Weekly Tarot Guidance: 22.05.22 – 28.05.22


You are preparing for the next step towards your new journey that you have decided to walk on. You have been a little hesitant to make the decision as you need to leave the present and take a new path. But somewhere you always heard a voice inside you asking you to take steps towards this new path. Your spiritual guides are there helping you in every step of your life. Ask for help whenever you need it, and you will get a sign that they are there for you. Those who have been denying their psychic gifts are now going to accept it and start working towards it.


Do not panic at tough situations rather stop and take a step back to look at the new perspective. You need to look out for the options available as this is not dead-end. If you keep panicking, then you will keep blocking your mind and your energy will keep splitting in the wrong directions. Remember if planting needs the effort, then the harvesting also needs the effort. Do not stop putting your efforts may it be in your career or personal life.


When a challenging situation arises, you might feel stuck and frightening. But staying calm and looking out for options is the best possible way to come out of the situation. Something might seem to be ending but trust the divine that it is making space for the new and better one. Someone close to you will help you to clear your blockages and make your way to the new path. This person will help you to sort out the mess and clear your way to the new beginnings.


Overthinking is making your work difficult. There are a lot of options that you can choose from. You just need to list down and check which one is best suited for you. Focus on your passion what is that you will love to do and not what others want you to do. Only you can make a way out for yourself. Tough times teach you many things and this is the time when you can explore more. If you have been in a tough financial situation, then relax now is the time when you will receive your returns in abundance.


Too many things happening at once and you are scared and do not know what to do next. It is better if you start focusing on one thing at a time. Sometimes due to past experiences, you lose your confidence and lose control over the situation. If you feel that things are falling apart then you should be ready with another plan. There are a lot of options and resources available for you, but you need to be focused and calm so that you can make the right decisions. Your wishes are ready to be fulfilled so a balanced and calm mind will help you to manifest them faster.


If you find yourself stuck in a bad situation, then you should try to step back and look at the situation from a distance. You will then be able to see things clearly. Maybe the change of perspective towards the situation is the answer to all your questions. If you look carefully, you will find the solution as there is a way out of it. You need to act rather than just think about it. With a little bit of effort and you will find that there was no reason to worry. Now is the time when you are going to get the returns of your hard work. You might also find support in a man who is close to you and will help you to get the solution you need.


It is time to dig deep within and find the true power within you that you have suppressed for a long time. You will also find a guide or a teacher who will help you to discover the power within you. Meditate and call upon the archangel Uriel for help and guidance. Meditate and focus on your third eye chakra which will help you to activate a new level of wisdom and understanding. Now is the time to focus on yourself and accept the beautiful self-transformation that you are going through. Be ready to receive the gifts that life has to offer you while you focus to work on yourself.


Time is running out and you cannot wait to open your heart to someone for too long a time. You need to share your emotions and feelings with others at right time or later you might have to regret it. You have a lot of plans that need to be executed but you keep waiting for the right time and the ideas are still pending. If you do not maintain a balance between every aspect of life then you might not be able to do it later. One of the other things might go out of your sight and reach. This distance could also be with your own family and kids.


You must distance yourself from the attachment or addiction that has kept you away from your own self. You need to move out of your comfort zone to find your true self. A time alone with yourself doing something that you love to do like playing some music, creating your song, traveling, etc. This will help you to find what exactly you want from life. What exactly you are capable of? This new journey is not about exploring the outer world but the inner world that has a lot of things to be found. This is the time to mould and renew yourself.


The war that was inside you is going to end now. The comparison between you and the outer world is going to come to an end now. Things are going to be settled down as per your wish. But do not forget to keep working on yourself. Meditating and finding the right solution to your problems is the need of the hour. A balanced approach to every situation is going to take you towards success. If you keep calm, then you will find out how to tackle the situation or people around you.


You might be getting some messages or signs from the universe, but you never took it seriously. Either there is a legal matter in your professional or personal life that has now come to the edge. Have you ignored the important things that needed to be taken care of at the right time? Or have you trusted the wrong people and now you are in trouble due to it. Whatever the reason could be now is the time to act wisely and make things right. You will find someone in this chaos who is been fated to meet you to help you out of this tough situation.


Right now, you are going through a transformation that was due for a long time. There are spirit guides around you to help you, but you need to realize that and ask for help. They are knocking at your door, but you were too busy in the materialistic world. A career of your dream is now going to be available to you. An influential person might take an entry and bring a lot of changes into your life. Remember you have the power to direct your energy in the right direction. Now is the time to take the power into your hands and bring the change in your life that you want to see.

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