Weekly Tarot Guidance: 17.07.22 – 23.07.22


For some time now you are going through emotional ups and downs. An unexpected situation might have arisen at your home which made you go through an emotional rollercoaster. But if you keep your mind calm and think carefully about the situation you will find the solution that is lying right under your nose. A little bit of research, focus, and practical thinking will help you to find the right solution. You are very near to success so now is not the right time to give up. Keep going as a very exciting and wonderful time is near. Make sure you do not blow any situation or event out of proportion.


Yes, the journey ahead looks tough, but it is not impossible to achieve your dreams. You are scared for your family and loved ones as the risk that you are thinking of taking might affect their lives too. But remember if you do not take risks, you will not be able to find out the right path to reach your destination. You need to be careful, loving, and practical at the same time while dealing with tough situations. Make sure you do not hurt someone in this process or else things might get worse. Make sure you put your loved ones as your priority, and they will be the strongest pillar in your tough times.


‘Commit yourself to your dreams’ is a strong message universe wants you to know. If you really believe in your dreams, then you will find a way to achieve them. But if secretly you have given up by thinking that it is too big to achieve, or you do not have the sources to reach there then you are right probably. This is the time that universe is testing your dedication, so keep a check on your thoughts and actions as well. If you take a close look near or around you, then you might find someone special who is awestruck by you. This person is completely amazed by your talent and your thoughts.


The tough cycle is going to end soon. But make sure you do not put your trust in the wrong people. You are in the right direction so stop doubting your abilities and keep moving ahead. Also, remember to be flexible according to the time and situation. Being too stubborn will bring more difficulties. While dealing with such situations make sure you are not getting disconnected from your family and loved ones. Your family should be your priority and other things will fall in their place at the right time. If you plan things correctly and act accordingly then things will take you to your success.


Overthinking is killing your normal thinking process. You need to realise that not everyone is thinking about you or making conspiracy about you. It’s high time you throw away all the negative thoughts from your mind into the dustbin immediately. Overthinking is not letting you live a normal and happy life. This overthinking might have started because of your loneliness or being away from your friends and family. Do not hold on to the grudges as these toxic emotions are making you void inside. The disconnection is with your own self. Build that connection with yourself first and then you will be able to connect with the outer world.


Take a break from everything that is draining you. Also, give some time out to others as well. Stop fighting with life unnecessarily, sometimes you need to accept things the way they are. If you keep nagging especially with your life partner for asking more every time, then the gap between you two might start expanding. Instead of fighting and demanding, be the understanding one. If there are any issues, then speak with them calmly and the love and understanding in this relationship will get stronger. Start thinking about how things can be done differently and start acting upon it.


Believe in your dreams and manifest them positively without having any doubt about them. Your belief will turn your dream into reality. But of course, not only manifestation but working practically towards your dream is also important. Right now, you might not be able to see things clearly but trust the universe is working on your manifestation. A secure and stable life is on its way. Blessings in abundance especially if you were facing a financial crisis then be assured things are changing for your good. Also, remember to listen to your inner voice as it is guiding you to the right path.


Your wishes are going to be granted soon but only if you walk on an ethical and practical plan. Sometimes before a new beginning, old things need to end. Hold on to the experiences and take only the lessons learned with you for your further new journey. These lessons if used practically and wisely will give you the best outcome. Remember to chase your dreams and not money. Intentions do matter as they create the required vibes around you. These vibes help you to reach your destination. Make sure you always take a break to reflect within and correct things that are going wrong.


If you were facing some problem or issue for a long time, then now you will find the solution for it. May it be related to health or any relationship or career. A new cycle is about to begin in almost every aspect of your life. But you need to be calm and patient to see the solution that is been presented in front of you. Blessings in abundance are coming for you. A new romantic cycle too is about to begin. Maybe you were waiting for this for a long time. But you need to remember that to be in a relationship you always need to be in the heart rather than in the mind. Expressing your feelings is very important and do not make the mistake of taking your loved ones for granted.


The universe is ready to bless you with your wishes as you have come a long way. But it’s waiting for you to start exploring your solutions and have a new perspective on looking at life or situations. If you find yourself stuck in the situation or repeating a cycle in your life, then still you are ignoring your own power. Take the required steps to come out of the situation but are you repeating the same solution when you know the outcome will be the same? Your wishes are going to be granted soon. Learn to balance your spiritual and practical sides. If you follow spirituality, you will find all the answers and solutions that you are searching for.


It’s time to reconnect with yourself. Take some time out to recharge your energy and make a fresh start. Spend some time near the water in nature and you will find the comfort and peace that you were seeking for a long time. This renewal time will bring a new and fresh start to your life. If possible, work on your spiritual side in this break time of yours. Work on aligning your chakras that will help you to have a healthy life. But make sure you do not cut off people around you while dealing with any tough situation or things might get worse for you.


Recommit yourself to follow a healthy lifestyle. A normal diet and a regular 8 hours of sleep are what your health is asking for. Do not be too harsh on your health by following any strict diet. Your body needs will let you know what it needs you just listen to it patiently. If you are confused about someone you like about his/her authenticity, then the answer is yes, this person is a reliable person. Do not judge someone by your past bad experiences. Give time to the person to prove him/her feelings for you. If you give this person a chance you will get into a long-term and healthy relationship.

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