Weekly Tarot Guidance: 12.06.22 – 18.06.22


You are in the direction and very close to achieving your goal. Make sure unless and until you do not achieve till then no one knows about your planning and any other moves regarding the same. While manifesting the material life make sure you also take time out to manifest love in your life. Those who are single need to be more attentive toward their love life. Angel of love wants you to know that you should also be tender and loving to yourself first and you will find the loving energy surrounding you. If you are single someone out there is waiting for you to notice his/her love for you. Those in a relationship will experience intense romance and intimacy.


Be careful and alert while dealing with confidential work or handling documents. Cross-checking the facts and figures twice will only be a cautious action for your own safety. Your senior or your boss is not acting in your best interest. But your luck is on your side so being aware and careful will take you towards success. Those who feel that they are stuck and strongly feel that you are being called to do something else then you should go ahead. Listen to your inner voice your guardian angels are guiding you and letting you know your life purpose which you need to follow now.


The door to personal healing and happiness is now opening for you. Ensure that you take some time out for your own self. Groom yourself, love yourself, and spend some time on the things that you love doing which takes you to the meditation stage. If you do so, then nothing can stop turning your dreams into reality. All your wishes are going to be fulfilled, all your dreams are going to be a reality. The door to new opportunities and hopes is opening for you. If you are working on something, then be assured that positive changes are heading toward you, and the results will be wonderful. But do not stop acting upon your dreams and rely upon good luck.


Commit to upgrading and developing yourself. Learn new things, explore yourself and you will find that there is a lot of potential hidden within you that is yet to be tested and displayed in the outer world. Not only your outer self needs upgrading but you also need to work on your inner self. A calm and relaxed mind will help you to remain focused. All your wishes will be fulfilled with your right action and right decisions at right time. You need to act upon your dreams and goals with dedication. More action is required now than just planning on papers.


Are you scared when things start falling into place? when you feel safe and secure? when everything around you is happy and content? If the answer is yes, then have you asked yourself why? This feeling of good, happy and peace actually scares and disturbs you. You go into hiding yourself from people. You want to be alone, so no one is able to see your vulnerable side. Be open to your spiritual side. You might find it difficult to connect with others because you are disconnected from your own self. Find the ways to connect yourself. Meditating on yourself will be the solution to all your problems. Your soul will guide you to the right path and you will find all the answers you are seeking.


Your new path to the new journey is going to open now. Make sure you make decisions carefully and choose the right path. Proposal, engagement, or marriage is on the cards. Those who are waiting for the pregnancy will get this good news soon. Those who are searching for a house will get one. While dealing with the situation ensure that you are humble and soft-spoken. Harshness can affect your good luck and turn into bad luck. Now is the time to get the returns of all the hard work you have done till now. But again, do not let your ego come in between.


Life is going to offer you too good to be true options/opportunities. You will be given the chance to choose the one which you feel is the best for you. Your loved ones are going to be with you with whatever you choose. If you choose a job that needs, you to shift to another place still your love partner is going to wait for you. It seems that you are going to make the decision while balancing every aspect of your life without hurting anyone’s feelings. You value relationships more than anything else and so everyone around you loves you and supports you.


There is a long-time struggle going on externally for a success that you have dreamt about. Still, there are some struggles and hurdles that are going to cross your path, but you will emerge as a winner. You need to revaluate your plan and have a different perspective on it. Drop all your old beliefs regarding your plan/project/dreams. Start from scratch if needed and do not keep any expectations, just go with the flow, and follow your passion. Things are going to fall in place, and you will see success coming to you. You might find someone who will help you to take a different path and lead you to your destination.


You need some time for yourself so that you can think clearly. Take some time out to rest and rejuvenate yourself which is the need of the hour. If you have been working day and night and have ignored your health completely then you should start taking care of it immediately before it’s too late. If you might see some signs or symptoms in your health, then you should immediately consult with a doctor. Due to too much stress, you might also need to take care of your mental health. That is why you need a break where you can completely focus on yourself.


Promising growth, luck, and days are ahead. You are growing as a person as well as in your career. If your health has not been sound for many days, then now it will start improving and your body will start signaling you. You might get a chance to travel. You can expect some good news while traveling. If you are planning to start something new, then the cards suggest that you should research and make a specific strategy before acting upon it. Short-term goals are needed to be set to achieve long-term goals. Plan things in proper order step by step so there is no mess when work starts flowing in abundance.


The pain and the suffering are going to end soon but you need to learn to cross the bridge and go to the other side of life. The dark time is about to clear its way and bring the light to you. Follow the light and make way for you to happiness and peace. Things might be getting delayed but make sure you do not give up and lose hopes. Now is the time to push yourself hard to come out of a difficult situation. You are the only person who can help yourself to come out of this tough time. There are solutions and options available just look at them carefully and you will find your way out.


You are going to get chances to move out and join some fun parties or events. But it seems that you are too lazy to do so. You should go out and start exploring the world which has a lot to give. Socializing will help you to grow as a professional and you might get some offers pouring in. There are chances that you might also find your soulmate at some event. But also, be careful of the people around you who are too sweet and trying to get too close to you. This closeness is just to keep a watch on you. This deceptive person might come with your soulmate as a relative or a close friend.

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