Weekly Tarot Guidance: 20.11.22 – 26.11.22


A romantic encounter will be happening soon. Those who are single will find their soulmate. If you have been invited to some event, function, or marriage then you should go as you might find someone special over there. Those already in a relationship are going to take their relationship to a higher commitment. But there could be someone from your family being a little stubborn and it will be a little hard to convince them.


A woman in your life is going to push you to chase your dreams. She will teach you to manage your time and discipline in life. You are asked to be calm and patient and deal with tough situations. Your calm mind will guide you to take the right steps. Do not waste your energy on the wrong things, channel your energy into chasing your dreams. Meditate and contemplate things that will help you to work on your inner self and conquer your fear.


You are not ready to face the reality. The universe is trying to send you some messages that you are unable to receive or hear. Whatever things are happening in your life is not as per your expectations or your plans. Money is not everything in life. There are many more aspects in your life that you need to consider and give importance to. This is a short phase in your life which too will pass if you handle things carefully. Soon you will see positive changes coming toward you.


You have planned something but is getting delayed. Maybe it could be about starting a new business or a project. Or you might be waiting for a new job or going abroad but things are not going according to your plan. But the universe has better plans for you and they will soon be executed. Right now, you might not be able to see the future clearly. But if you remain calm then you will see the best opportunity the universe is gifting you.


You must listen to your heart and mind. Balancing both will help you to take the right decision. You might find the situation right now is an injustice to you but always it’s not your fault. Sometimes you are paying for your loved ones’ actions. There might be someone irritating you who could be an older man trying to impose his opinion or choice upon you. But if you keep calm and listen to what he has to say you might find something useful. You can keep the useful advice or opportunity and the rest you can put into the trash.


Your health might need extra attention right now. There might be some old unresolved issues coming back to you. Financially you will face a tough time. But this is the time when you must reflect on your past and present actions. Ask yourself if there is something more important that you have missed and need your urgent attention. You can get a piece of advice from someone who can help you to resolve the issues.


You are not able to free yourself from the attachments, expectations of others, and pressure that others put on you. Even material life is holding you back from releasing yourself free and doing what you want. Your inner conflict is not letting you decide and take steps toward your desire. You need to resolve the conflict within you. Giving priority to yourself and your happiness does not make you selfish.


Enjoy this new phase of your life. There might be some delays in the execution of your new plans, but they will soon be executed as per your plan. Right now, it’s time to enjoy your success and the attention that you are getting for your success. You are going to enjoy every moment of success and happiness with your family. You are going to experience a lot of different and positive emotions in this phase. Do not let your focus shift from your aim due to so much attention and love.


Making decisions is getting tough for you due to some fear that is hiding deep inside you. Maybe no one can see the fear in you so no one will be able to help you other than you. Be true to yourself and let the fear be out of you. You might reconcile with your loved ones which you have been waiting to happen for a long time. Meditation and yoga will help you to remain balanced and remain focused on your life. Spend some time alone with yourself so that contemplating things will be easy for you.


Do not trust anyone blindly and restrain from sharing any important ideas /plans with anybody. People whom you think are your well-wishers are not always the ones. A conflict with your family members might make you detached from them. Your quick and hasty actions/decisions might not go well with your family. You are running behind a perfect future that does not exist yet and ruining the present happiness that is just under your nose.


A new beginning is heading toward you. This new beginning could bring a lot of positive emotional beginnings. A new relationship also it could be a new you. If you were trying to change yourself and following some spiritual path to do so, then you are going to achieve success. The financial aspect of life might be a little tough right now, so you need to spend and invest money carefully. But this is not going to worry you much because you have taken care of such a situation in advance.


Your spirit guides are giving you some messages and trying to wake you up from your deep sleep. You have been through a lot of hard times and now you have overcome the difficult time. But still, you have to keep working hard so that life does not repeat itself. Right now, you need to keep your focus on your work as you will be successful very soon. Your fighting spirit and not giving up are what make you popular in your social circle as well as your workplace. People are appreciating your hard work and your dedication.

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