Tarot Reading 2023


This year brings you blessings in abundance. 2023 will be all about clearing the old and unwanted and making space for new beginnings. Your authentic self will be restored. You will feel comfortable being you. Nothing is going to stop from moving ahead in life. You will be open to receiving messages and signs that the spirit is going to send you. You will be guided by the universe on every step of your life. You are going to be applauded by the universe for the efforts and struggle that you have managed to deal with.

Love / Relationship

This year you are going to be blessed with happiness and love. You will be surrounded by loving energy all the time. This may be due to your kindness or positive energy that you are spreading all over. A piece of advice here is to let go off the past and the things that do not serve your highest good. Right now you are at the end of one journey and about to begin the next. Embark on this new journey with a new version of you. A heart to heart conversation is a must may it be with your partner or someone close to you. Let your true feelings be communicated. Deep committed romantic relationship is on its way. Miracles are about to happen.


This year will give your career a new start. All the hurdles and obstacles are going to be cleared for you. The universe is going to clear all the blockages that were holding you back from chasing your dreams. You might find someone with the same interest who will help and guide you through. This person could be your friend, mentor or a romantic partner. This new phase of your life is going to bring new hopes and manifest all your dreams. You will keep raising and setting the standards high for yourself and will keep achieving them. Your commitment and dedication will be tested by the universe regularly so keep going on. 


This year brings you a new life with assurance of clearing the obstacles. You are going to shape your destiny. You just need to relax and deal with the situations patiently. This is the time to move towards the completion of your desires. If you find anything repeating itself then now is the time to take a step back and analyze things carefully. Do not make any hasty decisions. This is the year where you are going to find yourself with the power to drive your life as per your wish. Outer changes will attract new beginnings into your life.

Love / Relationship

This year is going to grant your wish of a soulmate and a relationship full of romance. But do not be in a hurry to get into a relationship with the one who approaches you first. Give your heart and feelings their own space. They will let you know when your soulmate appears. If you are scared of a serious relationship then you might deceive yourself by stepping into a wrong relationship. Accepting your true romantic feelings is not a sign of a weak person. Accept your feelings and open yourself to true love. This romantic relationship is going to help you grow personally.


This year you need to focus on giving and sharing your knowledge and wisdom with others. Learning and gathering knowledge is a lifelong job. But now is the time to start sharing your knowledge with others. Communication is the key to success. If you are into communication field then upragrading yourself and polishing your skill is a must. Remember that you have the power to shape any situation that helps you to take your life forward. Work on your fears and open yourself to the opportunities life has to offer you. You will be achieving an authoritative position this year.


This year is going to bring freedom and success in whatever you do. An island of treasure is going to be yours. Just make sure that you look for it at the right place. This success and freedom might bring loneliness as people may start dragging you down as a result of which you might start losing them. You are going to break all the restrictions and fly high. But always remember the victory should not be restricted to the outer changes but the inner changes as well. Let the victory be on every level now. Consciously allow good things to flow to you and accept them gracefully.

Love / Relationship

This year is going to allow you to clean all the unwanted, negative people, especially those who play emotional games with you. There are few people around you who wear masks of sympathy and love for you but their intention is not at all good. Find a way out of this negativity and enter into the new phase of your life which is going to offer you love. If you are into a romantic relationship which is not going well then a heart to heart conversation is a must. Someone from the past is returning into your life and now is the time for you to have a clear conversation with that person. You need more time for yourself and to indulge into self-love. Respecting yourself will make you a magnet for true love.


This year is a win-win situation for you. Your hard work is going to pay off soon. But to reach your destination or goals, you need to be flexible. If you keep fighting against odds or the things that you know cannot be changed then accepting it and moving forward is the only option you have. You might lose your job or face a loss in business that may damage you emotionally, but remember there is someone in the spirit and someone in the physical world guiding and protecting you. This loss will free you from the stagnant situation. New opportunities are going to knock on your door. If you wake up your inner spiritual power you are going to get everything that you dream of.


