Weekly Tarot Guidance: 13.03.22 – 19.03.22


The time for playing safe is over now. You need to take a leap of faith and a little risk if you want abundance and success in your life. At the start, there might be an unknown fear of taking a new opportunity or trying something new. Listen to your inner voice which will always guide you to the right path. Everything is ready to blossom in your life.


If you feel stuck in any situation or relationship, then now is the time to find out the reason behind it. Find out the reason and start working on it to move out of it. Sometimes being comfortable with something makes things more difficult. Be flexible and allow yourself to bring the change in your life that you deserve. Rapid growth can be seen in your life if you take the right step.


An opportunity is coming your way which is going to bring a beautiful transformation in your life. Life might have been stuck for a long time, but now you will get a chance where you will be able to bring the change that you were waiting for. Gifts from the universe are ready to be presented to you.


Some things are better from far rather than being associated with it. Let go off the things that are not meant for you. Holding to something will not allow you to move ahead. Be flexible as per the situation and circumstances. Being flexible will help you to achieve success and help you to learn new perspectives of life and situations.


Time to be still and spend some time with your own self. Listen to the inner voice that you have been ignoring for a long time. Let your inner self guide you, let your spirit guides help you to find the right path. Now is the time to clear all the past chaos and start afresh. Time to heal yourself and drop all the limiting beliefs and patterns.


You are a fighter, and you can survive anything and anywhere. Now is the time to be patient and flexible while working towards your goal. This patient will later be going to be worth it. Remember you are being guarded and protected from the dangers so know that you are in a safe place and hands. Keep working towards your dreams.


Maybe life had been so hard on you that you have stopped believing in miracles. But now the universe is opening its door of miracles and wonders for you. Start believing in the impossible now as the blessings are coming your way. Some miracles will be hard to believe but that will soon become the fact of your life. Stop limiting your thoughts and open yourself for the miracles to happen.


There are some major changes that are going to take place in your life. And the changes that might not be comfortable or easy. But you need to be patient and take one step at a time. There is nothing to worry about as things will happen for your higher good. Your patience may help you to achieve your goal and the success that you have dreamt of.


Now is the time to stand for what is right. Now is the time to show courage and speak for yourself or for others’ rights. By standing for the right, you will open a gate of freedom for yourself. Let yourself take a fresh breath and start living your life on your own terms and conditions. Think about what you want and not what others want you to do.


A huge transformation is going to take place in your life. From a follower to a leader. You are a true-born leader who knows how to guide others on the right path. Now is the time to play this part of your life as a leader and shed a light in the dark. This new role of yours is going to bring a beautiful and peaceful change in your life.


It is high time that you start thinking about yourself. Do not let others dictate and empower your life’s decisions, start making decisions on your own. Spend some time alone near calm water which will help you to calm down and reassess your life. Spirit guides are all near you protecting and helping you to make the right decisions. They are also helping you with your spiritual growth.  


You have immense potential that you are still unaware of. You need to start focusing on a particular thing one at a time. Focusing on one goal at a time will help you to gain fast results. Don’t underestimate yourself, be confident about the skills and talents you have. You have a spiritual power that is been ignored for a long time, surrender to the divine and see the magic.

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