Tarot Reading 2022: Pisces

Job/ Business/Finance

It seems that you are stuck and not finding the way out. Being creative and different and getting unique ideas to get a boost at your work is much needed now. Following the same pattern will give you the same results. Trying something new and unique will make you stand out in the crowd. If you do so your work will be appreciated at the workplace and will get a reward too. You will be promoted with a pay hike that will be granted to you in the first quarter of the year. If you are looking for a job change then you will get one with more salary and a good position. New mothers who are joining after a break might feel a little homesick but try to bring some homely feeling to your work which will help you to focus on your work. Do not over-commit at your workplace do plan out everything and make a priority list only then go for more work. Overloading yourself with work just to impress seniors won’t help, this will create more issues. Take one step at a time and be the master of the work that you are doing. This will definitely impress your seniors by looking at the output. Do not hold yourself back by the fear of past experiences. Now is the time to move ahead and take steps wisely to make progress. Whenever you are in a difficult situation then do take a step back and look at the picture from the third person’s view. This will help you to look at the bigger picture that you miss when you are in the situation. This is the time when luck is on your side and your hard work is going to pay off. You just need to be patient and handle things very wisely.

Financially everything will be going fine. You might have seen some very tough times regarding money as money was flowing out like water. You still need to be a little careful while spending. A proper plan needs to be chalked out for your expenses and savings. If you have a business make sure you collect your payment on time with regular reminders and not wait for others to pay you on their own. Take financial advice and then go accordingly.

Love/ Relationship

Whatever age you have reached remember you can find your love of life at any age. Love has no restrictions or age limits. Those who are single and think that now there is no chance of them getting a life partner then be ready to find one this year. You have done enough for yourself and achieved whatever you wanted. Now you are ready to move into another beautiful phase of your life. A person may be from another state or country might reach up to you via social media, online, or at the workplace. This person is going to fall for you and adore your strong yet gentle personality. This relationship will soon develop into an intense romantic one. You might soon settle down abroad and leave a king/ queen’s life. Those who are already in a relationship and trying to hold on too tightly then you might lose the relationship. You need to trust your partner and let him/her have his own space to breathe. But if you are unhappy due to your partner any kind of behavior that you do not approve then you need to talk with them. Clear communication will help to sort out issues. Married people will have a beautiful time with their partners and enjoy every bit of life together. You might travel a lot this year with your partner and this will bring you closer to each other romantically.


You will be double-minded about taking care of your health. Sometimes you are too cautious and careful about your diet and lifestyle and sometimes you do not care what you eat and what you do. If you study your body and listen to it carefully, you will realize how your body speaks to you. You will be able to know what pattern your body follows and how you can keep everything in control. If you are a speaker or a lecturer then you need to be careful with your throat. Make sure you keep giving rest to your throat and do some exercise for the throat and neck to keep it healthy. Drink a lot of water

Spiritual Message

If you are into spiritual work, then you should be more open to learning new things. Gaining new knowledge not only by taking up any classes but also by expanding your network by joining a community or a group of the same interest. This will help you to enjoy every moment of spiritual work and you will get to know how vast and deep this knowledge is. And you can start spreading your spiritual knowledge if you haven’t started yet. And if you are not into spirituality then you will start learning a few things of your interest and slowly you will be expanding your knowledge and maybe later you will perceive it as a profession. This new spiritual journey will bring a lot of good luck to you and the freedom to live your life fully. You might regret that why haven’t you started this journey earlier than this? This is going to be your key to happiness. For joyful and peaceful life, you can make offerings to the one who nurtures your soul. Gratitude toward life, nature, or your teachers, and that could be offering water to trees or offering food to street animals it could be anything. At Midday open your arms facing towards the sun and close your eyes, feel the warmth and energy of the sun and fill yourself with the abundance of the universe.

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