Weekly Tarot Guidance: 27.02.22 – 05.03.22


This is the time when you will see unexpected opportunities coming your way. You will experience divine intervention and get all things sorted out. Sudden unexpected positive changes and opportunities will make you think what good karma is working for you. You will get a chance to educate people with the skills that you are blessed with. You will leave a powerful positive impact on the people you meet.


Do not compromise with your values and principle but learn to be flexible according to the situations. Being flexible will help you to move out of the situation easily. If things are not working your way then remind yourself that spirit has much better plans for you. Be open to other possibilities and you will find miracles happening.


You are blessed to have the power to manifest whatever you want with your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and intentions. Be open and positive about your thoughts only then you can manifest your dreams. Spirits are there to help you if you believe in them and if you ask for it. Be open to receiving the answers from them through signs and symbols.


A fated meeting with your soulmate or twin flame is about to happen this week. As soon as you meet or see that person you will know that this is the one you were waiting for. This relationship is going to bring a positive change in you and bring out the best version of you. If there is any hesitation regarding the new relationship then trust the divine timing. Be ready for a loyal and trusting relationship.


Start living in the present and stop worrying about the future and linger into the past. Now and here is the time when you can bring the changes you want to see in your life. Be a neutral observer about the situation or people around you. Do not judge or make opinions depending on the past. Now is the time when you are getting a chance to start a fresh.


Breathe, relax, and have patience everything is going to fall in its place at the right time. If you are waiting for a judgement then it will be in your favour. If you are the one who is going to make a decision then be sure you keep a balanced and neutral opinion about the situation. Try to enjoy every experience that life gives you and make it a habit to find out the lessons that life teaches you.


It’s time to connect with your higher self and align your energy with the universe. Take care of yourself and be thankful for everything you have. Count your blessings and you will see how quickly positive changes start to approaches you. Make sure you heal your past before entering this new and positive phase of your life. Forgive others and yourself too and move ahead with a smile in your heart.


Now you are surrounded by the people who are ready to help you. Ask for help if you need one because now is the time to walk with your loved ones on your future journey. This is the time when luck is with you so be ready and prepare yourself with the future plans and start acting upon them. Everything you do now is going to leave your legacy for others in the future.


Now is the time to act upon your plans and move forward with confidence. New beginning is on its way, you just need to be confident and trust yourself. If you trust your abilities and your plans only then others will be able to trust you. Projects or new job or anything related to business is now out of risk and now is the time to make your dreams come true through actions.


New opportunities or a second chance in life is going to be presented to you. When you have given all the hopes and the opportunity is dead but now things are going to be revived for you. Old are going to be replaced by new. A job or a project which you thought is no more working is going to be renewed with new hopes and opportunitues. Trust yourself and your abilities and move ahead with confidence. You will see miracles taking place.


Somethings are not for you so do not take things personally whether it be politics at workplace or in your personal life. Stay away from the negative things happening around you and just be an observer. Be neutral while observing the things that are happening around you and you will find the exact answer or a solution that you are looking for. If you get a rejection then know that it is the way of God to protect you.


Now is the time to remain cool and detached from the situations happening around. This is the time to observe and take notes for your personal development. Learn from the things that are happening around you and make sure you later act upon it with your cool mind. Patience is the key of survival right now. This time is given to you to upgrade and make yourself ready for your future.

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