Weekly Tarot Guidance: 20.03.22 – 26.03.22


Some of you are getting married this week or booking a destination place for a wedding. Some of you might get a proposal of marriage. And some of you are getting engaged this week. A week full of love and commitments. A week of completing an old phase and entering a new phase of life. Singles are going to find someone special.


News, message, letter, or communication you were waiting for is coming this week. This long-waited communication is going to bring a beautiful change in your life. Luck is on your side so go for it and do not hold yourself back with any kind of doubts. A phase of love and stability is coming into your life.


You are heading in the right direction. The path may seem unknown and risky or difficult, but the universe is taking care of you and guiding you to the right path. Some message, news, or communication is going to bring a beautiful change in your life. This change is going to bring stability and safety to your life. Abundance is on its way.


You should be careful and focused while dealing with any important work or situation. A little bit of carelessness can bring conflicts and difficult times in your life. A detailed study will help you to get the solution and excel in your work. If you do things right you will be the shining star, but one mistake and you will be out of the race.


Be careful while choosing your friends as not everyone has good intentions for you. Share your personal or professional details with only those who really care about it. You are mostly surrounded by people with two faces. The advice here will be to do your work silently and let your actions speak for you. 


You need to be careful with the people around you. There is someone around you who is not what they portray them to be. Especially if you are getting involved with someone romantically then you need to be careful before entering into any relationship. Later it would be difficult to come out of this situation or relationship.


A good time is here so let that beautiful energy take place in your life. Stop thinking about the past or having doubts about the good time. Your unnecessary worries will start blocking the good time coming your way. You might buy a new house or welcome a new family member. Be sure you do good research about the place and people you are going to deal with.


You keep doubting loyal people and trust the wrong people blindly. This habit of yours creates problems for you. Make sure you cross-check the people you trust and share your secrets with. There is a lot of hidden talent that you have that still needs to be explored. Start exploring your talents and you will find what exactly makes you happy.


A good time is started. This time is when difficulties will also be converted into opportunities. This time is going to be of peace and serenity in every aspect of life. Also, for some a new beginning is on its way, especially for those who are going for higher education. This opportunity might be away from family and friends. This new phase is going to make you curious and will teach you to start from scratch.


A dream house that you were waiting for is now going to be a reality soon. If you are a writer or an editor, then this is a great time for you to getting close to your dreams. For singles, you might find someone special of similar interest like yours. This connection is going to be instant, and the feeling would be as if you know each other for many lifetimes.


If you have been away from your family and home due to conflicts, then now the conflicts are going to be resolved. You will be accepted by your family and will be welcomed back to the family wholeheartedly. This is a time when you can take risks and still everything is going to work for you. Difficulties are going to turn into opportunities now. A time for happiness, peace, and success.


Your every wish is going to be granted only if you remain positive and work towards your dreams passionately. The abundance of success and wealth is going to flow now. This is the time when you are going to lose the fake people and connect with the honest and loyal people on your journey. If you are willing to take risks then do your research properly and take the leap of faith.

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