Weekly Tarot Guidance: 23.01.22 – 29.01.22


Do not lose hope as things might not seem to be going your way, but they soon will. If you hold on to your dreams and keep faith in them then you will achieve your goals. It’s time to reflect on your plans and clean all the unnecessary things that are no longer needed. Cleaning the unnecessary stuff might be a little difficult at first but it will make space for new.


There are a lot of things that still need to be unlocked. This thing could be your hidden talent or a psychic gift that you have had since birth. Explore with the innocence of a kid and you will find out a lot of new things about yourself that will surprise you. If at any point in time, you feel disturbed just remember to have fun and enjoy every bit of your journey.


Soon, you are going to get an offer letter, message, test result, or an opportunity that you were waiting for since a long time. Beware you might be busy looking in another or wrong direction and miss the opportunity that has come your way. If you are failing right now, then it is high time you start thinking of new ways to get through the situation.


A whole new plan is the need of the hour. You have all the resources and answers to your questions available. Time management and using the right things at the right time is what is required. Some adjustments might be required right now but soon you will find that a new beginning is on its way.


A balance between childlike innocence and curiosity and maturity of an adult is a must. Childlike curiosity will help you to gain a new perspective towards life and maturity will help you to make the right decisions. Both traits have their own importance in life so do not lose any of them. If you want to sort things out, then you need to step up and speak for yourself.


If you are wandering in the dark and trying to find a solution, then now you are going to find the light at the end of the tunnel. If you are searching for a job or waiting for a reply after an interview, you are going to get one. If you are trying to find solutions to your problems, then you will find them. But make sure you check every option carefully, so you do not miss anything.


Doors to happiness and peace are opening for you. There will be options and opportunities presented to you by the divine. Every option or opportunity is going to be the best one. You will have to choose which is best suited for you. Travel opportunity is going to introduce some beautiful changes in your life. Now is the time to think from your heart and let your head take rest for some time.


If you love someone then there should not be a place for ego. Value the relationship more than your ego. If the mistake is from your side, then a genuine apology will create magic. Those who are single and like someone, do not hesitate to initiate the conversation. You need to bring more love into the situation and let your pride take a back seat. Treat everyone equally and you will find life is not that hard.


Do not let any situation or people make you lose hope or stop trusting your dreams. You know what you can do and what your dreams mean to you. Hold on to your dreams and have faith in them. Obstacles are now getting clear and making way for you towards your dream. Be ready for this new and colorful journey of yours.


A beautiful start is on the way at the beginning of the week itself. All the blockages have started to clear, making way for new beginnings. Remember whatever the situation – good or bad, you always should maintain the balance between your spiritual and practical side. This will help you to always be positive and think clearly and make the right decisions.


When the good time comes, we always forget our spiritual side due to which we have been able to keep calm and make the right decisions. So, keep your spiritual side working and connect to your higher self. You will manifest all the wishes that you dream of. Wishing well is here to fulfill all your dreams. Remember to carry a heart full of love and gratitude which will help you to attract more love into your life.


If you are appearing for an exam, then be careful as someone else cheating might make you pay for it. Those who are working for the government, or legal department, or are handling crucial data then be careful as the data can be leaked or fraud could be done without your knowledge. You might need to make some adjustments as per the situations and circumstances to come out of it easily.

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