Weekly Tarot Guidance: 15.05.22 – 21.05.22


The universe is here to bless you and give you all that you deserve. You have served humanity in every situation, you have shared and used your divine gifts to serve and help others. Now a wonderful phase of receiving the gifts is here. While in love life you were a little resistant to making a firm decision but now you have decided to move on and take a new path. You are back to your dream world where you feel safe and happy. Use your visualization power to manifest your dreams.


Time management is what you need to work upon. You have a lot of things and plans to be executed but that should be done at the right time. Do not waste time thinking about the past or future. Being in present and working on a better future is better than keep worrying. If something has ended or you have lost someone or something, then it was meant to be in that way. Do not keep crying over it as you cannot afford to lose focus on your goals right now or you will miss the best opportunity coming your way.


You have stopped waiting for the situation to change by itself. Now you have become the in charge of your own life. You have started raising your standards and expectations from life and yourself. You have stopped looking for excuses instead you look for the positive side of the situation if it doesn’t go as per your plan. Your intuitions are guiding you, sometimes the images, dreams, or messages may not be clear to you, but you will soon decode them. Knowing the reason behind your choices and intention regarding your career is the key to fulfillment and success.


Now is the time to think about your future and take a little risk to achieve your dreams. You have walked on a known path till now so you the outcome well. But if you take an unknown path, you might find the opportunities that you have missed till now. The universe is supporting you and motivating you to do something different now. Take your time, do not hurry but think wisely and act upon it. Before moving on a new path remember to finish the work that is on your hands right now. Do not leave any unfinished business.


You are ready for anything right now. Now is the right time to start something new. Move towards a new life and be ready to experience something new and interesting. Make sure if any tough situation arises you will act only after analysing situations carefully. There is no harm in being flexible to protect yourself. If you act without thinking you might put yourself into trouble. Warning: keep yourself busy that makes you happy or you tend to revisit the old thought patterns and the old cycle will start repeating itself.


You are ready to move ahead and take your life in a new direction. But still, somewhere you have your own doubts. There are a lot of options and choices available, but you are not sure which to choose. What if the options that you leave are better than the ones that you have chosen? If you feel confused at any point in time, then you should make a list of what exactly you want? What are your intentions? Understand yourself and your motives and be clear about your dreams. Once you have clear thoughts you will be a magnet to attract what is best for you.


Now is the time to pause or stop for some time and spend some time with yourself. Stop digging into the past and move forward and start afresh. You need to break the self-defeating, self-destructing feelings and thought patterns that you are caring for from the past life. Meditating and finding the answers that you are looking for. Center yourself by deep breathing and meditation. You are going to meet your soulmate, a lifelong partner. This person’s presence itself is going to bring loving and healing energy to you.


When a difficult situation arises, you need to remain calm and balanced only then you can save yourself for a better future. An abundance of wealth and happiness is on its way but only if you know how to make a way out of this tough situation. Remember all that glitters is not gold so study and research are a must before opting for any option that is presented to you. However, the situation may be difficult keep looking out for the better opportunities that are all around you.


Finally, you have realized your worth and have stopped being a puppet to others. You have realized your importance and now you have your priorities set. You know that you were responsible for the treatment you received from others. But now you are not ready to be undervalued. This realization may break relationships that were not valuing you. There might be some legal matters involved and you will be seeking justice. This phase of life might be tough for you but trust that things are working for your higher good. Happy time is just around the corner.


Do not lose touch with your higher self. It seems that you are too busy building your future and running behind your dreams. But remember if you remain in touch with your higher self, you will be guided and directed in the right direction of life. You are surrounded by divine lights all the time; you just need to ask them for help and they are more than happy to do it. A new phase of life is around the corner but remember if you find any pattern repeating itself then you should change the perspective and look at the situation.


You need to be bold and take some risks to come out of a stagnant situation. Stop waiting for the change to happen by itself instead take a step and bring the change that you want to see in your life. Listen to your heart it is asking you to do something that you fear. Taking the leap of faith will bring change in your life. The old phase is passing away and the new is here right in the corner. In beginning, you might have to go through some tough times to adjust to the new choices you are going to make. But everything is going to be worth it in the end.


A new phase of life is going to take place before that healing is taking place in your life. Every aspect of your life is getting healed now. You might feel like going silent for no reason. You want to take a break from everyone and everything for some time and go inward to find the peace that you are seeking. The reason behind all this is that you are getting healed now. You are asked to listen to your inner voice as you may be called to help others with your unique skills. Once you follow your life purpose you will finally feel that you are at peace, you are finally at your home.

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