Weekly Tarot Guidance: 05.06.22 – 11.06.22


Slowly-slowly you are learning to let go of the past hurt and move on. You are also learning to distribute and take down the unnecessary burden off your shoulders. Finally, you are learning to leave and take a stand for yourself. You want to keep walking on this new journey without worrying about anything and anyone. But make sure the journey you are choosing is safe and secure. Also, still you need to heal yourself from the past wounds so that you can allow loving energy to flow within and around you. Let your heart heal and be open to receiving the love again.


You are on a journey towards success and fame. You are going to receive the reward for your hard work now. But be aware of the people around you who do not have good intentions for you and your success. This person might be very close to you, and it will be hard for you to find out who is trying to deceive you. Keep all your important documents in a safe place. If you have someone elder or senior in your office who is very difficult to please or convince about something, then you should take a step back and be a little flexible with them. So that at right time you can convince them about your ideas.


Someone from the past is coming back, it could be your childhood friend or an ex-lover. Or also it could be someone you know but is not in touch with for a long time who can come back with a proposal or offer of love or business. Remember before accepting any proposal or offer make sure you have done your research properly. You might feel that your creativity is been blocked or there is no way you can come out from these blockages. Check who or what is it that is blocking your way, is it you? or someone else? Someone senior or elder person in your life is creating some difficult times for you. Be flexible a little and things will fall into the place at right time.


You are not ready to see the opportunities or options that life is offering you. You are too busy with self-pity and wishful thinking. You should learn to be grateful for the people around you who care for you and protect you. A new and beautiful journey is about to start which is waiting for you to recognize it. If you change your perspective and expand your thinking you will see how blessed, you are. Count your blessings and you will find the bad times are nothing in front of it. Pack your bag and choose the best suitable path for you where you can walk towards your dream. Focus on making life better and not worse. Don’t become comfortable in being a victim but learn to fight back and come out as a winner.


If you are trying to cheat, then know that you will be caught soon. You should work on your energy and should know how and where to divert it. Your over-enthusiasm and excitement of experiencing everything in life sometimes take you in the wrong direction. And these wrong decisions lead you to anxiety. Taking help from others is not shameful, if you need you should share your feelings with others and take the help of your loved ones. Many times, you choose toxic relationships over loved ones. Be careful and avoid taking any hasty decisions especially related to relationships.


You sometimes get too much stuck into old memories. Remaining in past will only stop you from making new memories in present. Start leaving in present and create more beautiful memories to cherish. There is something out of balance in your life may be emotion is the main component here. You are the one who can bring the change if you start balancing everything in your life. Start meditating and analysing what is wrong and which part of your life needs more attention right now. There could be someone especially a lady who is giving you a tough time and stopping you to go ahead in life.


Struggling time is getting over now. You have begun to accept that there is a big world beyond your own set boundaries. Now you are not scared to step out of your comfort zone and experience the other side of the world. You need to take one step at a time and enjoy every moment and experience of life now. Life is now going to be balanced may it be on a personal or professional level. An increment with promotion might be a piece of good news coming your way. Those who are trying for a baby might get good news now. The working couple will have the best time of their life while balancing every aspect of life beautifully.


If you are being overloaded with work, then do learn to distribute your work with others. Take some help and let your team also do some work. Also, make sure to keep an eye on everything and everyone around you. Someone is ready to break your trust and pull you down. You are heading towards success in your career. You might be chosen to lead a project, so communication is going to play a vital role here. If you have problems while speaking, then now is the time when you need to express your concerns and stand for yourself. Remember right kind of communication is the key to success.


There is a new beginning coming towards you, but this new beginning is going to cut you off from something old. This could be a relationship or a job or a business. If you need help do take some advice before making any decision. If you were waiting for some project or to travel abroad for work then this might be getting delayed due to some blockages. Also, financially you might be getting drained off so managing your finances carefully should be your priority now. These changes might create anxiety which could become worse. Do practice yoga or meditation or both to keep yourself calm and balanced.


Expect a promotion or an offer to lead a big project this week. Also, you will get an increment more than expected. You might get many other sources of income coming your way. You might be spending too much money, time, and energy on home. This might lead you to out of money very soon. Be careful and do your research before spending money. But you will get a helping hand and advice from a wealthy person. You might also find someone special who can be a wealthy person. Do not forget to pause for some time and enjoy and celebrate your success. Also, spend some time with you where you can see and analyze your life clearly and make decisions accordingly.


Time to relax and leave holding on to things, people, or money just for your peace of mind. This is not going to work rather this will backfire on you. Stop controlling other’s life and your life too. People will get suffocated and finally, they will leave whether you want it or not. You might be suffering from nightmares, sleepless nights, anxiety, stress, etc. Take time out to analyse what is that you are afraid of? Why do you keep holding on too tightly to people, things, and money? Work on your solar plexus and let the life force energy start flowing as your issues seem to revolve around emotions and desires.


Focus on what you want rather than running behind every trending thing. If you keep your eye on your goal, then nothing is going to stop you from achieving success. An old friend or someone you know but has not been in touch from a long time is going to be back in your life with a lot of beautiful memories. This person might become a part of the family. Joyful and happy moments are on their way. Right now things might not be seen as good but you need to keep trust and patience and things will start falling into their place at the right time. You will get the returns of your investment whether in money form or emotional form.

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