Weekly Tarot Guidance: 09.10.22 – 15.10.22


A very important decision / a choice you have to make and now there is no choice of postponing the decision. If this is regarding a relationship where you have to make a choice between two then do it at the earliest. If you keep postponing the decision you might get into a big trouble as someone is watching your actions since long time. At professional front you will be getting excellent opportunities coming your way. But make sure unless and until the deal gets final you do not share the details with anybody.


Be rest assured that you are being protected at the times of need. So do not lose hope, be confident and keep working hard and the returns you will get will be a long term one. Abundance of wealth, health and happiness is on its way but someone is there who cannot see you grow. This person might harm you in some or the other way so be careful. This person might become your friend who will keep creating complexities for you in the name of helping you. You need to take time out to breathe and decide what exactly you need to hold on and what it is that you need to release.


You are in the process of finding out the solutions to all your problems. But in this process, you need to keep a check on your overthinking habit. If you stop overthinking and creating the worst scenarios in your head then you will be able to find the solution sooner. Do not get carried away with the emotions, take a pause and think practically only then you will be able to take the right decision. This is the time to work on and overcome your insecurities.


The situation might be dicey but if you take each step carefully with confidence then you are very close to success. Luck is on your side so be confident do all the research work and make the move accordingly. You might get a chance to travel abroad for further studies or a project at work front. Don’t hold yourself from falling in love because of any past reasons, move on and give your life a second chance to love.


The end of a tough phase approaches. All your wishes are going to be granted only if you believe in it. Hold your vision and trust the process and keep working towards it without losing confidence due to any circumstances. Stop being stubborn and open yourself for more ideas and other’s opinion. Your hard-headedness will put you in trouble and nothing will come out of the situation. You cannot keep a control of every situation sometimes you have to go with the flow.


The end of a relationship or a situation is near. This might not be good news to you but trust the universe as it is been protecting you from future damages. Ending a relationship does not mean that you start blaming yourself for the same. There are many reasons behind it learn to let go of those that do not serve your highest good. Be honest with yourself learn the lesson and move on. Do not wait for others to come and heal you, remember only you can heal yourself.


Libra is known to be a balanced personality and its symbol says the same. But many times you’re over emotional side imbalances everything. Work on your spiritual side and this will help you to learn the balance emotional and practical sides. Detach yourself from the situation and people and then you will be able to see the reality clearly. Do not bind yourself to be the perfect person no one is. Good luck is on your side now. and you will be experiencing success and fame soon. Make sure success does not make you arrogant.


Learn to communicate clearly, especially when things are connected to a relationship and emotions. Communicating your emotions or feelings doesn’t make you weak instead the bond gets stronger. This is not the time to just keep thinking this is the time to act. If you have doubt about the path you are on is it right? then the answer is yes you are on the right path. People might gossip about it but do not let the negativity breaks your confidence. If you believe in your dream then be confident and aimtowards it.


A new and important phase of your life is about to begin. Whatever happened in past cannot be changed but you can make sure that you do not repeat your mistakes. While in the process of ending this phase and entering the new one be careful of who and how you deal with the people around. Remember to be honest but not arrogant or harsh you might lose people who stood by you in difficult times. Meditate and contemplate so that you can make right decisions.


You started from a scratch and became a tiny star shining along with lot other stars. Now you are going through different phases of life just to experience every aspect of life’s dark and light side. In this phase you need to learn what to hold on and what to let go. Practising spirituality and a disciplined life will help you to enter a new phase of life which is going to bring success, happiness and wealth soon.


Release all the negativity, the thoughts, the past bad experiences that you have gone through. Holding on to the past will not help but releasing it will help you to move towards a better future. A better future can be build only by you and no one else. A secure, happy and wealthy life of abundance is waiting for you. Change your perspective and start looking at things in a new and curious way which will help you to find the purpose of your life.


Have you started doubting on your beliefs? The magic the fairy tale believer is about to give up on their dreams? If so then hold on and let the negative thoughts go away and stop overthinking. All your dreams are going to turn into reality. All your wishes are going to be granted. You need to bring that positive and loving energy into every situation. And remember even in fairy tales the lead character have to go through tough situations to achieve happiness. Step out and make sure you work hard to make your dreams come true.

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