve your dreams. Your hard work is going to pay off finally. This is the time to heal all the situations, wounds, and pain so that you can begin a new life. Luck is now on your side so go for it.

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