Weekly Tarot Guidance: 20.02.22 – 26.02.22


Release all the tensions and worries or past that you are unnecessarily holding on to. It’s time to think about what you can give to others rather than think about what you can get or have not received from others. Giving unconditionally will open your blockages and abundance will start flowing in. Now is a great time to bring the change that you want to see in your life. Time to get a makeover.


Do not lose hope and hold on to your dreams. Be patient and go with the flow but do not stop making the efforts to turn your dream into reality. If you believe in it, nothing is impossible. If you give up now, then you might have to regret it later. This chance or opportunity might not repeat itself as it is the rarest one. Luck is on your side so start counting your blessings and be thankful.


Now is the time to think big. If you want to know how successful your career, work, or relationship will be then the answer is ‘very successful.’ The answers that you are looking for are right under your nose. Have faith and trust your dreams and take action towards it with confidence. Thinking and planning won’t bring success but acting on the plan surely will. Do not compare yourself or your life graph with others, just focus on yourself. Things will start falling in place at the right time.


If you keep thinking without taking any action then things won’t move ahead. Now is the time to take action towards your dreams and goals. It’s a big yes from the universe for all the positive outcomes of your actions. You are on the right track so keep going. If you feel confused or stuck, then surrender yourself to the divine. Meditate and contemplate to get the answers or to get a new insight into the situation.


Right now, you are experiencing extremely intense emotions. As you take time to process these emotions, do understand that even though you have the complete right to take your time to sit with it, you also need to sort things out at the right time. If you are holding on to something that is not good for you then you should release it immediately. Once you start releasing what does not serve your highest good, you will start opening yourself up to new beginnings, especially new romantic beginnings. On the professional front, you are very close to achieving your goals. 


Start looking at a situation or things with a different and new perspective. You might get all the answers and solutions to the same. If you keep repeating the same actions and thoughts the outcome too will be the same. Your personal issues will get a solution soon. Communication will help you to find solutions but remember to remain calm and sort things out. Do not say anything that will damage things. If you are looking for a job, then now is the good time.


You might need to make some adjustments according to the situation. May it be on a professional or personal level, but you won’t have to regret it later. This is the time when healing is taking place whether physical, emotional, or situational. But the outcome is going to be beautiful. Keep working hard and do not give up and the universe too won’t give up on you. Time to focus on yourself and soon you will see the positive results.


The past is past, and it cannot be changed, so instead of holding onto it, let it go. Forgive others as well as yourself for whatever happened in the past. This guilt or anger is blocking your way and you feel stuck in your life. Nothing seems to change and move. Sometimes karma plays its role which is mandatory, so take the lessons and move ahead. Start working on your fears. Note down the thoughts that come first to your mind. Pick the ones that you feel are stopping you from going forward and start working on them.


Take some time out for yourself and breathe. A firm and bold decision needs to be made. For that, you need to take a break and be at peace with your thoughts. Listen to your heart and then you will know what steps exactly you need to take. A new beginning is on its way, so clear thoughts will help you to make a wise decision. Forget about the past and start manifesting your dreams. You are going to feel hopeful about your future now.


If you feel that you should speak or act before anyone else, then you should. Be bold and make the first move if you feel like it. Your commitment at your workplace or in a relationship might be tested. Be careful about your actions at your workplace. In relationships, how strongly you support your loved ones will be tested. Meditation & yoga is highly recommended.


Don’t let pride get in the way. Accept your mistakes and learn to forgive and understand others’ problems too. Apologize for your mistakes and release the emotional baggage of guilt that you have been carrying for a long time. Now is not the right time to start anything new. Focus on your present work and give your best. Luck is on your side so things will turn out positive for you. While working with a team, remember to treat everyone equally. While communicating, remember to be humble and not bossy. People will appreciate and co-operate more if you become a part of the team.


Start counting your blessings now as there is something exciting is on its way. You need to spread your social networking and start communicating about your work and skills. You might get a good offer or an opportunity which will bring good luck. After a long time, you will find something that will bring a genuine smile to your face and twinkle in your eyes. Start taking things a little lightly and start having more fun and you will see how blockages start to get away from your way.

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