Tarot Reading 2022: Libra


A guide, teacher or mentor is going to appear in your life to guide you. Or you could be chosen as a head to train others at your workplace. Everything seems to be going well at the workplace but still, you might feel that things are not progressing and that your growth is stunted. So, there are higher chances of you changing your profession completely and choosing the profession of teacher, guide, counsellor, or life coach. This new profession will help you to grow and develop in a new way which will bring you inner peace. Some of you will get a promotion and increment for which you have been waiting for a long time. If you are looking for a new job, then you will get one which will be better than the current one. Your struggles and nightmares regarding your finances will now be over. But yes, you need to be active to know about the happenings around you so that you do not miss any opportunity. You might get a chance to travel for work or you will be chosen from the office to lead an important project. Whatever the situation might be you should always remember to treat everyone equally. If anytime you require help or guidance at work, do not hesitate to ask for it – may it be from a senior or junior colleague. Be careful while speaking your mind. Not everything needs to be said out loud. Refrain from using harsh words at the workplace. Train yourself to take a step back and look at the situation from a third person’s perspective and you will find the exact solution for your problem.

Financially, you will be stable and have enough savings even after subtracting huge expenses. Practical planning of the finances will help you to grow and do much better than you expect.

Love / Relationship

A happy family time is what you are going to start your year with. You will be satisfied and feel secure with your present situation. Those who are in a long-term relationship might have to end it. Everything is good but still, something might be bothering you. And finally, you will decide to move on from this relationship rather than feel stuck and keep struggling. You might also agree to a mutual divorce or separation. Still, you might feel guilty about it, but you shouldn’t as there is always a reason behind what happens. Move ahead and start anew without feeling guilty about the relationship status that is set by society. Start living for yourself, make yourself a priority now. Singles here look happy with the relationship status. Don’t bother yourself with what your friends have to say about it. Be yourself because you are looking for true love and not a casual relationship. Take time out to pamper yourself. You will soon find someone who is worth all the wait. 


It’s time to walk away from the health issues that have not allowed you to live to the fullest. But for that, you need to walk away from unhealthy habits or unhealthy behaviour. You need to focus on yourself more and yes, also on spirituality. Connecting to your higher self will help you to get rid of all the negativity around you. The key to your health is now completely in your own hands. Those who are suffering from heart or lung diseases need to focus more on a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes healthy food, breathing exercise, meditation, or yoga anything that your health and doctor allow you to. Your willpower plays an important role if you believe you can, you will be able to do it. If you have any old scars which were creating health issues or blockages to move ahead in life now, they too will be healed, and you will be freed from the pain. Difficult months: April, June to September 2022

Spiritual Message

You have never known what self-love is all about. It is what you need to learn and start working towards it. You drain yourself by giving away whatever you have and then people leave without even being grateful about it. You have strong willpower which works wonders for you. But your motivation to go ahead or do something for yourself has been lost somewhere. The best therapy for you is to go out, meet new people and make new friends. Go out, laugh, dance, enjoy concerts – anything that makes you happy. You need to put some effort into renewing yourself. You have forgotten that you have the power to be whoever you want to be, and no one can stop you from becoming that. You don’t have to be aggressive to get what you want. But you have the power of the mind to be calm and still bring the changes that you want. Spend some time near a flowing river, absorb its beautiful energy and its behaviour to calmly flow as much as you can. This water will teach you how to go with the flow, be patient and still be your own beautiful self. Observe how this water serves everyone without losing its own essence, energy, and strength. Before you do that, you need to declutter your house as well as your mind from all the unnecessary stuff.

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