Weekly Tarot Guidance: 10.04.22 – 16.04.22


You are a fighter, and you know how to overcome any obstacles. But remember do not allow the bad experience to affect you and question your abilities. Trust yourself as everything happens for a reason. Your hard work is going to pay off very soon. But still, there is a need for a practical plan and discipline to achieve your goals. There are chances of a reunion with your ex or starting a new romantic relationship.


A good news/message/letter is on the way. But be sure that before accepting it at face value you do your research and then accept the same. In beginning, things might excite you, but might be difficult later. Being detached while dealing with the situation will help you to make the right decisions. Do not be afraid of being yourself, your unique personality makes you different from others. Time to heal the past and make your present a better place to live in.


You have gone through a lot of difficult times but now is the time to step into a better future. Things you need to work upon right now is to start working on your fears. If you are worried or scared about your present and future due to some past bad experiences, then now is the time to work on it. Negative thoughts will create blockages and stop the good time coming your way. You might find someone special very soon and things will take a beautiful turn in your life.


Ask yourself what is it that is stopping you from making the decision. Is it your ego? If you spend some alone time analysing the situation you will find all the answers that you are looking for. If you are thinking of reuniting with your family or friends that you have left behind due to some reason, then now is the good time to go back to them. It’s time to forget the past and move ahead.


Difficult times are now getting clear and making way for new beginnings. If you are planning for a new job, especially a government job then now is the good time to apply for it. There are many possibilities and opportunities in your career that you are still unaware of. You need to start exploring your own skills and abilities. Do not limit yourself to society’s norms. Explore your unique talent and be bold to walk on this new journey.


You are being divinely guided to the right path. But you need to be patient with the result, or the outcome will take its own time. Patience is the key to reaching your goals. A calm mind will show you the right move at the right time. Make sure you do not use harsh words while dealing with difficult people or situations or things might get worse for you. Practice meditation to release all the negative thoughts and emotions.


The journey forward might feel difficult or impossible to achieve your dreams. But if you start balancing your emotional and practical side and practicing spirituality will help you to clear your blockages. Some blockages are due to our own negative thoughts that create energy blockages. A good time is ahead, and you are very close to achieving your dreams. Believe in miracles and you will start experiencing them.


A balance between practicality and spirituality is a must now or it will be difficult for you to handle a dicey situation that may appear suddenly. A right move or decision at the right time with a calm mind will get you the expected results. While making decisions always keep in check with the reality. You can also take the advice of your elders or senior colleagues if you find it difficult to decide your move.


A new start is coming! Right now, you might not be able to see anything good or better coming your way. But believe it this tough time is about to get over and something better is around the corner. If you are entering into a relationship that you are not sure about then you should take some time out to rethink it before it’s too late. There might be some difficult situations coming your way but if you play it right everything will turn into an opportunity.


Be confident and take the leap of faith it could be in a relationship or in a career. There are going to be some new challenging opportunities coming your way that you need to grab it. This new work is going to give you an opportunity to shine. While on an official tour or a meeting you might find your soulmate. A new romantic phase of life is going to begin now. Be open to receiving that love.


This is the time where healing is taking place may it be physical or emotional. A new phase of life is going to start now. You might get selected for a new and very important project at work. Dealing with this project might be a little dicey but a balanced approach will bring success. Start looking at things with a new perspective and keep long-term goals. Do not opt for a short-term goal or investment or take any shortcut to success.


Life is taking you to your new love life whether you are ready or not. It is time to meet your soulmate. Your luck is on your side now. Whatever you do you will get success. Practice meditation and yoga regularly and you will find positive changes coming your way. Surrender to the divine and chant the mantras that you most believe in and all the blockages will start getting clear and making way for you to your beautiful loving life.

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