Weekly Tarot Guidance: 06.11.22 – 12.11.22


You need to start doing something new and challenging. If you shield yourself behind the situations or circumstances you will never find the way out of them. If you really want to do something in life and achieve something then now is the time to step out and try something new. This will help you to boost your confidence and restore your faith in life and your dreams. Now you are going to unlock the best phase of your life. A romantic phase of your life is going to begin in this new journey.


All your wishes will be granted only if you remain true to yourself. All your dreams will be manifested into reality only if you are very clear about your dreams and wishes. Every answer you need is going to be coming your way. Take some time out to relax and take care of your mental health. Whenever you feel too stressed make sure you do some deep breathing exercises which help you to relax. If you focus on your goals with a calm mind then no one can stop you from achieving them.


Get ready as the obstacles in your way are now getting clear and a lot of good opportunities will be coming your way. You might sign a contract or a deal that will be a cause of celebration. But cards suggest you to always follow your spirituality which willl help you to listen to your inner guidance. A balance between spirituality and practicality will help you to take right decision. And also spirituality will help you to clear all the negative energy and blockages.


Hold on as the end of the tough cycle approaches. You might have experienced a phase where you felt like you are stuck into a maze and could not find the way out. But now expect a powerful and positive change into your life. All the hurdles are getting away. If you are into a long distance relationship with someone and was having a tough time then now you will find a perfect solution for it.


Have faith in your dreams and do not even think of giving up. Stand firm and do not let any situation lose your confidence and faith from your dreams. But also remember where you need to back down and where you need to stand firm. Always remain flexible according to the situation and circumstances. Angel of love is going to bless you with a romantic partner. Make sure you do not scare the person interested in you due to your past bad experiences.


If you find that situation is getting out of hand then stand firm take the responsibility and try to bring the change for betterment. Do not blame others or anything for the situation accept it gracefully and you are the one who will be able to bring the change. Your family is looking ar you with lot of hopes. Start counting your blessings and thank god/universe for the same. You will notice the positive change coming within you and in your life.


If you have planned something but you are unsure of the result then dont be. Soon your tough phase is going to end and a new positive beginning is going to take place. But without giving up you have to keep trying. Time is very important and if you learn to do things on right time everything is going to be in your favour. It’s time to stop fearing the worst. But also do not try to control everything instead trust the universe.


Is it really the situation is worst or is it the things are more worst in your own head. Are you overthinking and making the situation worst. You should stop making up the stories in your head just out of fearing the worst. Yes you need a lot of adjustments to do before reaching your goal or dreams. But that doesnt mean you will be caught up into the illusion. Take advice of someone you trust or read some positive books that will encourage you to think positive and stay focus.


Whatever problem you were facing may be health issues or at work or personal front everything is now going to get solution. The problem is going to be healed from the root cause. The path ahead of you might look very tough and long. But patience and handling things with calmness will make your path easy and successful. You should practice spirituality which help you to remain calm and focus on your aim. Also it will help you to take practically right decisions.


To come out of the stuck situation you need to socialise and communicate more. Get in touch with your older friends and colleagues let them know about you and you will find a solution that you were looking for. Advertise your skills on social platform so that opportunities start coming your way. You will be receiving a surpise that will lead you to your brighter and successful future.


Doors that are slam shut are not going to reopen. So holding on it will not help you in any way. Move on and go ahead lot of good opportunities and a beautiful life is waiting for you. Lean to meditate and you will get all the answers that you need. Now is the time when you follow your dreams with practical plans. Balancing spirituality and practicality will help you to move ahead with confidence and ease.


There is nothing that you cannot change. If there is something that you do not like and you decide to make the change then you are going to bring the change. A new start is coming towards you it could be a job, starting your own business or a new relationship. You are about to enter a relationship that will bring a stability and safety in your life.

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