Weekly Tarot Guidance: 14.08.22 – 20.08.22


Does life seem to be out of balance? Stuck? Then now is the right time to reevaluate your plans. Think out of the box and make a new plan and the right time to execute it. Stay focused as you are very close to achieving your goal, a little bit of adjustments and changes in plans are required. It’s a good time to start something new. Always remember when to step back and when to act as a wrong move will create problems. If you are in a dilemma with a relationship, then now is the time when you need to communicate things clearly. Communication will help you to solve your problems as well as get clarity about your next move.


Are you in a place where you feel safe and secure but not happy? Is this attachment out of love or getting too much obsessive about it? Then now is the time to think and prioritize your needs and happiness. Stop controlling everything and let the situation breathe and let yourself go with the flow. You cannot control everything. At the workplace, your hard work is going to pay off, but you still need to keep working and cannot rest yet. You are very close to achieving your goals just keep going. Make sure you are not repeating your plans which are not working, and keep updating your plans according to the situation and needs.


Hold on to your vision and dreams do not let them fade. Trust your dreams and yourself as you are going to achieve them soon. Due to any current situation, if you have lost hope then take some time out for yourself to relax and rejuvenate. Make sure you meditate and contemplate the things and situation what is that and where are the changes required. Meditation keeps you connected to your higher self which helps you to see the path clearly. Now is the time to take your life, career, or relationship to the next level of success. So, without giving up, keep trying but also remember to love and care for yourself as well.


Be confident but not overconfident, if you have made some mistakes then learn to accept them gracefully. Do not let pride come in your way or you will spoil your relationships as well as your image. You are halfway to your goal and yet you need to put a bit more effort to reach your goal. Commit yourself to your goals and keep your focus on them. But make sure you do not hurt anyone’s feelings in this process. Your colleagues or team members are also putting in the same hard work as you do. Show some respect to them and treat them equally. Do remember to take a break and enjoy life’s every moment and be grateful for all the blessings.


If you have hit an obstacle or failed, then take a break and some time to breathe out. Analyze the situation carefully and make sure you do not repeat the same mistake again. If the mistake wasn’t yours then take the lesson and move ahead with pride. A new relationship is on the way but make sure you keep your heart open and take decisions in a balanced way. Always practical thinking is not going to work sometimes you need to go with your heart. Stop being selfish and thinking only about yourself. A relationship is all about give and take and you have to participate equally, or you will lose the best part of your life. A rare opportunity is going to be presented you make sure you do not miss it.


Expect a powerful positive change in your life. But also remember that you need to put your bit of effort to bring that change. If you are holding on to something that is not good and not letting you move ahead, then now is the time to release that. May it be a relationship, laziness, or an old thinking pattern it’s high time you think practically and take a decision. Your dreams will come true only when you focus on your dreams rather than money. Dreams come true when you chase them with practical plans and not only dream about them. This is an important turning point in your life so keep yourself on the toe.


Yes, life has been too tough on you and those experiences have left some scars behind. But now is the time to heal those wounds, work on your fears and move ahead. The wounds and fears won’t serve you any good but moving ahead with positivity and hopes will bring happiness. If you do not know where to start, then start writing down the blessings you have received till now. The more blessings you count the more blessings you will attract. Something very positive and exciting is coming your way, so make sure you remain positive. Luck is on your side now, whatever you do with your full heart in it you will get success.


Once the doors are slammed, they are not going to open so stop knocking on the same door. Whatever it is, it was karmic so let the situation or relationship go and move on. Forgiveness will set you free from karma, may it be forgiving others or yourself. Do not let fear of failure hold you back, instead do your best with confidence and leave it to the universe. A new beginning is on its way, and it is only possible when you start believing in it. Life is giving you a chance to start all over again. Yes, you will achieve success if you believe in yourself. Meditation and yoga practice will help you to keep yourself balanced and at peace.


Stop thinking and running behind the past as nothing is going to come out of this situation. You can take the lesson and make sure you do not repeat the same mistake again. Your changed behavior will help to change and enter a better future. It’s time to show your loved ones that you care. Spend some quality time with the people you love. Also, make sure you do not speak when you are too angry as you many times lost control over your words, and then it’s hard to repair that damage. If you fear disappointment, then don’t be and start looking at things with a new perspective. Look at your past failures as a learning lesson of dos and don’ts.


The very first thing you need to do is step out of your comfort zone. Are you not looking out for a change just because you are being too comfortable in your present situation? If you need change and want something new, then you must put some effort to bring that change. Surrender yourself to the divine – pray, meditate which will help you to get all the answers you are looking for. If you put in a little effort, you will start experiencing a magical change in your life. It’s time to manifest your every wish. Release all the negative thoughts and even the past and let yourself be free from all the emotional burdens. Fill yourself with positivity and spirituality which will help you to take the right path.


If you want success, then being confident and letting go of the fear of failure is a must. You need to be bold and confident to take the risk that is required to achieve success. Untie yourself from all the unnecessary attachments and emotional burdens. Set yourself free so that you can step into a world full of possibilities and opportunities. Take charge of your destiny by following your heart which leads you to your dreams. It’s time to act, you might also become a leader and lead people to their dreams. Also, make sure you take some time out for yourself and have some fun and enjoy the life that you deserve.


It’s time to peel off the mask that you are wearing for others’ satisfaction and happiness. Now is the time to show the world the real you. Be yourself which is going to give you real happiness. Being detached will help you to move on. Not necessary that you break up or be harsh with your loved ones. But you can be clear about what you want, and you are going to follow your dreams. Now is a good time to review your plans and stay focused on them. If you stay focused and dedicated, you will achieve success soon. Also, you need to focus on your health too. A basic healthy and disciplined lifestyle will help you to stay fit and confident.  

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