Weekly Tarot Guidance: 13.02.22 – 19.02.22


You need to trust yourself as well as the divine timing. Nothing is yet set in stone, and you can bring the change in your life that you want to. Start looking at the bigger picture and you will find the answers you are looking for. Then you will know that you are blessed, and you are on the right path walking towards your dream. Stay focused and you will soon achieve the success that you are dreaming of.


Now is not the time to stop yourself and let fear take over. Now is the time to move ahead with confidence as you are very close to achieving your goals. Your hard work is going to pay off soon. If you fear losing due to any past bad experiences that let it go off now. You need to focus on yourself and your goals instead of being jealous of what others have or get. Shift your focus on yourself and things will fall in place at the right time.


Do not lose hope and faith in yourself and your dreams. If you feel that something is lacking or missing, try to talk things out may it be on a personal or professional front. Talk to the person who can help you to sort things out or understand the situations clearly. If you are holding on to your past or any negative thoughts, then you need to release that immediately. These thoughts are creating blockages in your way.


Nothing is yet set in stone so do not worry and take the steps that are required to bring the positive change in your life. Be bold and make and take the necessary decision and actions that are required to achieve your goals. Take some time out to sort the clutter that you have in your mind. Be clear on what exactly you want from life. Clear the clutter from your life and you will create space for abundance in your life.


Someone is trying to get close to you, but you are scared due to past bad experiences. You need to spend some time in nature near the water which will help you to calm down and relax. Once you are at peace you will be able to see things clearly. You can then know what is good and what is bad for you. Yes, a few adjustments are required but they are all for your highest good. Something new and exciting is around the corner, trust the situation and be ready for action.


Do not lose hope and keep working towards your dream. If there is any misunderstanding with someone then communicate and clear things out. Do not hesitate to communicate clearly which will help to sort out things quickly. A new start is on its way. You will notice the changes that have started in your life and take you to a better future. So do not be stuck in the past and focus on your future and soon your dreams will be manifested.


You are unable to step out of your comfort zone due to fears. You have to let go off the fears and work on them on priority. If you need any professional help, you should take it, or things might get worse. Do not let pride get in your way. Be open about your problems and learn to share with those who can genuinely help you. Meditate and you will get all the answers that you need.


Don’t be adamant and hold on to something just because you don’t want to accept the fact. If you are scared that something worst is going to happen then you do not fear as nothing bad is going to happen. Hold on to your dreams and try something new and different ideas to achieve them. Old patterns will bring the same results if you want something new try something new. If you keep working hard then soon you will see abundance coming your way.


Do not mold yourself for others and what they want to see and want from you. Rather be yourself and let the world see the real you. Due to this internal fight, you are not able to be you and then you lack confidence. You are unable to chase your dreams because you think this is impossible. You need to start believing in yourself as well as your dreams. Something new and exciting lies ahead only if you believe in the impossible.


Disappointment in professional or personal life should not make you doubt your worth. And if you start doubting yourself then you will complicate your life more. If things are not working your way, then that thing is not good for you. There could be something better waiting for you. It could happen then you might be aiming for something lesser, and you are destined for something more. Keep your fears aside and be yourself and be ready for a better life.


Stop being robotic while working or chasing your dreams. You are a human and feelings, and emotions should not be alien to you. Sometimes thinking and making decisions by listening to your heart could be the best one. You are very close to achieving your goals and your hard work is soon going to pay off. A new beginning of life it could be professional or personal or both is coming towards you.


This is the time to heal yourself may it be emotionally or physically. Surrender yourself to the divine, meditate and experience the magical energy surrounding you. There are a lot of positive changes coming towards you be ready. A new phase of romance is going to start for you. if you are single or committed you will experience a new phase in your romantic life. Luck is now on your side so be ready to experience success in whatever you do.

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