Weekly Tarot Guidance: 30.10.22 – 05.11.22


Difficult times have made you stronger. Yes, a time came in your life when you felt like giving up but you never gave up. You kept fighting against the odds and this things moulded you into a strong personality. Now is the time when you start looking at the bigger picuture and work for yourself and your better future. Now is the time when you start counting your blessings rather then counting your bad phases. Now is the right time to manifest what you want and focus on your dreams. It’s time to let go off the past and move towards a brighter future. Now the time and luck is in your favour stay confident and positive.


Stop thinking negative all the time as negative thinking is making things worst for you. Your negative thinking is creating a negative energy around you which is attracting more negativity into your life. This is the right time to step out of your comfort zone change your perspective and look forward towards a bright future. Time to focus on yourself, pampering yourself and also getting a makeover which will make you feel better and confident. It’s time to live joyfully rather than living in fear of failures. Enjoy every bit of life and the experiences and you will find a new way of living.


Now is the time when all your dreams are going to turn into reality. A new beginning is on its way. Meditate daily and wake your inner self that will guide you to the right direction of your dreams. Now you are going to feel hopeful about your dreams as you are going to see some positive changes coming your way. But make sure you share very restrictive information with others, not everyone is a well wisher. There are still many hidden things that you are going to unlock about your future which will bring positive surprises for you. Your worries about safety and security of life may it be reagarding emotionally or financially, everything is going to find a firm foundation.


Hold on to your dreams and do not let the trust fade away. All the answers that you are seeking for are coming your way. Have patience and trust your dreams and things will start falling in its place at the rigth time. All the hurdles are about to get clear one by one. But make sure you trust the right people and share your life or part of life with the right ones. While making any important decision or a conversation you need to remain calm only then things will go as per your plan.


Nothing is yet set in stone, still you have the chance to make the changes you want. Don’t stop trying as you are very close to success. You can have whatever you want unless you stop believing in yourself. Getting clear on what you want and value most will help you find peace. Start saving your money no matter how small the amount is. A long-term investment plan will help you to secure your future. Somethings are going to end and it might not be a good news for you but an end brings a new beginning too. New beginning is going to bring happiness.


“Time waits for no man” so use your time wisely. Time management will help you to achieve your goals soon and successfully. And at the same time you should learn to distribute your work load properly. This is time when your commitment and dedication is being tested. But if you keep your focus on work then nothing can beat you. You have to work really hard for abundacne of wealth to flow in. To stay calm and focused – Meditation, Pranayam and yog nidra are recommended now.


There is no time or age limit to start exploring new things. If you think learning new things now will do no good then you are wrong. Learning can be done at any age and if you love something then there should be no restriction. Gift yourself a book or join a hobby classes do whatever you love to that you have always dreamt of. Live your life to the fullest. The potential and talent that you have is still very much unexplored by you.


Do not let past hold you back so that you can move forward with new hopes and dreams. Your attraction to someone may be verging on the obsessiveness. Give some time to this relationship and you too need to find out whether you are in love or this is just an attraction. You are going to get a chance that if missed then it is gone forever. So believe in the impossible and look out for the opportunities that might sound impractical but you will get such an opportunity coming your way.


Stepping out of your comfort zone will help you to explore new opportunities. If you choose to stuck at one place just because you are too scared to explore new things than remember the result you will get will also be the same. Dream big and take the required steps to achieve them. Let your life have some new goals. If you do not make any efforts then life might force you to throw you out of your comfort zone. Be careful while dealing with financial matters.


Become a curious kid again and start asking questions. Look at the things in a new and curious way and you will find the answers that you are seeking for. You will find out new path to reach your destination. Now is the time to shine like a star and show the world the real you. Sometimes let heart takeover the mind and guide you to the right path. Mind gets stuck with practicality and the same old patterns. But the heart knows the creativity and the can show you the right path to the success. Be careful while choosing your friends.


The tough cycle in your life is now going to end soon. But remember at this time who stood by you and who did not. Make sure you do not speak harshly with your family and friends who stood by you. This might bring a permanent damage in your relationships. Surrender yourself to the divine and meditate daily. This will help you to remain calm and get all the answers that you seek. Also start believing in the impossible as you are going to get what you want in your life soon.


Expect a powerful, positive, and happy changes coming in your life. You might receive a communication that might bring a beautiful change in your life. A letter or a marriage proposal from a long lost friend or love interest might also be coming your way. You might also get a chance to travel abroad for work purpose. You mgiht also sign some legal documents that could be related to property. It is important that you sign the documents carefully.

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