Tarot Reading 2022: Taurus


You might not be happy at your current workplace or work situation. If you feel so, then you should try another job that will give you work satisfaction as well as good pay. If you are afraid of a job change due to the security of the job, then no job will give you permanent security. You can also think of changing a career or profession completely if you are not happy with what you are doing now. A change in career is good and you will do best at it. You can opt for further study or a completely new subject of your interest and change your profession completely. You can also do something of your own, but creativity and uniqueness are a must. Stop looking at what others are doing or what is trending. Do what you feel is good and that will start trending and people might look at you and start following you. Luck is on your side you just need to take the right steps at the right time. If you think about how you will know what is right and what is the right step then this is the answer. You need to meditate regularly, Boring? Then meditation doesn’t mean sitting in a place with closed eyes and thinking of nothing. No! Sit wherever you feel good in your own space and time. Keep your eyes open and do whatever you feel good and peaceful that is called meditation and you will find all the answers that you are seeking. You will find a good boss at your new job who would love discipline but is good at heart. You will also get a chance to travel for work purposes and you will enjoy every bit of this traveling and work. By end of the year, you will find your work is appreciated and valued at your workplace.

Financially you will keep doing better if you make decisions wisely. A deep study of your finances how and where to invest and for how long to invest will help you to grow. Remember you will finally buy what you have always dreamt of. Believe in yourself and you will manifest money in abundance.

Love / Relationships

Those who are already in a relationship then you should know that every individual needs a breathing space for himself. Be careful and do not overload your burdens or demands on your partner. Continuous nagging might give you the worst output than you have ever imagined. The best solution is communication and sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other rather than forcing them. For singles, you might meet someone special at some event, function, or social gathering, or even at the workplace. If you find someone interesting still your heart doesn’t allow you to trust someone that listens to your heart. Let your intuitions guide you to the right person. All that glitters isn’t gold. But once you find your soulmate you will be the happiest person in the world. But before that make sure you clear all your past and start afresh. Also, be sure about who and how you want your life partner to be. Do not force yourself to be in a relationship just for the sake of it.

There will be loving relationships with your family and friends. Do not force your opinion on others. This will create unnecessary arguments. This year will be also of new friendships but take care who you allow to be too close to your personal life.


Those who are facing health issues for a long time and are unable to find any diagnosis or healing solution for it will get it this year. You might need to travel to some other place to find the exact doctor who can cure you. Women might face breast issues this year. If you find an issue related to your breast, then you should immediately get it checked by the doctor. This year you might have some issues related to kidney, heart, vein, and intestine if you are addicted to any unhealthy pattern. It will be difficult to free yourself from the addiction but if you put in some effort, you will be successful. Difficult months for health: From April to August and November 2022.

Spiritual Message

There might be some issues with your family as there is a lack of connection or bonding within. You can frame a happy family photo and keep it in your drawing room. This will bring some energy change into the family. Also, you need to bring some intimacy in your love life just be there for pleasure and love and not as some responsibility. Travel with your love into nature especially to the mountains if you love trekking. Once you reach the mountains make sure you show your gratitude towards the mountains and nature. You will find nature responding to you with its love. This will bring a lot of changes to the love energy. Also, if you are an animal lover then make sure you spend time with your pets. If you do not have pets spend some time with animals or support an animal charity campaign. Animal brings healing to you and supports you every time you need them even in soul form. Traveling to mountains or connecting with animals is going to help you to connect with your own higher self. This will help you to heal and analyze things with a clear mind. This will help you to connect with your spirit guides and ancestors and you will find the correct guidance to move ahead.

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