Weekly Tarot Guidance: 31.07.22 – 06.08.22


Right now, whatever is happening, or nothing is happening in your life. And this situation makes you feel as if this is a dead end. Nothing seems to be working in your favour and you are about to give up. But wait, don’t give up now as there are things that you need to work upon which will open the closed doors of opportunities for you. You are still unaware of your capabilities, and you need to explore them now. Keep studying further and upgrading yourself and you will find the right path which is going to lead you to success. Work on your fears rather than holding yourself back.


Have faith in your dreams, if you don’t then no one else will. Keep working towards your dream and the blockages will start fading. If you remain committed and dedicated to your dreams, may it be a career or in a relationship both are going to work like magic for you. Review your plans and strategies if required to change the outcome but do not let your focus shift. Still, there is a lot of effort required to reach your goal. Stop looking back and keep moving forward with a new perspective and new enthusiasm. Be patient and let the situation unfold at the right time. If you are not able to see things clearly no worries still your dreams are getting manifested.


You are trying very hard to come out of the stuck situation where everything keeps repeating itself. Your patience is now getting over and you are getting furious. But you need to keep trying as there is an unexpected event coming your way which is going to make things exciting ahead. Do not stop trying but wait for the situation to unfold as it will at the right time, and you will be happy to see the outcome. Make sure you do not overthink any situation or event or you might blow things out of proportion without any reason. Trust yourself and your capabilities only then you will be able to move ahead with confidence. Success is close so don’t stop trying as there is some rare opportunity coming your way.


A good time is approaching you. If you have questions regarding whether you are going to succeed, then the answer is yes. You are going to be successful as well as famous within your work or social circle or on a bigger level. You are going to choose to give without worrying about the returns. This giving capacity of yours may it be kind, money or knowledge is going to give you returns that you deserve. At first, taking steps towards such a good cause might feel risky and people might judge you for the same. But you are going to take the chance and do whatever feels right to your heart. Don’t forget to take care and take some time out for yourself too.


If you find anything or anyone suspicious make sure you do research about it and then decide on your further actions. This is the time when luck and happiness are going to accompany you no matter what. But still, you need to come out of your comfort zone and make some extra efforts to achieve your dreams. Let go of the past and release all the negativity from your mind and life. Also, stop obsessing over someone or something and focus on your own life and dreams. If you wish for something, then rest assured that your wish is going to be granted. Let your affirmation be ‘I get all the answers that I am seeking.’ You are heading towards something positive and big in life.


It looks like finally, all the obstacles from your love life are getting over. Be ready for romantic surprises or a surprising proposal from someone who is going to bring good luck to your life. If you’re wondering how successful, this relationship is going to be then the answer is very. This new phase of your love life might be too overwhelming, and you might have to deal with a lot of emotions. Do not hesitate to step into a better future and let go of the past that no longer serves your highest good. Allow yourself to feel good and embrace every emotion with grace. If right now you are facing some difficulties, then remember now is the time when all negative and difficult things are going to turn into positive opportunities.


Not all are your well-wishers, you need to learn to identify the fake people. Be careful with whom you share your ideas and dreams. All your wishes are going to be granted now but for that, you need to take action and work hard. Whatever the issue you are facing you need to look deeper and find out the solution. You might feel that you have hit the rock bottom so now the only way is up and not looking down. The resolution to your every problem is nearby. You might have to deal with a lot of emotions while walking on this path but keep walking as something really exciting lies ahead.


If you were waiting for something to happen or for someone to express their true feelings to you then the wait is getting over. You might go through some emotional ride in this phase of your life, but everything is going to be good. A new beginning is on its way especially related to romance. Those who are single can expect a surprise proposal and those who are committed can expect a romantic date or trip together. You will be more hopeful than before regarding your dream manifestation now. New and exciting developments are on their way in your career.


There is a need for you to connect with your kids by spending more quality time with them. Right now, bonding with them should be your priority as they need you. Whether your kids are a toddler or a teenager both need equal attention right now so that you can guide them on the right path. A new beginning is on its way. You might get good news soon for which you might have been waiting for a long time. If you are looking for love, then be ready as a new romantic cycle is about to begin. If you are already in a relationship, make sure you give quality time to your partner and talk things through if there are any issues. Avoid being selfish in a relationship that will not take you anywhere.


Right now, things might not be clear to you and still you are trying to figure out the solution to it. Instead of fearing be confident and deal with the situation. Get detached from the situation and think outside the box which is the need of the hour. Confidence is your key to success. Be confident and take the steps that are required, and you feel are right. The abundance of blessings is on its way if you let your confidence make way for you instead of fearing the future. All the hurdles will get clear and start making way for you only if you approach the situation with positivity and are confident about yourself.


Yes, you are heading toward success but remember don’t let pride get in your way. There are few people around you who are waiting for your little mistake so that they can pull you down. Treat everyone equally, especially your colleagues or team member who are equally responsible for your success. Learn to forgive and forget the wrongdoings of others and release yourself from the negative emotions. Surrender yourself to the divine and you will find the answers to your every question.


Do not let your past hold you back or anyone else brainwashes you and keeps reminding you of your bad times. Release the past as they played their part and now it must go. There is a tug of war between what you want and what others want from you. Be calm and polite while dealing with any difficult situation or people. Meditate daily so that you can keep calm and handle things maturely and wisely. Spirit guides and angels are always near you guiding you to the right path. Make sure you do not avoid the signs or messages that they are trying to convey to you.

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