Weekly Tarot Guidance: 06.02.22 – 12.02.22


Don’t allow yourself to stop while moving ahead due to any bad experiences of the past. You are scared that the past will repeat itself. Yes, your past might be fearful but that doesn’t mean that it will keep repeating itself. You are on the right path and divinely guided and protected. Go with the flow of life and experience the beauty of it. Grab the opportunities that are coming towards you and make the most out of it.


Life is going to be fair with you now. Your testing time is getting over and a good time is around the corner. Release all the negativity from your life and mind. New opportunities, prosperity, abundance is on its way to you. Find a balance between your personal and professional life. Remember now is the time to release the fears of the worst and embrace the blessings of life.


Let your decisions be practical, calculative, and logical now. Have faith in your dreams and take steps accordingly to fulfill your dreams. You will get a helping hand whenever you need one. So do not worry and think of how and who is going to help you. Rest assured universe is working for your best. Be nice and polite while handling situations or you might create problems for yourself.


It’s time to take some time out for yourself and take a break from all the thoughts and plans about your future or career. The answers you need are coming your way for that you need to take a break and spend some time in peace. Finished the work that you have left halfway due to other commitments. Make a habit to balance personal and professional life and prioritize things accordingly.


Make room for miracles and for that you need to clean all the clutter from your head, house, and life. If there are any unresolved matters, then you need to resolve that on a priority basis. If you are still stuck in your life and not able to find out why. Then now you should start listing down the unfinished and unresolved issues and start working on them immediately. You are very close to your goal, but the status is still ‘not yet’. But believe that what you need is going to be yours. Still, you need to put in your hard work without giving up.


If you want your life to give you a fair chance, then you should also play fair games. Go by the rules and regulations and do not think of taking shortcuts or wrong ways to reach your goals. Do not let the past hold you back as this has no more love but has converted into an obsession so be aware of your feelings. Just because you can do something about it doesn’t mean you should do it. Focus on your future rather than the past as you have the potential to achieve your dreams.


The need of the hour is to step out of your comfort zone. Time to let go of the old pattern of thoughts or habits that you are holding on to for a long time. This habit is not working for your highest good. You need to change as per the time and situation. If you allow yourself to open to the new opportunities/possibilities, then there will be no looking back. You have everything that is required to progress in life. Your beautiful destiny is calling you.


It’s high time that you re-think your plans. Ask yourself what exactly you want from life and what you love to do? Do not follow the crowd and run behind that is not meant for you. There have been sudden changes coming your way which might have disturbed your plans. But these happenings are planned for you to direct you in the right direction. To force you to think about your future in a different way.


Yes! A positive change is coming towards you which is bringing new beginnings with it. If you were going through any personal issues, then now they are going to resolve. You need to meditate out to bring the peace and balance that is much required to deal with any situation. Surrender yourself to the divine and you will see the magical strength you will get to leave that doesn’t serve you to the highest good.


Remember all that glitters is not gold. Every opportunity that seems to be too good might not be. Think and do your research before making any big or life-changing decisions. Set yourself free from all the past hurts and allow yourself to heal. Forgiving yourself as well as others are the way out of the past hurt. Surrender yourself to the divine and trust that it is working for your highest good.


A new start is coming towards you so relax and take a deep breath. Connect to your higher self by doing what you love to do may it be meditation, yoga, painting, music anything. This will help you to open yourself to possibilities that you have never thought of. Your perspective toward life will change and this will bring a huge change in your life may it be personal or professional.


Stop pushing yourself and limiting yourself and your goals to the time limit. Nothing can be taken away from you which is yours. Believe in the impossible. You know very well that people trust you and your confidence. You are ready for the new beginnings that are on its way. You have all the abilities and skills that are required to move ahead in your life may it personal or professional. If you are thinking of starting something new then now is the auspicious time to start.

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