Weekly Tarot Guidance: 02.10.22 – 08.10.22


Stop that negative thinking about yourself or your life. If you have lost hope in your life or you have started believing that nothing good is going to happen to you then you should rethink. Start believing in yourself and press that reset button. Start over again if required because if you do so you are going to make all your dreams come true. Universe wants you to know that if you keep trying you are going to achieve all that you have dreamt of. Life is soon going to present you with amazing opportunities. A loyal friend or someone who admires you is going to help you to reach your destination or choose the right path.


If you think that you have done everything that you could and are still not able to find the right way out then you have to rethink. Run through your plans and actions once again but patiently and minutely. Change your perspective and look at things in a new and curious way. You will find the right action to be taken may it be about any situation, work, or relationship. If you are worried about your kids as they do not behave in a particular or standard manner that is set by you then you should not. Let your kids explore and learn life their own way. Just let your kids know that you love them and stand by their decision and you both will start understanding and respecting each other’s perspectives.


Still, there are a lot of things that you need to learn about yourself and life. You have to search for the exact thing that is going to unlock your luck. The whole game is about luck and skills so without giving up keep searching for the hidden code of luck. You are here to win and you are going to taste the success very soon. But if you are holding on to something too tightly which needs to go then you are not rightly balancing life. Hold on to your dreams and keep working on it soon they are going to be reality. A very surprising proposal is coming your way most probably a romantic one.


Those who are into further studies should be careful about their temper. If there is something that you are unable to crack then be patient and ask for help and try to resolve it without losing your temper. Are you ready for more effort? as the situation demands more effort right now only then you will be able to achieve your dreams. Couples who are trying to buy their own house or planning for a baby will get good news soon. Take time out to enjoy every moment of life. If you are facing any tough situation then meditate and find your way out.


The future or the road to your destination may look difficult and impossible to walk upon. But remember you have come a long way and neither that path was easy but you did it. Step out of your comfort zone and motivate yourself to do better in life. You have all the resources, skills, and ability to convert the impossible into the possible. It’s high time you think of yourself and makes a firm decision but also make sure you do not hurt your close ones in this process. Make a list of your weakness and fears and the reason behind them and start working on them so that you know where exactly the problem lies.


Be aware to whom you decide to open your heart to, Is that person really trustworthy? You have been once through a difficult relationship or a situation where trusting and loving blindly has broken your heart. If you are confused at any moment or in any situation and cannot make any decision then surrender to the divine. Take some time out to breathe, relax, and rejuvenate. Meditation and yoga near the lake are going to help you to relax and be calm. Also, full moon meditation will help you to make your intuition stronger and make better decisions.


There is a need to gain your confidence back. Remember if you stop trusting yourself then no one else will trust you. Your loved ones are with you always loving and supporting you. Take the help of your loved ones and encourage yourself to set a goal for your life. Failures should not stop you to achieve your dreams and goals. If required to start from scratch do it and make sure you won’t stop this time. Luck is on your side so take the opportunity and bring the change in your life that you always wanted to see. Those who are passionate about reading or writing should start it again as this is going to help you to find the right path.


You are trying to unlock the things that are hidden purposely and this is where you need to be aware. Especially if you are a journalist make sure you take care of your safety and expose bad things in a very intellectual way. Focus on yourself and make sure you spend some time alone looking within and finding out the answers that you are seeking. Meditate so your intuitions get stronger and more than logic your intuitions guide you to make the right decisions. Keeping your loved ones on top priority won’t hurt your career or professional life. Loving your family and spending quality time with them will help you to learn to love yourself and life.


Are you dating two people at same time? And if the answer is yes then you it seems you are not ready to give up on any relationship. You are happy in both the relationship. But do the other parties know about your two timings? Are they happy you being into other relationship? Its time for you to stop and ask yourself what are you doing? Is it right? what are you going to do next? You should start thinking for others too, about others feeling and what they want and not only what you want. Look out for the signs around you the universe is communicating with you through them. If you have given up then universe wants you to believe in the impossible as soon you are going to find rare opportunity coming you way.


You have gone thtough a very bad phase that has given you emotional trauma and you are finding it difficult to come out of it. But now is the time for healing as things have started changing for better. Universe wants you to know that you and your loved ones are safe and been taken care by them. At professional front people have noticing and appreciating you and your work. Your work is leaving a long lasting effect on the people. You might get a promotion or increment or both in your present company. Your professional growth might be slow but it is going to be a permanent success very soon.


Stop being harsh on yourself just because some people keep judging you and trying to convince you that you are not good enough. Are you really not good enough? Are you really convinced? Love yourself only then you can create that loving energy around you which will make others too love you. Your focus should be you and not others. Let others say what they want to as they do not know you well. But you know yourself well right? so prove them wrong and make yourself shine with bright colors. You need to get back into good and healthy habits. Take care of your physical as well as mental health.


Very rare and beautiful opportunities or options life is going to present you with. This time not life but you are going to get a chance to decide which way to go, what path to choose, what destiny you want to select. Be bold and take the decision. Yes this decision is going to be a life changing event. This opportunity can be related to professonal front as well as personal level. Like moving out of the country for a job or getting married and moving out. You should think about long term benefits and then make a decision.

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