This year is going to teach you to appreciate yourself as well as the life lessons. 2023 will be your journey to spirituality which will open a door to new beginnings. You will embark on this journey all alone but the right people will join you at the right time. These people will help you to move ahead in the right direction. Start living your life in the present and do not think about the past or future. Do not worry about the finances and success. Start living in the present and blessings will follow you. 

Love / Relationship

Is it that you think a lot about someone or are magnetically attracted to? And you are scared of this feeling and the fact that you are so passionately drawn towards this person. The reason for this attraction is that you have known each other in the past life. Silence your mind to listen to your heart as it is trying to communicate with you. Allow your heart and soul to sing with joy. Your prayers for true and passionate love have been heard and answered and it all begins with you. You have the power to revive the love and passion in your life. Someone close to you is going to help you to come out of this stagnant situation and help you to move ahead.


This year you are going to travel abroad for a job/business. Many of you who are staying away from family for work will find an opportunity that will allow you to come back to your family. A lot of job/business opportunities are coming your way. All opportunities are going to be good ones, you just have to pick what is best for you. This is the time to release yourself from the old and move ahead with positivity and grab good opportunities that will take you closer to your dreams. This is a time for you to focus on yourself and your career. Now is the right time to build your career and make a firm decision regarding it. 


This year will truly be your year only if you make every move wisely. 2023 is going to be about good luck and blessings. During every phase of life, ask yourself important and relevant questions? Ask yourself why you are doing this? Is this worth your time and energy? Channelise your energy. Find the purpose of your life. When you set clear intentions, you will become a magnet for manifestations. This year, your priority should be your life goals. Throw all the toxic people out of your life.

Love / Relationship

This year is going to gift you your soulmate that you have been waiting for a long time. This is a fated relationship and you will immediately recognise this person. Let your insecurity and past bad experiences heal with time. Your soulmate will help you to heal all your wounds with the love he/she has for you. But you have to allow yourself to heal. Do not force your soulmate to behave as per your expectations. Rather let yourself be open to accept the person as it is. Give your relationship the time and space to grow. Allow your heart to enjoy every moment with this person and you will see magic happening with you.


This year you have to learn to be calm and think clearly. If you are facing problems with decision making, confusion, difficulty trusting people then you need to work on your third eye chakra. Meditation will help you to keep yourself calm and make right decisions. All the resources you need will be available for you as and when required but your heart and mind should be open and clear to see them. Stop involving yourself into smaller things in life only then you will be able to see the bigger picture of your future clearly. Focus on yourself and your career, you will see how opportunities show up for you magically. Those working in science, electronics or related to environment will find success and a peace of mind in their work.


This year is going to present a challenge – sit back and get to know yourself. It will also challenge your perspective of life. You look at life through the glasses of your own experiences and believe that what you know is the only reality. This perception of reality needs to change. In 2023, you will need to work on yourself. Your intuition always guides you and protects you from the unseen danger. But you tend to ignore and block your spiritual power. This is the time when you need to work upon it. Being flexible and an observer will help you to clear the blockages in your life.

Love / Relationship

This year brings you true love and a complete new life. You might receive a message or communication that is going to convey the love for you. This relationship is going to be standing on a strong foundation of love and trust. Due to past bad experiences you both will work on this relationship to make it so strong that it can withhold any storm. If you are already in a relationship then this relationship is going to be on a higher level of commitment. Someone from the past might be returning into your life. Make sure you communicate clearly about your and his/her intentions. The new relationship is going to be manifested by you and it will be the romance of the lifetime.


This year might be a huge setback for you career wise but if you let it affect you then the situation might become worrisome. You will need to fight back and make way for yourself to come back into the market with more enthusiasm. You have to go out, meet new people, widen your social circle, and stay in touch with your old friends. This social circle is going to help and guide you to build your career again. Remember you need to open up and be confident about your skills and talent. Once you start confidently flaunting your skills then there is no looking back. You are going to take your career to the next level. You will create magic and your own reality once you start expressing yourself genuinely.


