Weekly Tarot Guidance: 24.07.22 – 30.07.22


Once you decide to do something there is nothing and no one could stop you. Listening to others and making life decisions is what you have done till now. Making others happy most of the time remained your priority. But now you have decided to live for yourself and do what makes you happy. You have finally decided or are about to decide to choose your passion as your career. You are going to share your knowledge with others that would help others to choose the right direction. Make sure you do not behave rudely to others while making this decision which is not going to be easy.   


A financial loss might be the cause of your worries and heartache. This mostly has been done by someone close to you without your knowledge. The further journey might be tough to recover from the loss and make everything right again. But this is not an impossible task if you think with your calm mind, you are going to find a way out. Be careful and take one step at a time as the person who has cheated on you knows you very well. Remember still your loved ones are with you in this difficult time. Take help if required but do not let this situation stop you.


A lot of opportunities are going to be coming your way. Make sure you do not get overwhelmed and choose something in the flow of emotions. Do some research before accepting any offer. You are the only one who can do justice to your talent and not others. So be careful while choosing the offers that are going to be showered upon you now. If you are searching for a job, then now is the time when you are going to get what you deserve. This new workplace might also gift you a special relationship. Your financial worries are now going to get over and you are going to get your dues.


Yes, your wishes are going to be granted. You are going to get an irresistible offer that could be a job or something that you have dreamt about for a long time. Taking this offer/opportunity is not going to be easy. You might have to fight a bit with your loved ones/friends/colleagues. Or face tough competition to reach and achieve your dream. Someone who cares for you is going to be your strong support and help you to achieve your dreams. Make sure you keep your spiritual side awake which will help you to make the right decision at the right time.


You will be getting an offer through an official letter that you were waiting for a long time. You are very clear about what you want and what exactly is going to be your next move. But some advice would be that you remain calm and think with both your mind as well as your heart. Making decisions with intellect and cross-checking the same with your heart whether it gives you a green signal or not will be great to be truly successful. Count your blessings but do not become too arrogant because of these positive changes. Remember change is constant.


Something is going to end soon, maybe a relationship or a business partnership. This ending is going to be very difficult and painful, but it had to end for the better. This ending is going to make space for a new beginning of a relationship or a new business partnership. This new phase will make you forget about the pain and hard time that you have gone through. The pain you went through is because you have put your trust in the wrong person. Make sure you do not repeat the mistake and take the steps carefully. This experience has come to teach you a lesson, take it and move ahead.


You will get a chance to travel abroad for your dream project or a new job. Read the documents carefully before signing them. If required consult a professional for the right advice. Also, keep in mind that taking action to make the dream into reality is a must. Taking the decision of relocating or taking up a challenging project might sound risky but to bring the change you must be a little fearless. It might happen that the offer might get keeps delaying due to some issues but do not lose hopes as it is going to happen soon.


If you were expecting funds/money from someone then there might be a delay in this process. This delay might be due to a fight or argument that recently took place between you and your partner. It looks like you have trusted the wrong person who has now shown its true color. It looks like you never learn from the past and always trust the wrong people. And you tend to keep your distance from your well-wishers. Not everything that shines is gold, and you always fall prey to it without any fact check. Listening to your heart and your intuition will help you to make the right decisions.


Everyone’s dream is to get rich and successful but for that, you need to do your part. If you do not take the required steps to reach, there then your dreams will be only dreams. When things are all set and going in an easy way you start feeling bored and want to bring the change by taking some extreme steps. But if you do so you mess things up and might have to start everything from scratch. Sometimes sticking to the older methods and playing safe is what is required for family safety. Keep room for improvement but do not take risk of starting everything from scratch. You are in the right direction so keep your spirits up.


It’s time to break free of the restrictions and insecure feelings of being jobless or worried about money. Despite others’ mistakes you had to bear the consequences and take responsibility. Many times, it has happened especially at the workplace where your work credit is taken by others. But now you will be getting the chance to break free of the chain that had tied you down. Now you will get the opportunity that you deserve. You will get an offer where justice will be done to your skills and talent. A beautiful change is on its way. Remember you must put the effort to bring the change that you want to see.


If you are in a long-distance relationship, then recently you might be having a tough time dealing with it. More often arguments take place due to misunderstandings. How much you try things repeat themselves again and again. You also need to be a little sensitive about your partner’s feelings. You are busy enjoying your own company because you don’t like to be forced or dominated. But you need to understand each other and talk and sort out things in a mature way. If you keep ignoring then things will worse, better forget and forgive and start fresh.


It’s time for you to come out of your comfort zone and start fresh. Working from home or a long break from a job /work has made you a little lazy. Now is the time to shake yourself and get motivated. If you are still confused, then start making a list of your hobbies that you have now forgotten completely. This list will help you to remember what you always wanted to do or wanted to be. You are a self-made person who does not needs help to get back on your feet. Also, if you are single then you need to make yourself remind that you will not find your special person sitting at home. Go out and start exploring life from scratch and you will find yourself as well as your dreams back again.

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