Weekly Tarot Guidance: 29.01.23 – 04.02.23


Changes, movements, upgradation, developments are on their way into your life. To begin this new start, you too will have to act – go out and meet new people. Staying in the cocoon will not help you move further in life or achieve your dreams. Something new and exciting is around the corner and is waiting for you to find it. Stop looking back as now is the time to look forward and live for yourself and your dreams. Meditation and contemplation will help you find the right direction and choose the right option.


Someone is interested and attracted towards you but you are too occupied with other things in life. There are also many more things around you which will help you to see the beauty of life. Don’t lose hopes. Hold on as your hard work is going to pay off. At present, whatever difficulty you are facing is just a testing time and you will come out of this successfully. You are half way to your goal. There is still half way to go and you have to do it with commitment and dedication.


You feel trapped right now. You are not able to set yourself free no matter how hard you try. This time is been given to you intentionally so you can explore what you would love to do – something that probably might have forgotten. Your old diaries or old memories that you must have saved might help you to find that forgotten passion or hobby of yours. You should start enjoying every moment of life. That is how you may find what you are looking for. Do not force or push yourself too hard to find the life purpose or achieve your goal. No, time is not running out. If you pressure yourself too much you might not find the correct path.


Stop looking back or you might miss something great that is coming towards you. If you are experiencing repeating patterns in your life then you have to step back and analyse things carefully. As you are heading towards a change, you might run into some hurdles that are meant to help you make progress. Keep moving ahead and do not lose your focus as you are moving closer towards your goal. Be aware of the opportunities approaching you so you do not miss them.


A safe, secure and stable life is approaching you but you need to be flexible while entering this phase. Your soul will guide you whenever you feel confused. But you have to consciously make efforts to listen to your soul. Meditate regularly which will help you to develop your psychic abilities. You need to face your fears and try your best to overcome it so you can enjoy your new phase of life completely. Remember nothing is set in stone, your behavior and belief can change the outcome. Surrender yourself to the divine and trust the universe that will create everything for your highest good.


There might be conflict going on in the family due to or related to kids in family. There might be someone in your house who is creating a ruckus so be careful. Handle the situation calmly and smartly so the situation will soon be under control without causing any more damages. Those who are still stuck in the past need to move on. Give yourself and your life a second chance to be happy. Surrender yourself to the divine and you will get a new perspective of life which will help you to heal faster.


A couple could be finding it stressful to keep up with the romance and intimacy due to the responsibilities of kids. It looks like a mother is too concerned or engrossed into the kids and the father is not happy. You both need to sit and talk about it without letting ego get into the way. Try to understand each others’ issue and find out the solution. If you are planning to start something new then now is the good time. While running behind your dreams make sure you are also taking care of your health. A healthy lifestyle will make your life easy.


You might feel that everything has come to a standstill. Yor are, hence trying hard to find out the reason. Remember that this time has been given to you to heal yourself. To heal your past, to forgive yourself for the past mistakes and to forgive others for their mistakes. Forgiving others will help you to heal your inner self and restore the peace that you are searching for since long time. You are going to find someone special soon. Do not let your pride come in the way to ask that person out on a date or initiating a friendship.


You feel stuck into a situation or in the past and are unable to move out of it. You need to find a new solution and stop trying all that you have already tested. The same solution will give you the same output. Take a step back, analyse things carefully, try to understand things from different perspective as you have tried yours and it is not helping you. Hold on to your dreams and keep working towards them. A new life of abundance and blessings is near and to achieve that, you need to make some adjustments.


A new beginning is bringing a lot of success and fame for you. Let the events unfold as per the Universe’s plans. Do not try to control everything. Now what is coming next into your life is what your soul has signed up for. It’s time for getting back on the track and live life to the fullest. With all the experiences that life has given you, now you know whom to trust and whom to not. With success, a lot of enemies are going to be around you and you know who they are. A healthy lifestyle which also includes meditation, yoga, pranayama will help you to sort out your life easily.


Have faith in your dreams whether it is to get married or to being successful in a career. All your dreams and wishes are going to be granted soon. You are going to get engaged or married soon or the dates will soon be finalized. You will also be getting the best opportunities that you just dreamt of and never thought that they would come true. You will be getting a chance to choose the best for yourself. But ensure one thing that the good time doesn’t make you arrogant which can create obstacles for you.


There might be some hindrances in your love life which are causing emotional distress to both of you. One of you is going through some emotional loss and pain and are not able to keep up with the relationship demands. But the other partner is understanding and that person is going to take the initiative to heal this relationship as well as you. Success in relationship as well as career is going to be coming soon. Detach yourself from the past or bad situations only then you will be able to move ahead in your life and experience the beauty of life.

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