Weekly Tarot Guidance: 27.03.22 – 02.04.22


This week is full of possibilities and opportunities. A message or a letter is going to arrive with the good news that you were waiting for a long time. Make sure you are not engrossed in the past or the loss that you have gone through. Now is the time to focus on the future which is full of potential. You still need to put in your efforts and your dreams are going to turn into reality soon.


Your hard work is going to pay off. Your wishes are going to be granted. But you need to be careful about the people around you. Do not trust anyone blindly. Especially when you are into a social or professional networking place make sure you do not spill any of your important plans. You need to plan your goals with time management and follow it with discipline.


While outing with friends or while on a tour for a business meeting you might find someone special. This person could meet you through your friends or colleagues. On the professional front, you need more practical plans with proper time management which will help you to sort out your work accordingly. Do not miss any minute details at work while preparing for any project or plan.


Luck is on your side so be confident and move forward. The difficult times have started fading now. Now is the time to shine and enjoy some success. Watch your attitude as success and attention do not make you arrogant. Arrogance might ruin your achievements. Make some time out to enjoy every moment of success with your loved ones.


Time waits for nobody, so you need to use it wisely. Enjoy every moment of life and take some time out for yourself. Look after yourself, take care of yourself, get a makeover, do whatever you feel like to pamper yourself. Now is the great time which is going to bring peace and stability to your life. But just one warning, be aware of the fraud people around you.


A warning about a breakup in a happy relationship. There might be someone who does not have good intentions for you and could not see you happy. Also, there are chances that one of the partners in a relationship is cheating on you or is harmful. This is the time when you will have to make a firm decision about whether you want this kind of relationship or want to walk out holding your head high.


You are entering into a new phase of life that brings peace, love, and happiness. Singles will find someone special. Those who are already in a relationship will be preparing to welcome a new member in a family. A newly married couple might shift to a new house. Personally, if you start balancing spirituality and practicality things will start moving smoothly in your life.


Your hard work is going to pay off. You will get an opportunity to travel for work purposes. One advice: be like an empty vessel and fill yourself as much as the knowledge you can gain from others. Whether you know the subject already still be like a child full of curiosity who keeps learning new things. You are being guided by the divine and you are very near to achieving your dreams.


Show the world the real you and do not pretend to be the one the world wants to see. This might be very painful for you to pretend to be someone you are not. Listen to your heart and stop being in your head all the time. Action is the need of the hour. A time to shine with your natural talent and skills. A family function or event is going to keep you busy.


Have faith in your dreams as they are soon going to turn into reality. Do not let difficult times make you lose hope in life. Things are going to get better now, and you will see the beautiful side of life soon. A marriage or love proposal is on the cards. You will find your dream life partner with whom you will build a life that you have dreamt of.


Doors that are shut now is not going to open again, so stop looking back. Forgiveness is the key to your freedom, let things go that do not serve you well. A brighter future is waiting for you if you focus ahead then keep looking back. You have all the sources to make your life a better place to live in. Be aware of someone who might be manipulating and fooling you.


Balance spirituality and practicality, the balance between emotions and practicality. You are about to find your soulmate and this relationship will be rapidly developing into an intimate relationship. You will soon decide to be in a committed relationship. But there might be someone who does not want it this way. Be careful with whom you share your personal details. Do not let anyone interfere in your relationship as they will cause misunderstanding between you and your partner.

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