Weekly Tarot Guidance: 16.01.22 – 22.01.22


The work is in progress for you, you might not be able to see it right now, but it is. You will get to see the result of it soon, but till then adjustments are required to be made. Good news is on its way and this good news will bring a lot of beautiful changes. You will be able to plan for your future and work towards your dream because of this good news.


It’s time to breath and relax a little as you have come a long way. This break will help you to think clearly and look at the situations in a new way. The journey was not easy, but you made it. Those who are waiting for good news about pregnancy might get one this week. One of the partners has to fly away from family and home for work purpose.


Before making any decision check the facts and figures carefully. There might be someone or something tricky and not the simple way it looks to be. This is the time to be your true self and not what others want you to be. Your true self is going to make your dreams come true. You will not regret for being yourself without any filters. Your dreams and wishes are going to be fulfilled soon.


Do not ignore or take your loved ones for granted. They are there for you and will always be there for you whether you notice them or not. Gratitude and being kind towards them will strengthen your relationship. Do not let past stir your present. Do not hold yourself responsible for the wrong doings of others. Time to move on and think for yourself with the help of your loved ones.


If you are dating someone casually then now you and your partner might start feeling something more to it. This casual relationship is growing intense day by day and you both too can feel it. One of the love partners might take initiative and pour his/her heart out. This relationship will soon go on a higher commitment, which will involve both side families too.


Don’t be confused and hold yourself back due to fear of losing it. Be confident and take the first step towards your dream. Your manifestation power is strong if you believe in it. Your dreams and wishes are about to fulfill if you believe and move towards it positively. Maintain a balance between practicality and emotional side and you will win the race.


Your luck is on your side only you need to be confident about yourself and your dreams. Trust yourself and your dreams and you will experience magical events happening to turn your dreams into reality. Work on your fears or you will be stuck into the same pattern of life. Remember the pattern will keep repeating if you keep thinking about it all the time.


Speaking out what you feel rather than piling up all the emotions inside you. Piling up emotions might create toxicity inside you and it could harm you emotionally as well as physically. Some of you have decided to tie yourself up to a relationship and settle down rather than being alone. Abundance of happiness and security in life is coming your way.


Luck is on your side. You might get good news about pregnancy, house ownership, or buy a dream car. This is the right time to execute your plans. You will take your relationship to a higher level. A journal of gratitude will be a great start. You might also start studying further or something new of your interest. Or you might start teaching and spreading knowledge with others.


A new romantic cycle is about to begin in your life. A visit by someone at your home or office might start this new cycle. This stranger won’t feel like stranger to you, but you will feel like you know this person from long time. This new phase of life is going to bring lot of surprises with it.


Time to get the return of the hard work that you have done. You might get a new job or a project to lead with a good pay hike or a bonus. Your wait is over, if you are a writer and were waiting to publish your book then now is the time. Let your family be top of your priority list. Spend some time alone near water and you will find the peace you were seeking for.


You are on the right path and being guided by the divine. If you are single, you will find someone special coming into your life. if you are already in a relationship then you will enter higher commitment. Do not let pride come in your way and let you stop experiencing the beautiful aspects of life. Find balance between what you want and others from you. This will help to grow and develop your relationships.

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