Weekly Tarot Guidance: 01.05.22 – 07.05.22


The work is under process for a secure future that is going to stay with you forever. You are being divinely guided to the right path. This path is taking you towards your secure future and your soulmate. You might have been carrying responsibilities of your family at an early age. But now you need to take things easy and start enjoying your life. Add meditation to your daily routine and you will see the energy shift within you to look at things in a positive light. Count your blessings and manifest more in abundance.


If you were going through any personal issues, then you will find the resolution soon. Unexpected powerful changes are about to enter your life. These changes will bring a sigh of relief and security with it. But you are going to carry all the life lessons that you have learned through the hard times as they have made you wiser. Without giving up you have learned to live life with new hopes and dreams. You are ready to chase your new dreams.


You have started unlocking and exploring many possibilities that you were not sure of till now. But now you are not worried about whether things will work or not. You are more confident that things will work out and if not, you have other options ready to reach your dream destination. In this new journey, you are going to meet your soulmate. You have started believing in the impossible as you have made impossible things possible now with your own talent. You are not afraid to show the world the real you. But make sure you are not all in your head but also take some time out to listen to your heart.


Through trial and error, you are going to find the path to success. Success is around the corner but make sure you welcome it with gratitude and not attitude. Right now, things might not be working as per your expectations then take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Luck is on your side but only if you could see things from a different perspective. Do not follow the path that everyone is following. Choose and create your own path and story that others wish to follow.


You try so hard to change yourself, to change the pattern of your life that keeps repeating. But you keep hitting back again. Ask yourself what exactly you need to release? What is the thing that keeps pulling you back? Analyse and work upon that particular thing or situation or thought. More efforts are required to move ahead and keep going with positivity. Regular practicing of yoga and meditation will help you to gain success.


You need to work on your fears and only then you will be able to move ahead. Sometimes your fears are created by your overthinking about the situation or people. If you have any doubts about someone or something, then do your research about it instead of fearing it without any reason. You will be presented with life-changing opportunities you just need to choose what fits the best for you or which is closer to your dreams. Don’t let your fear stop you.


If you are suffering from any health or mental issues for a long time, then now is the time to heal. After dealing with such issues for a long time then it’s tough to remain positive and hopeful. Remember strong belief makes the impossible possible. Surrender to the divine, be silent and you will hear the inner voice that will guide you to the right path. Take as much as time is needed to heal yourself, to heal the past wounds. But believe that you are going to be healed. Read and listen to the positive thoughts which will encourage you to remain positive.


Balancing spirituality and practicality will bring immense beautiful changes in your life. May it be personal or professional, your life will have a perfect balance of love, emotions, and practicality. If you strike the right balance, then your every dream is going to turn into reality. Singles will find their soulmate. You can expect promotions and increments soon. Also, you might be chosen to lead an important project. If you are looking for a job change then you will get a good opportunity.


You have gone through a tough phase, especially in a relationship. But now things are going to be healed and you will find a solution to end this phase. Some couples might move into a live-in relationship, and some might separate from their family to start an independent family. Some couples might welcome a new baby into the family or get good news about the same. A new romantic cycle is about to begin for singles especially those who have gone through a heartbreak. Spend some time near the water and you will find the peace and answers that you are looking for.


Right now, you are not where you want to be, but you are on the right track. You are on the path to achieving your dreams, but more effort is required yet. Do not let any fear stop you from moving ahead and taking the chance. You are about to meet someone special very soon. Those who are in a relationship are going to take their relationship one step further. May the relationship be new or old this relationship is going to be a life-long commitment.  


The end of a tough cycle approaches now. The ending might not be easy or happy always but trust the universe as this process is taking you to your brighter future. More security and abundance are waiting for you ahead. You are going to get many opportunities that will bring a beautiful change in your life. But you need to believe and value yourself only then others can believe in you. Make a long-term investment plan that will get you returns at the right time. Also, make sure to take some time out to pamper yourself which will help you to renew your energy.


You are on a journey to explore yourself, and your hidden talents and find out what is that brings peace to you. You are no more concerned about what people think or say if you take a different route suddenly leaving the present one. And this new you are going to create a new and beautiful life for yourself. The abundance of wealth and knowledge is going to flow in. Your belief that your dreams are getting manifested is working very well for you. A new start is coming with a big positive ‘Yes’.

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