This year brings you a time to rejuvenate and renew yourself as well as your life. If you find yourself swirling into the same life pattern, then that is the time when you stop and take a step back. Revisit the pattern and with your wisdom you can definitely find the lessons that have meant for you to learn. Getting a new perspective will break the repeating pattern of your life and your dreams will start rising up. This year is going to be the year of the artists. The creativity will be at its peak. But always remember to take some time out for yourself whenever you feel low or stuck. This time will help you to heal and make better choices.

Love / Relationship

You are filled with unconditional love. Unless and until you do not spread and give that love to someone you feel void inside. But that does not mean that you will love someone who is not right. It seems that you have already met the right person. But it seems that you are attracted to the wrong one and not realising that he/she is not the one. And if you are already in a relationship but still feel the void then you must move on. You need to start loving yourself enough to attract true love. The loving energy that you always keep spreading should also be given to yourself.


You are the architect of your own life and career. You are given a chance to choose and build your career the way you want it to be. There will be your loved ones around to help and support you whatever career you choose. At work, you need to stay away from the politics that is being played. If co-workers try to involve you, make sure you stay detached and balanced. Your inner self will help and guide you through. Release all the negativity and fear and step ahead confidently in life. Do not give up as you are very close to success. A resolution to your problem is closer than you think.


This year is going to be about relearning everything but it also promises to bring more wisdom and good luck to you. But your habit of comparing your life with others might drain your energy. Some of you might take a spiritual path which is going to teach you a totally new perspective of life. Your intuitions will be highly active due to which you will never make hasty decisions. Your deep understanding and skill to read between the lines will help you to move ahead more smoothly. But remember to take a break and look after yourself and your health which should not suffer on this new journey of yours.

Love / Relationship

Divine timing is at work in your love life right now. If you have been waiting for a long time for the right person to meet then it was worth the wait. You deserve love and you are going to be blessed with a loyal partner. Make sure you do not try to fit the personality or face you have always been dreaming of onto this person. Understand and give some time to get to know them. Respect their individuality and you will find what a gem of a person, universe has gifted you. Now is the time for a loyal and heartfelt commitment while trusting the divine protection.


Nothing is yet set in stone, you still have the chance to make the changes you want to see. You are the one who has all the power and sources to bring the change you want. Unlimited opportunities are coming your way. Choose the ones that will take you closer to your dreams. If you are facing any issues at work then rest assured, this year is going to take all your work worries away. Luck is on your side so take every decision carefully as it’s time to move in the direction of your dreams. Do not get distracted by anything as now is the time for you to stay focused and achieve the success. Make sure you remain in touch with your friends and colleagues as staying aloof will make things worse for you.


This year brings a beautiful transformation in a relationship. Love does not mean you have to do special things to prove your love. Love means to share and enjoy every moment of life with your partner. You are going to leave all the dark times behind and enter this year with new hope and dreams. You are going to walk away from the old and unwanted people or situations. This year you need to work on your inner as well as outer world. An energizing spirit within you should always be active while moving ahead to achieve your goals. An understanding and clarity of your own motives is highly recommended.

Love / Relationship

You are blessed with a divine connection. This new connection will bring a beautiful transformation in your life. It will also inspire you to do great work and be unique. A piece of advice here is to appreciate the love you are receiving. Stop keeping yourself on the pedestal and taking this love for granted. Do not try to control anything or anyone. Allow the relationship to grow and blossom naturally. Allowing the relationship to have its own space is going to bring miraculous positive changes in your life. Some of you might be going through a tough time in a relationship which could lead to temporary separation. Work upon it and try to heal the situation.


The universe wants you to tap into your inner power. Your incredible energy needs to be channelised in the right direction. Now is the time when you have to act upon your plans and strategies. Be clear about your thoughts and the way you want to act upon it. You might receive a message via email or letter where you can find the best news related to your career. If you are a writer, teacher or a publisher you will be promoted or will get you to the next level in your career. Some of you will opt for higher studies and upgrade your knowledge which will help you to move ahead in your job.


