Weekly Tarot Guidance: 22.01.23 – 28.01.23


Take this time to relax, heal, and breathe fresh air. Go on a vacation to restore and fill yourself with the love and trust that you have been losing due to unavoidable situations that you have gone through. Once you heal yourself, you will find the blessings and love of your life coming your way. Don’t let your emotions block your intuition and your spiritual being. Your manifestations are ready to turn into reality. All your wishes are going to be granted, but you need to heal yourself and act towards your dream with a focused mind.


It’s better to rethink your plans rather than being stuck into unwanted situations. Where are you? and where you want to go? how you are going to act regarding the same? Prosperity and success lie ahead if only you act upon achieving your goals. Something has to end to start a new beginning in your life. Going back to home might be the best decision you make. Emotional breakdowns can be healed when you are surrounded by your loved ones.


The dark time is now transforming into a white light of hope, which is coming to renew your life. Detach yourself from the situations that are concerning you. Take a step back and see the situation from a different perspective, and you will be surprised to get the solution by yourself. You will find your soul family joining your way on your new journey. Do your research very minutely if you are planning to start something new. A message is about to change your life.


You might be experiencing a repetitive pattern in your life and do not know how to come out of it. Are your patterns of trusting the wrong people creating problems for you? Start listening to your inner voice, and you will be able to come out of such situations. Someone or something is going to bring the required change in your life. Remember, what is meant for you is not going to pass by. Meditation and pranayama are highly recommended.


Tune into your emotions and listen to what they are trying to tell you. The climax is close and some things are going to end. This ending might not be good, but with passing time, you will know the reason for the happening. Surrender yourself to the divine, and you will get all the answers you are seeking. A new start in your career is about to begin. If you are unhappy in the current situation, then start looking for a new job.


Explore your options and start discovering new things. Stop holding yourself back due to the fear of the unknown, and then you will never be able to see what things have been stored for you. Step out and see what all possibilities and opportunities you are missing. A clover leaf might be crossing your path these days, which is signaling you about faith, hope, love, and luck. Harvesting time is here. Make sure you do not use any dangerous tool while cutting it.


Believe in the impossible. If you are facing a separation in a relationship and think it’s over, then wait for the wheel of fortune to turn over. A new cycle of an old relationship is going to start soon. Things are going to change and for good. This could also be ending a relationship and starting a new one. A couple may shift into a new place or buy a new house. If you are waiting to welcome a new family member, then you can expect that soon.


Do your past mistakes haunt you or started haunting you recently? Looking back might help you to learn from the mistakes you did, but not staying there permanently will help. If you really want to, then try and change yourself, and apologize to the people you have hurt. Your good intentions will help you to go through this. A message or a letter is going to bring a colorful change in your life. Your hard work is going to pay off soon.


A great deal is coming to you that you might be waiting for a long time. A bridge is going to be built to take you near to your dreams. A wish you made is about to come true. Before heading to the new phase of life, you need to forgive someone or may be yourself to let go of the past blocking energy. Once you do that, the negative energy will be cleared, and positive energy will start making way for you. If you are planning to learn something new, then now is the great time to do it.


The universe is working for you, and now it is the time when you start co-creating your destiny. Put in all the efforts to turn your dream into reality as the success is approaching you as you keep stepping forward. If you choose consciously to meditate regularly, you will get a clear vision of the path to follow. Don’t forget to count your blessings on this new journey of yours to success and fame. Someone might bring good news to you, an offer or a proposal related to your career.


The old phase of your life is about to end, and the journey to the new phase of your life is about to begin. Someone close to you directly or indirectly helping you and guiding to the right path. This could also be your angels around you helping you to find the right path. Whenever you feel stuck, ask your angels to protect and guide you, and they will be there for you. Your working life is going to be renewed, and you might be handed over with new responsibilities. Discipline to reach your goal is a must,


Dedication, commitment, and focus are all you need to achieve success in abundance. Money, success, and fame are ready to flow into your life as soon as you focus on your work. If, due to any difficulties or past bad experiences, you are worried for your loved ones, then do not be. They are safe, and the universe is taking care of everything so that now you can focus on your dreams and achieve them. Now, you are free from your karmic debts and ready to move on and fulfill your life purpose.

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