Tarot Reading 2022: Leo


Your struggling period at your workplace seems to be ending now. If you are looking for a new job or have already applied, then you are getting the one that is best for you. But you need to work hard whether it is at your current or new workplace only then you will be able to enjoy your work. Quick actions are required when it comes to working. Do not relax and keep postponing work or it might create problems for you. If you find any immoral, unethical, or illegal work happening at your workplace then follow the proper procedure to file a complaint. Do not jump directly into it. Refrain from saying any harsh words or confronting anyone directly for their wrongdoings. Make sure you work smartly. Bring to notice ill deeds without getting noticed. You will be given a big project to handle, and you might feel that you are overloaded with work. In that scenario, you might ask for help or you can ask your boss for a priority list. You will be successful in handling the project and will also receive appreciation and reward for it. Remember that you are good enough so trust yourself. The answers you are seeking are coming to you. This will finally free you from the confusion.

Finances need to be handled carefully. Strike the right balance between expenses and savings. Savings right now is a must so that you have something during your bad days. Stay away from any kind of show-off to the world by spending unnecessarily. If required do take an expert’s advice about managing your finances.

Love / Relationship

Those who are already in a relationship are going to experience a stronger bond with their partners. There might be little ups and downs in your life, especially for married people but you both will stand strong with each other, and this will make your bond stronger and more powerful. You will come out of every difficult situation safely and will enter a more harmonious, beautiful phase of life. Those who are single will find a loving and caring partner. But remember to be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone you are not in front of your partner. Yes, it might be a little difficult in the beginning as you fear being judged or losing the person. But true love accepts you as you are, and fake things do not last long. You won’t regret being true and let that person see the hidden side of you. Getting intimate might scare you due to your past experiences but as said earlier be true and everything will fall in place. Tip: before entering a new relationship make sure you forgive yourself and heal your wounds. Healing is completely in your own hands. Warning: Once you speak the truth, this person might need some time and space to think about everything. Let that person take his/her own time but that person is going to come back with more love and respect for you. Some of you might fall for someone who is older than you so keep in mind that this relationship cannot be forced. Give it its time and space to grow and develop slowly but beautifully.


If you work with animals like rescuing animals or are a vet or a fisherman, etc., you need to be careful while dealing with dangerous animals, especially venomous animals. Even if you don’t work with/around animals, you are still advised to be careful while walking in the dark, on the farms, or woods. If you have observed some repeated, addictive patterns when it comes to your physical, emotional, or mental health then it’s high time now, to start taking serious care of it. You might ignore it thinking that it’s normal and usual assuming that it will heal automatically, but it will not. You need to put some effort spiritually as well as take professional advice regarding the same as the cause is deep-rooted. This might be related to your childhood memories or a dark phase of your life. You might also face some pain and weakness in the body so make sure you get a proper diet. Mediation, yoga, or pranayama will help you to keep your mind calm and healthy. Difficult months for health: May, June & July 2022.

Spiritual Message

You have gone through a dark phase of life where there was no light. There was nobody to support and trust you. But this was the time that has taught you many lessons. Now is the time of transformation and you need to trust the universe. Your spirit guides and angels are protecting you. Take note of the signs and messages that they are giving you. Listen to your intuition as spiritual guides download their messages into you so that you can hear them clearly. Go with the flow by trusting the divine timing of the universe. Also, your dreams are trying to convey messages to you. You can keep a journal beside your bed to note down the dreams that you intuitively feel are the messages. While sleeping you can keep a moonstone under your pillow or bedside and be thankful for the peaceful energy. Keep listening, reading, and saying positive affirmations every day. You can also perform a smudging ceremony for yourself to awaken your chakras and bring back the lost confidence. You can burn the incense stick/dhoop/sage and keep it in front of you. Direct the smoke with both hands at the top of your head and say, “I can think clearly”, then direct the smoke to your throat chakra and say, “I can speak the truth with confidence”. Then direct the smoke to your solar plexus and say, “I am ready for the journey of self-discovery with confidence.”

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