Weekly Tarot Guidance: 08.01.23 – 14.01.23


Every step and every move you make needs to be planned wisely. There might be a lot of politics going on around you. Be aware and stay detached from the situation. You have no idea about other people’s intentions but your inner self always knows what is best for you. Listen to it. Now is the time to act and take a step ahead in life. Your hard work is going to pay off. Good opportunities are coming your way. Resolution to your issues might be just a conversation away. Stay calm and things will sort out soon.


Your energy right now is disturbed which is why you are confuse about which way to go and what exactly to do. Work on your fears especially on the insecurities you carry. The universe wants you to know that everyone has their own share and you too have yours. Focus on yourself and work towards a better future. Start your week with gratitude while counting your blessings and this will uplift and encourage you to do your best. Beware of the politics happening around you.


It’s time to breathe and take some time out for yourself. Your psychic powers are growing. Take some time to develop them and accept them gracefully. As your journey to the new phase of your life is going to begin and the tough cycle is ending soon. Do not be in a hurry to decide which way to go, give time to heal yourself as well as your life . Meditate and stay calm and your inner self will guide you to the right path. Surrender yourself to the divine and things will start falling into the right place.


If experiences from the past are holding you back then now is the time to release them. This is the time for healing and moving ahead. If you are finding it difficult to do it then you should talk to someone who can guide you and help you get to the core of your issues. It’s time for you to focus on yourself and your life. If you have some plans regarding your work or project then now is the time to act upon it. You need to open the door of knowledge for yourself which will lead you to a new phase of your life.


Talk to a spiritual teacher or a guide who can help you to refill your drained energy and heal from within. You might have had bad experiences with some people which is why you are terrified of moving ahead. But now is not the time to stay stuck. It is time to bring the desired change in your life. You are now ready to leave your herd and move into a new surrounding to gain new knowledge and also share the knowledge you have. You are very close to achieving your goals so act fast and keep going.


Do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to get distracted or let your energy get disturbed. Now is the time to take charge of your life and move ahead. Leave behind all that is not good for your mental and physical health. Those who are into the field of research, forensics, science, or law, know that you are being blessed and supported by Saint Hilarion. Surrender to the divine and you will find your way to success very soon. You might join a community if you haven’t yet and will get some new friends who will give you a new perspective on life.


If you feel low or demotivated, call upon your angels and they will be there for you to renew your energy. Saint Hilarion is here to protect and guide you through so call upon him when you want help. At present, if you are facing any issue then try to fight and change the situation instead of giving up. Communicate clearly wherever you need to or the chances are that it will give birth to misunderstandings that will create more chaos going further. Have faith in your dreams. They are real and soon you will start living them.


Those whose children are living away, the good news is that they will soon be coming home. Your kids might have some great news to give you. A new romantic cycle is going to begin soon. Not only for singles, but for those already in a relationship. Couples who were waiting to get pregnant will get good news and this will rejuvenate your romantic life. Bringing loving energy and passion in whatever you do is going to bring success to you. Something exciting lies ahead.


You need to start working on your fears. These might be your insecurities, feeling unsafe, or fear of loss and failure, whatever it may be, work on it and you will see how things start turning into your favor. Do not look back, nothing is going to repeat itself. Just move ahead and hop on the new journey you are about to begin. You need to work on your management skills and you will know how to balance your work and personal life. Only then your hard work is going to bear the fruits and you will see the success.


You will surprise yourself once you get to know how much potential or hidden skills lie within you that are still unexplored. Right now you are at such a place where you do not care about people or anything around you. This is the time when you focus on yourself and your life. You are too busy building a strong foundation for yourself and you have the entire universe supporting you. Trust yourself and keep working hard as success is very close to you and your dreams are soon going to become a reality.


Single parents might have mixed feelings right now as they marry off their daughter. It is going to be little difficult especially if you are a father but you are going to be fine and happy. Those who are in a relationship will take their relationship to the next level by involving family into this. For singles, a new romantic cycle is about to begin. Meditating regularly is recommended so stop ignoring your inner voice and start listening to it.


Your family is and will always be your priority, no matter what, especially your kids. But if you tend to forget about yourself, your career, your passion then this might not be the correct way to do it. Do not restrict yourself as you have the potential to balance your work as well as personal life. The angels are there to protect and guide you through. You just need to call and ask for help. Now is the time for you to show the world what you have. You will be amazed by the response you get.

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