Weekly Tarot Guidance: 02.01.22 – 08.01.22


It’s time to act so that you come out of the repeating pattern of life. Or if you are stuck in any situation and could not find the way out then it’s time to think out of the box and find the solution. Take care of your health by following a healthy diet or your digestion system might become a problem. Sit under a tree to meditate and you will get the answers you are seeking.


A surprise gift or a love proposal might come your way this week. A beautiful new beginning is coming your way. Those in a relationship may take their commitment to a higher level. An abundance of wealth and love is coming your way. Listening to your heart and following what it says won’t harm. You do not always need to listen to your head when it comes to love situations.


You might be stuck in a situation, job, or relationship but now is the time to break the barriers and come out of it. Yes, you are taking steps to do so but more efforts are required. Also, there is a need to think differently and not follow the same steps. A new, safe, stable, and secure beginning is on the way so make sure you give your 100% to reach there.


There might be some information that is hidden from you that you need to gain at the right time. This information could be related to your job, business, or personal property. Communicating with your loved ones will bring resolution to the problems you are facing. Read more books and upgrade yourself so that you keep up with technology.


A surprise gift, message, or proposal is coming your way. But you need to make sure of not letting your past hold you back and stop yourself from accepting a beautiful new start in life. Maybe the answer you are looking for is just under your nose and still, you are wasting your time by looking for it elsewhere. Remember not every time good opportunities knock on your door so be alert.


This week you might welcome a new soul into your family. You might also move in and start living with the love of your life. You not seeing success coming your way doesn’t mean you will stop trying. Keep faith in your dreams and do not lose hope. You need to change your working style and contemplate your plans. This will help you to know what steps exactly you need to take next.


You might get the best of opportunities coming your way which you always dreamt of. But before that, you need to be very careful, disciplined, and loyal with your work. With opportunities, some disharmony and conflicts are too coming your way. Keep these opportunities as your secret before the deal is cracked. Listen to your heart if it says something is not right then something is truly not right.


If you are in a government job or a job that deals with some secret or sensitive information, then always remain alert. There might be a few people close to you trying to get this information. Your wishes are going to be fulfilled soon but you need to keep faith in your dreams as well as yourself. Much better things are on their way.


To bring stability in your life especially work-wise, you need to work carefully. Do not miss any minute details as it will be an important aspect of the work which you will realize later. Communication is a must as you cannot expect others to understand without saying it. You need to act upon your dreams they are not going to manifest themselves.


You might experience a loss this week, it could be an end of a relationship. Do not let this situation create a void in your life. You need to trust the universe that everything happens for a reason. Make sure your pain doesn’t make you harsh and rude toward others or you might lose the loved ones that always stood by your side.


If you are stuck in a complex situation then look carefully you have the solution right under your nose. Accept that you have created this situation and now you only have the solution. Meditate to keep your mind calm and then think about how to come out of the situation. It’s time to release that what doesn’t serve your highest good.


You are going to meet someone special at your workplace. This new phase is going to be very beautiful. This phase is going to bring a sense of security and stability to your life. Start making a long-term financial plan as now is the time when you can start taking steps towards a life of abundance. Some of you might experience psychic developments.  

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