Weekly Tarot Guidance: 30.01.22 – 05.02.22


The practice of meditation without break is going to take you to new heights of your improved version. You will learn to control your emotions and mind. It will give your thought process the right direction and decision-making power. This is the time when you will be able to manifest all your dreams and goals. You will be able to achieve your target as per your will and plans. So, it is very important for you to connect with your higher self.


Stop overthinking or wasting your time on unnecessary thoughts. This will burden and numb your mind. Focus on your goals, study, and gather the material or sources that are needed for it as you are too close to achieving your goal. Remember you need to communicate only then things will move forward, and you will find solutions to your problems.


You need to start thinking and acting big. It seems that you are still stuck into your own set benchmark for yourself. Let yourself know that you are worth more than you think about yourself. It’s time to take action to change your mindset and then work towards a bigger goal. You have enemies, as well as well-wishers, make sure you differentiate between them and know who your real friends are.


If your relationship is new, then you will keep learning a lot of new things about your partner. But these new learnings will help grow and develop more trust and safety in this relationship. Confidence is the key to success and growth. You must trust your dreams and goals and if required some adjustments need to be made to achieve the same. You also need to anchor yourself at one thing at a time instead of jumping from one plan to another. 


Do not burn the bridges as you might regret later may it be at work or in your personal relationships. Be cautious with words in any argument. Your worries about your stability and security are starting to fade. You will find your soulmate soon and this person is going to change your life. Do not underestimate or devalue yourself as you are worthy of loving and finding the right person.


Time heals everything and that is what is happening with you right now. Do not blame yourself for healing and releasing the emotions that you were holding for a long time. Let go of what no longer serves you. It’s time to live in the present and take time out for yourself. A new gate of opportunity is opening for you so be ready to enter the new phase of your life.  


You are divinely guided and directed to the right path. Your wishes are going to be fulfilled and you are going to achieve your goals soon. Your hard work is going to pay off. You or your life partner may have to go away from the house for work purposes. If you are facing some personal issues then it may come up now but not to worry it is happening to find the resolution.


This week you may attend family functions or events with friends. But be careful of the people around you as they might not have good intentions. Learn to handle situations in a sensitive manner and stop thinking only about yourself. This ‘Me, Me, Me’ will make you lonely some day. Others too can get hurt because of your insensitivity. Ask for forgiveness and this might help to set yourself free from karma.


Make sure you share your sensitive information only with the ones you trust. Or else things might worsen and could be a topic of gossip between others. You might still be stuck in an old thought pattern finding it difficult to get out of it. This is the time when you need to change your lifestyle and head towards a healthy one especially your mental health. Learn to give unconditionally and you will get the returns beyond your expectations.


You will be surprised to see that finally your hard work is paying off. But you need to remain positive in every situation and you will see how things are turning for your good. Hold your vision and do not think of giving up as change is on its way and from here on there is no looking back. While you are busy with other stuff in your life, someone is busy looking at you. That someone is thinking of approaching you. You should keep your eyes and ears open so that you can also enter a romantic relationship.


You might be going through a tough time, but you need to be strong. You also need to learn what is important and what is not. Clear all the unnecessary stuff from your life and you will see how soon you are directed towards a stable life. Learn to listen to your inner voice and you will never regret your decision. Have faith in your dreams and do not allow others to impose their thoughts about your dreams on you.


There might have been a repetitive cycle going on in your life for a long time. But now you have broken the pattern and you are going to take off and head towards a new life. Not only you but your family too was going through this repetitive cycle. But now you and your family are safe. Meditation near water will help you to relax and bring peace. There will be some message or letter or documents coming your way bringing some good news.

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