Weekly Tarot Guidance: 03.04.22 – 09.04.22


If you keep repeating the same pattern, structure, thoughts, and ideas then the outcome is also going to be the same and repetitive. If you wish to do something better then you need to change your perspective. Start looking at things/circumstances/situations/projects in a different way and find out different plans to execute them. You will get the best outcome as you can stand out in the crowd with your unique talent. The vision or goal should be for long term and not short term.


There are things that will end soon to make space for new. The endings are not always happy ones but be sure you will get the answer of why at the right time. You might need to end something from your side it may be a relationship or a job. Make sure you do it politely without wounding anyone with your harsh words.


Now is the great time when you will be manifesting your every thought and dream. Be aware of your thoughts as they are being manifested. Always keep a check on your thoughts and do not let them enter the negative zone. Do not doubt yourself or your talent due to rejection at a job or personal life. Trust the universe have better plans for you and everything happens for a reason.


Whatever situation you have gone through but now healing is taking place. May the wounds be physical or emotional the healing has started. As it seems that you have started awakening your spiritual side. You have started joining all the pieces together to make yourself whole again. Something better is around the corner.


Life is changing and taking you to a new and better life. Make sure you are not left behind with your old thought patterns or beliefs. Life has so many beautiful surprises to offer you. Your dreams are going to be manifested soon. Let yourself be free from the burden you are carrying and start leaving your life for your own happiness. Do not let your happiness depend on others’ validation for you.


You know very well how to come out of difficult situations easily. If not, you find out the way without complaining. But dealing with such situations is making you cold and unfriendly. You need to make sure that you do not blame others around you for your situation. Learn to take lessons and move on gracefully. This positive attitude will help you to open all the blockages in your life.  


Surrender yourself to the divine as you are being protected and guided by the divine. If you feel confused make sure you meditate and get the answers that you are searching for. Do not trust anyone blindly especially when it comes to signing any documents or legal matters. The wealth is making its way into your life. Be open to new opportunities and possibilities that life has to offer you.


You might be dealing with some legalities this week. You might be signing some legal documents, or you might receive some legal documents. There are chances that this legal work might be within the family. If something is going wrong or not as per your expectation, then there is good news. There are still chances for you to make the required changes.


Your own thoughts or guilt is making you void inside. You try your best to come out of the same repetitive thought pattern or situation but the more you try more you go deep into it. Some of you are more concerned about your kids and want to help them to come out of the bad situation. It is high time for you to be yourself and not what others want to see in you.


If you have the question of whether you are doing the right thing or making the right decision, then the answer is yes. You are on the right path. You are being guided and protected by the divine. Some of you might be taking your relationship one step further. Some of you might be taking risks in your career not knowing about the outcome. There might be some adjustments required while walking on this path, but the outcome will be beautiful.


A new romance is going to enter your life. Those who are already in a relationship might revive their romance. A romance where there will be beautiful surprises and gifts. New hope and start are what this new phase of life is bringing to you. You are being guided and protected by your spirit guides. Make sure you listen to them as they communicate via signs, symbols, and dreams.


You are very close to achieving your goals and your dreams. You might make some announcements or break the good news to your family and friends. While running behind your dreams make sure you ignore gossips that might take place within your social or professional circle. Also, make a habit to prioritize your health and follow a healthy diet.

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