Tarot Reading 2022: Gemini


Communication is the key to your success whether you are in a job or business. If you do not speak up for yourself or do enough marketing, then you will not be able to reach your audiences. A new start is on its way if you let yourself come out of your comfort zone. Believe in yourself and your dreams and you will start manifesting them as soon as you start believing in them. This year is coming to end with all your struggling time at the workplace. If you felt that you are stuck at your workplace for a long time and not able to move out, then now you are going to be free soon. If you are looking for a new job, then you will get one also you might to relocate for your new job. There are also high chances to go abroad for a new job or for a new project. You might also get a business offer from someone you know but is not in touch with for a long time. This offer could be overwhelming as well as surprising. If at work, you think things are not working out in the right way then talk to someone who you can trust and try to find out the solution. Also warning about changing jobs, do not be so desperate for a change that you accept a wrong offer just to get out of the present job. Be clear in your communication at the workplace or misunderstanding might take place especially when you are working in a team. A careful approach while working in a team will help you to build a good rapport. Someone at your workplace could be your ex-colleague too who will offer you a job at his new workplace. This offer will be irresistible as it will come with a good combo pack of positions and salaries. Your business if it’s new or old will be established quite well this year and you might start offering jobs to others.

By end of the year financially you will be very well set. Remember to have gratitude and give some share of your blessings with others too so your blessings are doubled. You might also get money or property from inheritance this year. If you have invested your money in shares, you will get a good amount of return.

Love/ Relationships

For singles, a life-changing event is going to place in your personal life. Be ready to believe in the impossible as magic is going to happen now. You will feel an instant connection with this new person entering your life. This person might bring an offer of a job, business, or a project to work on it together. But this person is already in love with you and your talent. This person will not only be the love of your life but a true partner. This person will be your guide, teacher, and your best friend at the same time. This person will take you out of your difficult time and will show you the new and beautiful world. Before entering a new relationship make sure you haven’t left any loose ends of your past. Those who are already in a relationship might go through little ups and downs. August month might be difficult in a relationship, but you need to be careful with your words while arguing with your partner. Also, remember to learn how to love yourself, and then you will be able to open your heart to enter others’ love into it.

A tip – You have a powerful manifestation power if you decide to manifest your dream love into your life no one can ever stop you from getting the one.


Take care while traveling as sudden changes in climate might affect your health specially if you are traveling to a cold place. Do not engross yourself so much in the work that you ignore your health. Or blood pressure and heart issues might pop up. If you keep yourself disciplined with the basic need of your body like sleeping on time, healthy eating habits will save you from any health issues. Spend more time in nature and with kids which will help you to remain happy and keep your mental health intact. If you work with construction, chemicals, smoke or any other such work then do take precautions as this might create lung and respiratory issues. Difficult months for health: From Feb to June and August 2022

Spiritual Message

Time for some purification work may it be mind, body, or home. There is a need to declutter all that is no more needed. If you have things that are no more in use or thoughts that are breaking you then release them immediately. You need to give yourself a break at short intervals to relax your mind and body. Spend some time near the flowing river and imagine all your worries and unnecessary thoughts are getting clear with it. Also, you can imagine while taking shower from your head that all your worries and negativities are being washed out from your head to toe. Mediation, Yoga, gaining spiritual knowledge, chanting mantras, burning incense stick, and praying every day is the best way to open your way for blessings to pour in. Many times, when you are mocked or side-lined you maintain silence when there is a need to talk and stand for yourself. You need to connect with the fire element to gain that confidence back. Burn a candle and pray and focus on the flame this will help to open your third eye chakra and your psychic abilities. This will help you to take risks and move ahead in your life.

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