Tarot Reading 2022: Sagittarius


There is a need for you to stop, pause, meditate, and contemplate the situation. Without analyzing a situation or looking at it from a practical viewpoint, do not execute any plan. It’s time to release all the negativity – forget, forgive, move forward, and get back on the right track. Let the past be past and not let it become a hurdle in your future career/work. Also, do not keep blaming situations or other people for any failure you have faced. That applies to no or slow progress as well. If you are looking for a job change then you will get good offers but for that, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Again, do not blame life or luck if you choose to stay in the same job due to security concerns. You might face some challenges at your current workplace, but things are not as bad as you think they are. Change your perspective toward life and work. The cards advise you to focus more on work now than any other things. Listen to the instructions of your seniors carefully or you might have to regret it later. Things might not be easy for you, but you need to deal with them calmly and patiently. Bring the balance between professional and personal life. You need to learn to manage things and take workload in a good way. Look at the positive side, and try to learn new things from it. This will help you to develop your skills helping you to grow. Also, this learning will help you to start your own business or crack a job interview easily.

Looking at your finances, improvements will be gradual, but you need to focus more on work rather than money. Take note that you also need to give back to the universe as a gesture of gratitude. Help others and raise your karma and this will help you to clear the blockages in your career path.


Those who are into a committed relationship might go through a rough patch at the beginning of the year. Equal treatment is unlikely in your relationship and that is creating more issues. One of the partners is looking down upon the other which shakes the other person’s confidence. Singles who are not ready for long-term commitment or a serious relationship should refrain from getting into a relationship. Or be clear with your expectations from the very beginning while getting into a relationship. Let your partner know that you aren’t serious about it. This will give clarity to another person. Some of you might regret losing a person who was worth it and loved you genuinely, but you did not value it at the time. If you really want that person back, then you need to take careful steps towards it. Wise and sensible communication is a must if you want to convey your message to the person you have walked out on. Those who are looking for a new and committed relationship will find a special person. You will soon meet each other’s families and get approval from both sides. Your family too will be happy by meeting your choice of partner. A new beginning is on its way as you might shift to another state or country with your partner for a better future.


You need to be careful with your throat as well as your head. Overthinking may cause a lot of issues in your head. Start meditation, yoga, early morning cycling, or a walk in nature. This will help you stay calm and peaceful. Writing down your thoughts that you are not able to share will help you release all the pain that you carry in your head and heart. If you work with chemicals or if you smoke a lot, then be careful of throat-related diseases. Make sure you take precautions or see a doctor at the right time before the situation goes out of hand. Also, it seems that you might make a resolution to leave addiction this year. This could be smoking, alcohol, or any other similar addiction. Difficult months: February, September to December 2022

Spiritual Message

Are you scared of your own inner voice? Are you scared of your own company? It seems that when you are alone and at peace, you fear the truth your inner voice speaks. You fear the psychic abilities that you have and are not ready to accept them. You try to trick yourself by distracting yourself. How do you do that? By constantly listening to music, watching videos, or consuming alcohol. You need to spend more time in nature doing adventures or indulging in activities like swimming, etc. This will help your energy to be aligned and healed. You are being blessed with some unique abilities which you need to use properly at the right time and place. You also need to come out of your comfort zone and do something different and creative. But before that, you need to spend some time alone and accept the truth that your inner voice is asking you to. You are surrounded by love, but you tend to ignore it or lose it by your carelessness. Your heart is blocked due to your childhood traumas. Use rose quartz as a locket or a tumble stone for meditation to open your heart chakra and manifest love in your life. Engage in prayer and meditation by holding snowy quartz crystal to restore peace.

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