Weekly Tarot Guidance: 15.01.23 – 21.01.23


Sometimes, you can bring the change but sometimes, you cannot. Remember that somethings are meant to happen in a particular way. You can recite a serenity prayer when you feel low or helpless, this will help you to gain wisdom and courage to face the reality. Detach yourself from the situations that are bothering you. You have all that is required and needed to be successful so now is the time to act. Spread the knowledge and awareness about things that you have been chosen for.


Now is the time to be creative and explore your imagination. Your creativity will bring a lot of good opportunities and appreciation to you. Also your imagination will help you to manifest your dreams. Gratitude is the key to manifesting your dreams. Respect the social norms and hold on to your community because if you don’t then during difficult time no one will stand by you. If there has been any clashes going on then mend and heal them at the earliest.


The need of the hour is to stay calm and be patient. Do not keep asking, ‘why me?’ or ‘why do things keep happening to me?’ Rather try to understand and have the power to know why this is happening to you. Finding out the reason behind it will help you to find the solution to your problems. Try to see beyond the surface and you will find out the reality and truth very soon. Also before doing or starting anything new ask yourself why you want to do it. Is it really worth your energy and time? You will get the answers if you remain true to yourself.


Stay calm and be ready to receive the blessings gracefully. Meditation is what you need to do to stay balanced which will help you to take correct decisions at right time. Meditation will also help you to heal and will teach you to value yourself more than anything else. Stop criticizing and blaming yourself for the unwanted situations or happenings in your life. Trust the universe and everything will be taken care of.


Recommit to your higher self. Your higher self, your spiritual side is calling you. Listen to your calling and you will know the reason behind it. A clear mind will help you to manifest your dreams and your dream partner. Singles will find their soulmate who will be loyal and a loving partner. Once you find that person you will feel like you have found a home. The most peaceful and happy time is about to enter your life.


To keep your relationship strong, you should consciously make efforts to give time to your loved ones. Giving gifts, surprises, or spending quality time with them will make your relationship strong. If you are going through some conflicts or arguments with your loved ones than now is the time to make efforts to heal the relationship. If you have feelings for someone then now is the time to make them known to the person of interest and see if the feelings are mutual.


You are going to meet like-minded people through a community or at some book club or a big meet up place. You will be enjoying your time with these new friends. Also you might meet someone who is older and wiser whose advice will be a boon to you. If you are going through some conflict and arguments then you need to take some time out from and think clearly about the situation. Make sure you clean your work space and also you home so positive energy starts flowing in.


You have to go distance to complete the things that you have left incomplete. Now is the right time to close the issues that you have left without giving any reason to the one you need to. You have the power to make things happen so act upon your plans now. Take the leap of faith and chase your dreams whether anyone believes it or not you should never give up. Think clearly about your plans if needed make some changes as per the circumstances but do not give up.


A new beginning, a new life, a refreshing start is waiting for you. Being flexible and making adjustments that suit the changing circumstances will help you to move ahead smoothly in life. Whenever you feel like going with some idea do remember to ask why you want to do it. What is the reason? And is it something you really want to do it? If you have the clarity about your goals then you are going to get success for sure.


You have taken enough time to be at home and in your comfort zone. But now you are feeling that you have had enough and this is the right time to move out and try something new and adventurous. At present, you are in the middle of the two worlds leaving the old and entering the new one. A lot of thinking about where and how you want to go and chase your dreams is going on. This planning is going to help you a lot to achieve your goals in a right way and right time.


Shake off your old self and those repetitive patterns of life. Get ready to meet a new you and begin new phase of life. Stop criticizing and blaming yourself for the past happenings. Give yourself closure and free yourself from the unnecessary burden that you are carrying from a long time. Be open to receive what life has to offer you gracefully. But this is not the time to rest. Act upon your plans and move towards your goal.


If you are a light worker then be ready to dive into the ocean of spiritual knowledge. Soon you are going to open yourself to receiving more knowledge or get ready to meet your hidden clair senses. This can also be applicable to those who are not into spirituality but have clair sense which will begin to develop now. You may receive a surprising message from a long lost friend or family. This message is going to change your life.

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