Weekly Tarot Guidance: 08.05.22 – 14.05.22


At the workplace, things might get unpredictable but your focus on your goal should not get distracted. Your commitment is being tested as this test is going to be the decision-maker for your promotion. If you play your cards right, you will be selected for a new project. You are going to find your soulmate while working on a secret project. Now is the time when you can manifest whatever you want. Your financial condition is going to get better day by day. You will be able to afford the things that you have dreamt of.


You will be chosen for a very high-profile work which might be dealing with the government. Or if you are trying for a government job then now you will be selected for the same. You might enter the field which deals with the security of documents, power, and legal dealings. You might also have to sign non-disclosure documents while starting to work on such a project. If you are confident enough then you should be ready to take the risk and move ahead. Now is a wonderful time to start studying something new.


You have gone through a tough time, but you have come out of it like a winner. Yes, right now you might not see the outcome yet, but the work is in progress. Very soon you will be getting what you deserve. Just do not give up hopes and keep believing in the impossible as all your dreams are going to turn into reality soon. While getting the returns of your hard work make sure you always remain humble, or you might hurt someone. Make meditation part of your daily routine this will help you to remain grounded and take the right decisions.


A time for healing, may it be emotional or physical. An old wound that was not letting you move ahead is now about to heal. If you have been battling physical ailments, then now you are going to find the perfect healer who will find the root cause and heal you. If you were going through any emotional trauma, especially a break-up then you will find someone who is going to take away your pain magically. At the workplace, things will start getting better now. You need to change your perspective towards looking at things or situations. Widen your thinking and that will make things easier for you.


You have gone through a lot of difficult times, so hold on to your learning experiences and not the grudges or pain. The bridge you are standing on is present and it is connected to both past and future. Now you need to choose wisely which way you want to go. You are the only one who can stop the repeating pattern of your life that you do not like. Luck is on your side take full advantage of it. You are very close to achieving your goal. If you slip into negative thoughts zone just practice a gratitude journal that will help you to count your blessings rather than pain.


Right now, you have all the sources and people available to you to achieve your dreams. But you need a practical plan with a strong foundation to it only then your project or ideas will get executed. If you meditate regularly or spend some time alone near the water or visit an aquarium and watch fish’s calming movements, it will help you to remain calm and relaxed. Someone special is going to sweep you off your feet with their romantic gestures. Learn to value time and use it wisely.


Overthinking about everything, every situation, or every person is creating only negative energies around you. These negative vibes are going to attract only negativity and nothing else. Disconnect from the negativity and indulge yourself in some exercises or activities that will help you to remain positive and enthusiastic. Meditating near water will help you to abandon all the negative thoughts. It is time to enjoy the rewards or return gifts of your hard work or good karma that you have done in the past. Your child/children are going to have a new start in their life.


The deep-rooted pain that you were holding on to is now going to be healed. This pain is going to find its way out now. Someone is going to help you to heal your heart by showing it that it can be loved again and unconditionally. Your wishes are going to be granted soon. So, start making the wishes and remain positive. Make practical plans and start acting upon them. Determination is what is the need of the hour, but make sure you don’t move too fast without thinking about it. Also, make sure you treat people right while moving ahead.


If you have someone on your mind with a lot of questions to ask, then you should go ahead. Communication is the only key solution to all your problems with the person on your mind. Instead of crying over considering it the end of the story you should try and communicate. This communication will help this relationship to renew and start anew. Do not miss this chance as it might not repeat itself. You will get some sweet surprises from your loved ones.


Lots of beautiful surprises are on their way to you. You might receive some communication that will bring a huge change in your life, may it be personal or professional. If you are chasing something or wanting something but you are not getting it, then be sure that it is happening for your good. Something better is going to replace the same. Universe has better plans for you so relax. You might not be able to think big as you feel it is impossible to achieve. But now the changes coming your way will make you believe in the impossible. A close relationship might be ending soon due to some personal issues between you both.


You are going to sign some deal or partnership agreement soon. A new start is going to bring a lot of enthusiasm to you. You might start a partnership business with your life partner. You might also buy a house and move in soon. If you feel you are not good enough or are not up to the mark, then you should upgrade yourself by learning new things. Luck is on your side and if you put in a little effort, you will soon be near to achieving your goals. Do not underestimate or criticize yourself rather list down your flaws and start working on them and change them into your strength.


Your career is gaining momentum you still need to put some effort and you will see the success soon. Keep working on it and make sure you come up with the unique ideas that will make you stand out from others. Someone special is going to cross your path and you might get the feeling of knowing this person. Exciting days are ahead with your love/life partner. You and your partner were waiting for a long time to spend some time together. But now you will get this time and you both will make sure no one interrupts you. This time is going to be intimate, loving, and full of romantic surprises.

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