Weekly Tarot Guidance: 24.04.22 – 30.04.22


A powerful but positive change is coming towards you. This is going to be an important turning point in your life. The ride on the new journey might not be easy but trust the universe has better plans for you. Everything is going to happen for a reason to take you to a better place than before. Every step is going to take you to progress and improvement. Make sure you do not get stuck in the past again. On the journey make sure you do not hurt anyone with your harsh words or behavior.


Hold on to your dreams and keep faith in them without losing hope. Your life partner or your love partner might have to go away for some reason. But you need to understand as trust will be required to move the situation forward. A long-distance relationship might be hard, but this will grow your connection stronger than before. You will start valuing each other more than before.


A powerful change is on its way which will bring a sense of contentment, stability, and security to your life. A beautiful change is coming into your life. Make sure you are not scared to move ahead with the opportunities approaching you. Stop underrating yourself as the opportunities coming to you are due to your talent. You might get an invitation to a big event that might be too good to be true.


The tough cycle is about to end, and new beautiful and loving energies are going to take place. You might meet your soulmate while on a tour for business or leisure. But if you are still holding on to any past then you should let go now. Be a clean slate and start writing new and beautiful chapters now. Take the lessons with you from the past and not the pain. Start working on your fears and enjoy every moment of your new journey.


You might find someone special while attending a family function, event, or party. Yes, you have been through a rough patch which has made you a little rough and ruthless. But now is the time to let go of the bad experiences and start afresh. Life is giving one more chance to start a new and lead a beautiful life. Trust the universe and surrender yourself to the divine and you will experience magical changes happening.


Situations might be tricky at your workplace, but you need to be careful at every step you take. While dealing with any sensitive work be careful with whom you share the details. If there is any uncertainty about the situation you are in right now, then step back for a while and look at it from a distance. Right now, you might not be in a happy situation, but the universe is working for your highest good. Sometimes you need to take risks to come out of an unwanted situation. Be bold and follow your heart.


If you have been questioning someone’s loyalty, then be sure that the person is 100% loyal to you. This person is going to be always with you and around you. A new phase in your career is about to start, be confident and make decisions wisely. You might be presented with choices in your life may it be your career or a relationship. Every choice is going to be a good one, but you need to look deep inside yourself and ask what exactly you want from your life.


You are on the right path and heading in the right direction. The end of a tough cycle is approaching, and a new beginning is on its way. Life is going to surprise you with new opportunities. A new relationship and a new beginning in a career are on their way. Always remember self-esteem is good but vanity is not. So, keep a check on yourself while dealing with the people around you. Focus on making connections stronger while stepping on the success ladder.  


A personal issue is going to find a solution soon. A couple might move into a new house together. Some might welcome a new family member. A message, letter, or email will bring good news with it. You need to step out of your comfort zone to move out of the stuck situation. You might have to cut the ties that are holding you back and this will not be an easy task. Make sure that you handle the situations carefully and try not to wound anyone with your harsh words or actions.


You have gone through every phase of life may it be tough, easy, happy, sad, etc. But hold that experiences gracefully and let those lessons help you to move ahead without any hesitation. Don’t let your past bad experiences hold you back. Especially if it is regarding a love relationship. Once you let go of the past you will make space for the new one. Your soulmate is ready to enter your life. Practice meditation regularly or especially when you will be too tense, and you will find the way out.


Now is the time when you need to balance your spirituality, practicality, and emotional side. Since you are very close to achieving your goal, you need to be balanced while making decisions. There might come a situation where making a decision will be very tough as it might be ending one situation to enter a new one. A detailed study before making a choice or a decision will be very helpful. This tough decision might bring pain but also it will be for your highest good.


Have faith in your dreams and do not give up at any cost. A new beginning and success are on their way. A new romantic cycle is about to begin soon. Be ready for the beautiful surprise life is going to through at you. You have been carrying a lot of responsibilities for others for a long time. But now is the time when everything is going to be taken care of by the universe. Now is the time when you are going to receive the return of the sacrifices you have made till now. Focus on what you want as manifestation is taking place.

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