Tarot Reading 2022: Scorpio


Do not keep crying over spilled milk, which was not meant for you and that has not come to you. Crying over the missed opportunity is not going to help now. Look forward with clarity and keep your efforts and hard work going. In the first quarter of this year, you may get a raise in pay and a better position at your job. Those who have a family business are going to enter this business and will see success at the very beginning. The business is going to do very well financially. Those who are looking for a job are going to get a better job offer than before. In business, you might get a good project offer or a business expansion offer. Suddenly this type of attention and offers might seem to be too real for you. This might scare and confuse you but there is no need to be scared. Be confident and know that you deserve to get these opportunities, better late than never. A new beginning is on the horizon be ready for the actions and energy required to keep up with the life offerings. If you find any barriers in your career, then take things positively as everything happens for a reason. Otherwise, you are going to stay top and will continue to grow and reach new heights of success. Make sure your ego doesn’t come in between your work. Try and avoid any conflicts at the workplace or things might get worse and affect your work position.

Financially you will be doing great, but you need to be very careful about where you invest your money. Do not invest a huge amount in one place but invest a small amount in different places in different schemes. You might inherit money or property. Take professional help while investing or dealing with money matters.


If you are in a relationship, then instead of revisiting old memories focus on creating beautiful new memories. Think of how you can renew your romance and make it more interesting every day. An ex might get in touch with you again be careful and think before restarting this relationship. If you are single, then be careful that you do not fall for any wrong person. Yes, it is said that opposites attract but do this relationship will survive in long term? Think about it. This person might not be into a serious relationship or too dominating. This person could also be married but may hide this fact from you and casually be in a relationship with you. So be careful while making any decision before getting into any relationship. Go out and spend your time at the place of your interest, it could be a book club, music, dance, yoga anything. You will meet your person somewhere where there are too many people around sharing and having fun together. Whether you are single or committed your life is going to take a new turn and you will get a chance to start afresh. Let all negativities go away and embrace all the loving positive energy around you.


Issues related to the heart may be a concern this year. Too much work without rest for the mind and body is going to create serious health issues. Continuous work and eating at the wrong time and outside food may cause more health issues. Try to eat homemade food and follow a healthy lifestyle. Do not ignore any signs or symptoms related to health may it be minor take immediate action and save yourself from getting into serious health issues. Take a break and go out in nature where you can breathe fresh air and take sunlight and recharge your energy. Writing down a diary every day might help you to release all your worries and pain. Difficult months: March, July to November 2022.

Spiritual Message

Flexibility while moving ahead is a must only then you will be able to achieve your goal. Being stubborn will never help. You are at the turning point of your life towards a new beginning. Your intuitive and psychic powers are growing rapidly but you tend to ignore the same. Many times, our practical mind doesn’t allow us to accept those Clair powers that we have. Be open and accept your psychic powers gracefully and do not worry about others’ acceptance. Once you accept this you will feel the healing and transformation taking place in your life. Right now, or recently you must have seen a dark time and there was no one to show you the light to come out of the situation. This dark time has made you harsher in life. But always remember one thing life has its own way to teach us some lessons. If we do not learn at the earliest then life becomes a little tough on us. Forgive yourself as well as others just for yourself to be free from the past hurt and burden. Spend some time in nature and listen to its sound carefully. Breathe all the positive energy that nature has to offer you. You will also find some signs and signals that the universe is giving you when in nature and you will understand which way to go and what steps to take further in life. Also perform smudging ceremonies like burning dhoop, sage stick, or incense and cover yourself with the smoke with the help of your hands. 

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