This year is going to be about self development. You are going to work on yourself by following a spiritual path and finding your true self. This year you have decided to clear up all the negativity from your life and get a new life for yourself. Your intuition will be your guiding light. You will receive all the answers if you listen to your inner self. The angel of love is ready to bless you this year but you have to be open to receive the loving energy that is going to be showered upon you. Everyday write down the blessings you receive. A gratitude journal will be of great help.

Love / Relationship

Your life has suddenly changed. This change might be so brutal and huge that you might also be feeling orphaned. You are clueless about where you should go from here or what you should do now. But wait, life does not stop for anyone or anything. A reconciliation is on the way with someone from the past and this relationship is going to go on a higher commitment. Many of you may find new love which will stir romantic feelings in you. This person is going to give you the right direction in life. You will be surprised by how this relationship grows into a deep and loving connection within no time.


You might have gone through a loss recently and want to go back in time to correct things but that is not possible. You have to move ahead as there are a lot of positive and miraculous surprises in store for you. You are blessed to have the courage to mould your career as per your wish. You have to keep yourself focused. With a strong will power, you will achieve the success you deserve. Now is the time to review your plans and start acting upon them. If you are planning to start any new project then now is the time to do it. You will soon be able to afford the things you are dreaming of.


This year is going to teach you to enjoy the present moment and not worry or run behind your past or future. If you learn to live in the present you will build a beautiful future for yourself. You will be meeting someone special and this relationship is going to be long-term, committed. If you are scared of intimacy and love, then you need to work upon your sacral chakra. Socialise and meet new people, open your heart and share your thoughts with others. This will help you to heal faster. Strategy and proper management is what you need to learn to achieve success in your career.

Love / Relationship

You are the one who can direct your life as you desire. You need to consciously make efforts to bring love into your life. Do not be scared of your feelings or romantic relationship; they are not here to harm you but to heal you. Your feelings are real and worth exploring. Those who are already in a relationship need to pay attention to the red flags even if this is about petty fights or arguments. If you do not pay attention at the right time then you might have to face a temporary separation. And if action is not taken immediately then you might have to face a permanent separation.


The keys to your career success are patience, clarity, and clear communication. If you are having any personal issues with your colleague/s, then you need to talk to them clearly and come up with a peaceful resolution. A clarity about your career path or planning for your new project is a must. If you are into publishing, then you need to be very focused. Your dedication and passion is going to take you to another level in your career. Self-discovery should not stop at any point. You should keep upgrading yourself and explore your inner qualities which will help you to move ahead in life.


This year asks you to be true to yourself and your feelings. Communicate clearly what bothers you and stop thinking that others will be hurt because of your truth. Authenticity is what the time is demanding from you. Be yourself and do not try to be someone else just to please others. You will never be able to make everyone happy. Remember you have the power to bring the change in your life that you wish to see. Few things are fated due to karmic cycles or life lessons but learning from it and bringing the change in the future is what you need to learn. Meditation will help you to clear the confusion and direct you on the right path.

Love / Relationship

You might be feeling lonely and wondering what next. You recently might have gone through a loss in your life which has made you scared about entering a new relationship. You might also have family issues due to which you do not trust relationships. But you are about to find your soulmate this year which is going to heal you and your life. Your soulmate is going to help you resolve your family issues and build trust in love and relationships. This relationship is a gift from the universe and a divine blessing.


The more you study and upgrade yourself, the more you are stepping up the ladder of success. If you are waiting to publish your book then now is the good time to do so. Those who are into spiritual work will learn more about it and take oneself to the new higher level of success and peace. Those who deal with investment should be very careful while dealing with legal matters. You are about to end one phase of a life in your career and begin the new one. This might be a tough decision but you need to make a firm decision for your own progress.

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