Weekly Tarot Guidance: 29.05.22 – 04.06.22


You might be standing still having a lot of questions in your mind. Maybe now is the time when you need to decide and make a firm choice. Ask yourself what you want or what are your dreams? Where do you want to see yourself? Don’t think about what others want from you. Make your choice and dreams a priority now. There might be some cleaning up that needs to be done. Cleaning the mess of your house, room, or relationship needs to be done as you must start fresh. You have built a strong foundation till now. So whatever decision you make you are heading towards a successful life may it be a career or personal life.


Do you hate the standard rules set by society for others and do not like to follow them? If you want to bring the change then you have to follow the rules to change the rules. Otherwise, you will be left alone which you might be experiencing right now. You are feeling lost and trying to find out the right place where you can fit in. If you feel the confusion, then now is the time where you should take this chance to spend some time with own self. A time of silence and peace will help you to get all the answers that you are seeking. Maybe you will find the path for your next new journey.


What is yours will never be withheld from you? Your uniqueness and authenticity alone keep you aligned with the magical energies. So, stop worrying and running in the rat race that is not made for you. You have the power to read between the lines. Listen to your inner voice that keeps guiding you. If you have any questions or concerns, then ask for help from your spirit guides and you will be getting the answers from unknown sources. Meditating is a powerful way to keep your intuition power active. It will help you to listen to your intuitions without having any doubt.


Happy times are around the corner waiting for you. A time to shed off the old and renew yourself and your life with new hopes and happiness. You are entering into an enriching time of opportunities but do not forget to be grateful for this time. You need to remember the law of giving and receiving. The universe is giving you the gifts which you need to honor with your talent and skills. At one point in time, you might have reached the dead-end and were unable to see what was next. But now even the opportunities that you thought are no longer available are now going to be open for you. A wonderful time is ahead, make sure you receive the blessings gracefully.


Overthinking about any situation or holding onto the past will make things worse. This will create energy blockages in your life. If you feel confused, stressed out, or angry then you should take a break. Spend some time where you feel at home, at peace maybe somewhere in nature or a comfortable corner of your house. This will help you to remain calm and relaxed which will help you to make the right decisions. A happy time is waiting for you. Remain in present and enjoy every moment of your life which is fulfilling. Your wishes are being granted so enjoy the moments.


Time to move on from the chaos and conflicts. Sometimes some situations are not in your control. Take the lessons that are good for your higher self and leave the unwanted things behind you. Now is the time for renewal and making the right choices. Spiritual guides are there to help you and guide you through your journey. At any point in time, if you feel confused then call upon your angels and spirit guides to help you and they will guide you to the right path. Your destiny is calling you. Allow yourself to go with the flow effortlessly.


A new phase of the journey begins, and many new people are going to join you. This new phase is going to be no less than a miracle. Time of renewal, time for new hopes and dreams. Old is going to be left behind and new things are going to take place instead. Before entering a new phase remember to accept the truth and communicate it clearly to others as well as to yourself. If you are in denial of something and not ready to accept it then there are going to be delays in the renewal process. Be authentic and honest with your loved ones and you will feel free from the illusions that you were tied to.


Stop being scared and holding yourself back not always you are the victim. Your previous experiences are scaring you and so you keep protecting yourself from being a victim again. Chaos and conflicts are part of life that should not become your life’s guide. Take control of the situation and take the necessary steps to come out of it. Take the lessons that were meant to be learned and reinvent yourself with the wisdom you received out of the situation. Leave the part of yourself behind that you no longer need. A time of opportunities and prosperity lies ahead waiting for your wiser self to reach there.


You need to clean up the mess that has been created. The mess could be energy cleansing of the house, cleaning the workspace, cleaning the mess in your relationship, or cleaning the mess in your mind. You need to spend some time alone to untie the knots that are created in your head. You are in a search of a place where you could fit in. Many times, you feel lost and do not know where to go and what exactly you are searching for. Find the place where you feel comfortable, where you can be yourself and not someone else. You need to understand and decide what exactly you want out of life. Your soul knows the answer you just need to be silent to hear them.


If you find the same repeating pattern in your life, then you are missing something. Ask yourself if you need to take some steps to change the pattern? Or you are unnecessarily getting involved in other’s matters? Or you are not able to get the lesson life is trying to teach you? Time to take what is necessary and leave behind the part of you or the situation that is no longer needed. If you cannot move away, then know that it is fated and karmic. Deal with the situations gracefully and once the lesson is learned things will start falling into their place at the right time. A wiser and new you will find the answers that you are seeking.


When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses and appreciate the nature’s beauty around you? Then now is the time to stop, rest and rejuvenate yourself. Meditate, breathe and repeat, trust, and patience are the words that you need to follow right now. Non-active time is what is the need of the hour. Enjoy the beauty of life and nature, spend some time doing what you love to do, and revisit your happy memories. Let your to-do list and goals also take some rest while you take some time out for yourself. Let your wheel of energy start flowing naturally. Wait for others to take some step toward you rather than you always making the efforts to reach others.


You are going to be surprised by the blessings that you are going to receive now. You are going to be filled with happiness, peace, and gratitude towards the universe for the blessings. If you need some answers, ask your spirit guides for the signs and they will be more than happy to give you the answers. Be open to receiving the signs they are going to give you, it could be through a book, song, or a poster, it can be anything. They are here to help and guide you as they have the best plans for your future. You are going to be so content that you are going to enjoy every moment of life. You are going to get more than you expected out of life.

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