Tarot Reading 2022: Aquarius


You might be stuck with decision-making as you are not sure what to choose. Be clear and check out which is the best that fits your requirement and go for it. There might be two job offers that you are holding onto and not sure which to choose. Chose the one that gives you soul satisfaction with work, money will follow later. If you were working from home for a long time, then now this job will demand to work from the office. Again, a reminder that does not make decisions just out of insecurity or fear. Decide what is going to be best for you work-wise and where you will find your work to be appreciated and noted. Do not get into the trap of big company names or packages. Ask yourself what exactly you want and go for it. The answers you need are coming and a powerful change in your life is on its way. Be confident and clear in your thoughts and you will achieve your goals. Let yourself be free from the fear and competitive world around you. Let your soul be free to decide what is best for you. You are going to get the best job offer that will bring the needed change, but you need to act on it and just think about it. You might also start something of your own while you are still employed somewhere else and that would be a great decision. You might face some criticism and competition that are not worthwhile doing your own business. But as said if you let yourself be free and be confident about your decision nothing can stop you.

Financially you will be doing well but that does not mean that you will spend without thinking. Remember you always need to save something for a rainy day. There might be some investment schemes that you are still not aware of which will be beneficial for you. Do take an expert’s advice and explore which financial investment is going to be best for you. You will also receive a sudden amount unexpectedly which can be a gift voucher or bonus at the office, etc.

Love / Relationship

You might have to fight with your parents or romantic rivals to win over your love. There might be a lot of others interested in your love interest or there could be a no from your family and your love interest for your relationship. Whatever it could be but finally it seems that your love will come over all the obstacles very quickly. This relationship is a soul contract that you have already made and cannot let go of so easily. Those who are already in a relationship or married will have a good time with their family and kids. You will enjoy the family vacation of your dream with your partner and family this year. Those who are already in a relationship but not serious or committed might go through a breakup. Some of you are already going through a recent breakup and might have a hard time coming out of it. You need to understand that this relationship was not meant to be. You very well know that you were never happy in this relationship, but you were trying to pull things just for the sake of love. You will find your real soulmate if you allow yourself to give a second chance. Feel the pain, cry as much as you want to but then you must let things go. Take some time for yourself take a pause, rest, and rejuvenate. Do not let this bad experience restrain you from falling in love again and finding true love.


At the beginning of the year, your health is going to be at its best. But after May it might get little issues, especially for those who are into spiritual work. Remember always to keep protecting yourself before doing any rituals for others or for yourself.  If you are a trekker then make sure you take all the required precautions for trekking. If you are going on trekking in a cold place then make sure you have everything that is required or there might be some serious issues that will affect your health badly. Keep meditating on seven chakras that will help you to keep you healthy mentally as well as physically. Or you can also use seven chakra stones/crystals that will help to keep the chakras in balance. Difficult months: May to December 2022.

Spiritual Message

Decluttering internal and external stuff is very important and a small step towards it makes a huge difference in life. You are so engrossed in unnecessary stuff that spirit guides are unable to communicate with you. You have lost connection with your higher self. When the mind is filled with unnecessary thoughts then you are unable to hear or see spiritual messages or signs. Time to simplify your life and loosen the knots that are tying you unnecessarily. Relax let all worries go away, take some ‘ME’ time and you will find the solutions coming your way easily. You have always felt different, always felt that you are meant for something else and not what you are doing currently. You are being blessed with physic abilities and you are meant to perceive that as your life purpose. Your life purpose keeps calling you and until you do not accept things might not work as per your wish. Spirit guides are constantly there protecting and guiding you, you just need to accept and listen to them carefully. They might also be communicating with you through your dreams. If you too feel so anytime then note down your dreams as soon as you wake up and the whole day happening in another journal so you can compare both and find out what exactly the dreams mean to you. This is the only way to mend peace within that has been lost. A full moon meditation will help you to improve your psychic abilities.

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