Weekly Tarot Guidance: 26.06.22 – 02.07.22


You have a secret admirer who is watching you from a long distance. This person might not come forward immediately, but he/she definitely will come to you accepting his/her feelings. At the workplace, if you are working on something very important and have a question if it will be successful or not? Then the answer is a big yes. You will get success at whatever you do with dedication. You always dreamt of a secure and happy life with your loved ones around you then you are very near to your dreams now. Make sure you do not ignore opportunities that do not come along every day.


When you carry the life lessons gracefully and use those wisely at the right time nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. If you were waiting for a reply after a job interview or admission application, then you will get a positive reply soon. You will be presented with opportunities that you never dreamt of. If you take time out to reflect within and listen to your inner self, then your soul is ready to guide you to the right path. Make sure you control your emotions while making decisions or you might blow situations out of proportion that might harm your future.


If you are a writer or a creative person who loves to take others to the dreamy world; then now your work is going to be the talk of the town. Your work is going to spread rapidly with just mouth publicity. While people share and discuss your work you are going to get surprising opportunities knocking at your door. Remember do not make any hasty decisions or just go by the big names of the companies or people but go with your intuitions. If the opportunity really excites you then you should go with it and if it doesn’t then you should listen to your intuitions. Surrender to the divine and you will get all the answers that you are seeking.


Now is not the time to look back but to look ahead at your brighter future. The old-time, the difficult or the darkness that you were going through is now getting over. You are heading towards a brighter, safe, and secure future with an abundance of health and blessings. Be firm about your feelings and what you want from life and start acting upon them. It’s time to speak up and take action to make your dreams come true. Be bold to make the moves that might look risky at the beginning but if you follow your heart, you will reach your destination.


This new phase of your life is beautiful and all about wish fulfillment and manifestation. The abundance of blessings, love, and healthy life is on its way. But you need to act from your side too. Stop holding yourself back with the fear of old experiences repeating themselves. Instead, give life a second chance to show you how life can be beautiful for you too. Stop envying others’ life may it be career or personal life. Instead, get up and chase your dreams and not money, find unconditional love and not a compromising relationship. Intentions matter which helps you to manifest the right thing and the right people in your life.


You might face a tricky situation and might get confused as to which way to go. But if you do not risk then you will never be able to change your current situation. The opportunity or the options might be risky, but you must believe in yourself and take a leap of faith. Make sure you enjoy every moment of life, every step you take towards your dream should excite you. You are heading towards the beautiful life that you always dreamt of. If you are away from your family, then now your family will be with you. If you are single, then you are going to find someone special. A person who will know the correct way to your heart.


You are heading towards success and the guidance follows you from your heart. But you should be careful while walking on the path of success that ego doesn’t come in between. Keep a check on your temper and the words you use while dealing with others, especially with your love/life partner. You might need to make some adjustments to maintain the balance between your personal and professional life. Make sure you do not lose touch with your higher self as it is guiding you to the right path. If you disconnect from your higher self, you might get lost.


Nothing is yet set in stone and you still have a chance to change the route and take the one that best fits your needs. If things are not working as per your expectations now is the time to rethink and make the necessary changes in your plans. But giving up will not make any good to you. Those who are looking for love are going to find the one. Some of you might feel that you have passed the age and now you might not find the love of your life. But love has no age limit, and it finds its way. If you are in a breakup situation then still it’s not too late and someone might be still waiting for you to come back.


A difficult time or situation is about to get clear and make things easy. But before that, you must take each step carefully. You need to think outside the box only then you will be able to come out of it clean. The same solution will give you the same result. But the best part will be your loved ones are going to be with you helping you and guiding you through. The storm will clear, and the sun will shine upon you with your wise thinking and right action. Detach yourself from the situation and look at things from different perspectives and you will find the right solution.


A new beginning in your professional life is suggested. A new and improved work cycle is going to start. You might also get a new job offer or a negotiation at your current workplace for a position and salary. Remember not to make any harsh comments about your present job or work while negotiating. Think about long-term benefits and then take the decision. Your hard work is going to pay you soon. You might also get a chance to attend a work event where you will meet new people. This new connection at the workplace or in your personal life will be beneficial to you. Your work is going to be the talk of the town.


There are a lot of things that you need to learn. Learning should never stop, the more you learn the more you grow as a person. Reading books or even traveling will help you to explore more about yourself as well as about the vast world. While unlocking some of the self you might find a beautiful loving person inside you who seeks love from the outside world. And you might find the key to opening yourself up for the love and finding one for yourself. On the professional front, you will be heading a project or will be given a position of authority soon.


A good time is waiting for you to recognize it. Life is asking you to take the command of your life into your own hands. Stop pitying yourself for the bad things that happened in your past. Release all the negativity from your life, thoughts, and the negative people around you. Now is the time to make new friends, step out of your comfort zone and step into a new life and new you. There is someone waiting for you to end this cycle and reach this person. If you hit the wall, you should not stop trying instead you should come back forcefully and try a new way. Trial and error are what life is about, keep trying and you will be successful.

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