Weekly Tarot Guidance: 17.04.22 – 23.04.22


Have faith in your dreams as they are soon going to turn into reality. But negative thoughts or doubts might create hurdles. You might be still holding on to the past personal issues due to which you are unable to think clearly. Focus on your future as this is a great time to close the past and move ahead in the future with confidence and new hopes. There might be someone close to you who wears a mask of being your well-wisher but keeps feeding bad thoughts to your mind, be careful.


There are many things that you still need to explore. So come out of your comfort zone and find out what are the things you can do. May it be professional or personal. In your career, you can upgrade your knowledge or learn something new. You might be passionate about something that you never thought of perceiving as a profession. Upgrading yourself will help you to achieve your goals faster or you might feel stuck in the same situation for a long time.


A new start is coming your way. Lots of opportunities and possibilities are on their way. There might come a point where you may feel exhausted or think that it is impossible to achieve your dreams. But you need to remain calm and only then you will be able to think clearly and choose the right opportunity. Opportunities coming your way all will look great but choose wisely as not everything will suit your needs and dreams. This is a great time to receive all the rewards for your hard work.


If you are feeling stuck or in pain due to some reason, may it be personally or professionally, remember nothing is yet set in stone. You have the chance or opportunity to make the necessary changes and create your destiny. You need to make sure that pride doesn’t get in your way. If you need help ask for it, only then you will be able to move ahead. Also, learn to balance your needs and others’ expectations of you. Do whatever makes you feel good and happy and not others.


You are very close to your dreams, especially women who dream about their love life and having a family. If you are single get ready for a love proposal. If you are already in a relationship, then you might get a marriage proposal or you two might also move in together in a live-in relationship. Stop portraying yourself too hard to please and let your loved ones see your loving side too. Be your true self, be kind and show your loved ones that you care and love them. This will resolve all the issues in your life.


Step out of your comfort zone and you will find there are a lot of opportunities that will take you to your goals or dreams. If you learn to strike the right balance between, give and take you will be in a win-win situation. Do not burn the bridges that are there to connect you with your dreams. Be humble and kind but also be practical. You are out there to shine with your unique talent and skills. There is a lot of hope and light ahead so make the right move at the right time.


Your dreams are ready to be manifested. So, release all the negative thoughts and negative people from your life. While plucking the fruits of your hard work be careful there is no harmful creature hiding there. You have come a long way and now is the time to enjoy the good time coming your way. You will be enjoying every moment of life with your loved ones. Singles are going to find their soulmate. Those already in a relationship are going to spend some cozy intimate moments together.


There are still many things that you need to learn about your work and yourself too. You need to unlock the talent and the knowledge that you have and bring it in front of the world with confidence. Lack of confidence is what makes you hide your potential from others. Or you want to walk on the path that is trending and will give you material success. Follow your heart and passion and you will be a successful person. Be kind to others while dealing with any situation may it be personal or professional.


You have gained loyal friends that are always there to help you and guide you. But make sure you control your moody nature or else you might lose those friends. Sometimes you are goal-driven and sometimes you are least interested in your own plans. Learn to balance your emotional and practical sides. Start working on your spiritual side which will help you to deal with difficult situations wisely. Your plans and goals should be long-term and not short and temporary ones.


You have been in a tug of war whether to choose what your heart wants or to choose what is going to fulfill life’s demands. While going through this tough phase you have been too much into ‘me,me,me’ zone. This made you harsh and over-stepped the mark, so now is the time to accept it and make out of it. Meditate regularly and you will find the way out and be able to make the right decisions. As you are very close to achieving your dreams and being cool will help you to remain patient while events unfold.


The dark time is getting over and now healing is starting to take place. You will find that universe is unlocking some amazing and surprising but beautiful shades of life for you. Life is bringing an abundance of happiness and security into your life. With time you also need to bring some changes in your thoughts and plans. Take some time out for yourself to breathe and enjoy every moment of life.


Tough time is getting over now and you will see the light shining on you. Life is about to bring luck and happiness to you. But still, you need to keep working hard to achieve your dreams and trust the universe as the outcome will be positive. You also need to change your approach towards your work and bring some new and unique ideas to stand out and make your way faster towards your dreams. Do some charity work that will help you to raise your karma.

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