Weekly Tarot Guidance: 13.11.22 – 19.11.22


There might be disputes going on the work front. If yes, then be careful and keep yourself protected with proof of your work. The proof could be documents or a trustworthy colleague present at the time of discussion, etc. Keep yourself calm at times of handling difficult situations or people. If you do so you will be rewarded with appreciation and love. Money might be a concern for you now. But right now you can do is spend money very carefully and responsibly. If you are in search of love then soon someone special is heading toward you.


Are you skeptical about which way to go or what option you choose? Then take one step back and look at the whole situation and then decide what to choose. Sometimes you are too scared to take a new step and you keep holding yourself back. Holding yourself back makes you feel that you are securing yourself from any hurt or harm. Being thoughtful and creative will help you to clear your blockages and enjoy your life to the fullest.


If you feel you are stuck then you need to think carefully about where and why. This is the time when you need to take hold of your life and direct it according to your will. Your dreams are going to turn into reality only when you will realize that you are the one who can bring the change. Right now due to unavoidable circumstances you have lost hope in life but wait nothing is over yet. There are hopes and you will fulfill your dreams and wishes.


This is not the time to gamble so do not take risks with financial investments. Things will go smoothly in your life right now. You are all charged up and ready to take every possible action to achieve your goal. Even financial issues are not going to stop you to go ahead and achieve your dreams. You will find out the way to fulfill your dreams. A reunion with your family or friends is on the cards.


Are you finding it difficult to listen to your intuitions? Are trying hard to get guidance from your inner self to know whether you are heading in the right direction? If yes, then you need to spend some time alone in meditation and yoga. This exercise will help you to gain your power back. As sometimes you feel drawn towards your past again. But if you decide you will be able to beat this phase of your life too. Start chasing your dreams they are waiting for you.


You are still unaware of the power and talent you have. Stop undervaluing yourself and start exploring the possibilities and opportunities life has to offer you. There is a huge life transformation coming towards you. if you deny it just because you do not want to upset others then you might lose the chance of achieving your dreams. But if you do think calmly and make sure you convince your loved ones and they will support your dreams too.


If you want to do something and you are not sure how to do it then now is the time to take a break. A mini-break for yourself to relax and calm your mind which will help you to think clearly. There is a need to do things smartly, creatively, and uniquely which will help you stand out from others. May it be at the work front, personal, or at the educational level. Someone might be spying on you with no good intentions so be careful and watch for them. Do not get trapped in any wrong or unethical things just to achieve your goals.


Everything is okay and going fine but still, you feel something is missing. You are in search of that missing part. You feel like living everything that is been built by you and starting all over again. If you strongly feel like living something or someone then trusts yourself. If you have started something but never saw it as a growing opportunity but now you will start to see the unbelievable result. This is not the time to relax but the time to act upon and success will be yours.


If you are waiting for your dream opportunity or job then it will soon come to you. Things are changing for your highest good. That does not mean you will be relaxed and just keep waiting for life to change itself. You have to take certain actions to achieve your dreams. Also, make sure you spend money very carefully. Keep control over your unnecessary expenses. Things never remain the same as the change is constant so be positive and head towards your dream.


You will be receiving positive rewards for the work you have done in the past. You might feel that what wrong you have done for life is so harsh on you. But if you accept life gracefully it will show you how and why things happened. Everything happens for a reason and happens for your own highest good. You might find someone who will guide you to the right path. This persona will help you to change your perspective and see things in a new and positive way. This person will not be emotionally attached or involved in you or your life.


Yes after a long struggle you have achieved something in your life. The scars and the pain is still fresh when you think of the struggling days. But that doesn’t mean that your focus will only be money and career. Make time for your loved ones and for yourself too. Nurture yourself and allow others to nurture you. Once you are surrounded by the love you will be able to clear the past bad experiences from your life and memory. You will be able to think clearly and prioritize the most important things in life.


If you are emotionally invested in someone or are in one-sided love then let it be in a good way. Getting obsessed with someone and trying to control his/her life is going to worsen your relationship with the person. Even this advice goes for parents – do not try to control your children’s life. Let them explore and take decisions, let them do what they love and not what you want them to love. This behavior will make your loved ones rebellious and they might get into toxic behavior.

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